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Tuesday 7-05-22

Summary as I am able:

7-05-22 Tuesday

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But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:

John 1:12 KJV

… even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

Matthew 20:28 KJV

Friend - more on Trudeau's "Guide" for schools.

I hope you and your family enjoyed the Canada Day long weekend. On Canada Day, I shared with you news of the Trudeau Liberals spending $268,400 on political propaganda in the form of an online 50-page pamphlet for "parents, students, teachers, and school administrators." The pamphlet teaches that Conservative parties are being infiltrated by "racists," that students should be reported if they are heard agreeing with certain right-of-centre policies, and that Canada's flag until 1965 (the Red Ensign) is a symbol of "hate." Click here if you missed my email. In response to my email, some requested a direct link to the pamphlet - it can be found by clicking here. The day before Canada Day, I joined Richard Syrett on Sauga960am to discuss just a few of the pamphlet's most disturbing aspects including, the attempts to punish students for holding political views that run contrary to the beliefs of the left, and the lack of left-wing examples of "racism" or "hatred" identified in the material. Click here or on the image below to listen to my interview.

In Ontario, Doug Ford and the PCs have become enablers of the Justin Trudeau Liberal Party's attack on our history, and they happily embrace any directive from the Trudeau Liberals, including for Ontario schools and our children which is supposed to be an area of Provincial jurisdiction. The New Blue Party is now Ontario's fifth largest party - after the PCs, NDP, Liberals, and the Greens. As we grow, we will offer even stronger leadership to challenge the left and change the course. We will keep building the New Blue Party and call out harmful left-wing ideologies and propaganda and its creators and enablers. But we need your help. Chip in with a contribution by clicking here. The best is yet to come! [Jim Karahalios] [Leader, New Blue Party of Ontario]]

Walt rolls over in his grave:

Woke Disney shows transgender man offering littlegirl advice on which tampons to buy in new children's animated series Baymax!

The new show, Baymax!, features what is believed to be the company's first transgender character, who offers period advice

In one of the episodes, Baymax asks a woman in the tampon aisle for advice, as he is shopping for period products for Sofia, who got her first period

After asking for help, a swarm of people offer the robot advice, including a male character wearing a transgender flag shirt

He tells Baymax he prefers pads with wings as others suggest an array of options

Parents took to Twitter to criticize the notion, saying it was 'stealing childhood from children' and teaching that ‘men can have periods to children' [DailyMail]


Text Messages Show Cassidy Hutchinson Referring to January 6 Committee As ‘BS’:

The January 6 committee’s key witness, Cassidy Hutchinson, called the committee “bs” in a text message obtained exclusively by the Daily Caller.

On Feb 1. Hutchinson sent a text to a conservative activist with connections to the First Amendment Fund, which is a group started by the American Conservative Union that helps Trump officials cover costs for Jan. 6 lawyers. Matt Schlapp said Hutchinson approached CPAC for help through the First Amendment Fund. Schlapp said he is happy they did not end up assisting her because she was relaying White House “hallway gossip as fact.”

In the text message, Hutchinson says: “Hey (redacted)! This is Cassidy Hutchinson. Kind of a random question, but do you still work for the Schlapp’s at the ACU?”

To which the person responded, “Hi, Yes!”

Hutchinson then said, “Do you happen to know a First Amendment fund POC I could reach out to? I was subpoenaed in early Nov., but the committee waited to serve me until last week (after Ben’s deposition).”

“I had to accept service because the U.S. Marshalls came to my apartment last Wednesday, but I haven’t made contact with the Committee. I’m just on a tight timeline and just trying to figure out what my options are to deal with this bs,” Hutchinson added.

In another text message reviewed by the Daily Caller, Hutchinson told the conservative activist that she does not want things to get “unnecessarily elevated” regarding the Jan. 6 committee.

Hutchinson made headlines after testifying before the Jan. 6 committee, where she claimed former President Donald Trump lunged for the steering wheel in an effort to reroute the car to the Capitol where protesters were gathering. Sources close to the Secret Service have denied her claims.

A second Vladimir:

Folk: this is a Page right out of our VIDEO…

Check this out: Bestall & Brooks - revealing God's puzzle - watch now:

Gov. Kristi Noem flips the script on CNN host who uses tragic story of 10-year-old rape victim to corner Noem on South Dakota's pro-life laws:

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) turned the tables on CNN host Dana Bash Sunday when the journalist attempted to corner Noem over South Dakota's pro-life laws.

During a segment on "State of the Union," Bash asked Noem about South Dakota's pro-life "trigger" laws, which are set to take effect because the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.

Bash invoked the story of a 10-year-old girl, the victim of child rape, who was forced to travel outside of her home state of Ohio for an abortion because the Buckeye State outlawed abortion after the Supreme Court's historic decision.

"Will the state of South Dakota going forward force a 10-year-old in that very same situation to have a baby?" Bash asked.

But Noem, sensing the attempted ambush, flipped the script — and Bash agreed with her.

"You know what I think is incredible, Dana, in this tragic story? Because I heard about this last night," Noem responded. "What's incredible is that nobody's talking about the pervert, horrible and deranged individual that raped a 10-year-old."

"What are we doing about that? What are we doing about those individuals that do this to these children?" the governor added.

"Right," Bash responded. "I agree with you, I mean, of course. That is an important discussion to have."

Noem went on to predict that incidents of child abuse will never begin to decrease unless America addresses "those sick individuals that do this to our children."

"Right. I couldn't agree more," Bash said again.

Despite agreeing with Noem, the CNN host still asked her whether the 10-year-old girl should be forced to birth the child.

"Every single life is precious. This tragedy is horrific. I can't even imagine. I have never had anybody in my family or myself gone through anything like this. I can't even imagine," Noem responded. "But, in South Dakota, the law today is that the abortions are illegal, except to save the life of the mother."

Noem added that she is not "OK" with the young girl being pregnant, saying the story "breaks my heart."

"I don't believe a tragic situation should be perpetuated by another tragedy," Noem said. "And so there's more that we have got to do to make sure that we really are living a life that says every life is precious, especially innocent lives that have been shattered, like that 10-year-old girl."

In the end, Noem defended what the Supreme Court ruled about abortion, namely that states should decide for themselves what restrictions should or should not be placed on abortion.

"That situation, the doctor, the family, the individuals closest to that will make the decisions there for that family," Noem said of the 10-year-old girl. "That's what's interesting about the time we live in right now, is every state will have different laws on the books. The decisions will be made by the legislators that are closest to the people. That's appropriate. It's the way our Constitution intended."

An Exorcists Nightmare coming True:

Exorcism typically gets a lot of attention in pop culture, mainly due to its vivid depictions in movies, but the expulsion of evil from a person's life doesn't always look like what's observed on the big screen.

Mike Signorelli, the senior pastor of V1 Church in New York City, recently appeared on "The Playing With Fire Podcast," where he explored exorcism and his views on biblical evil.

What is 'deliverance?' The preacher explained "deliverance," a term with which people might have less familiarity than the word "exorcism," though many use the words interchangeably.

"Deliverance is simply when Jesus expels an unclean spirit from you," Signorelli said, noting examples in scripture of Jesus healing individuals possessed by demons. "It literally is the ministry of Jesus, and so when you see it happen today, you are seeing the ministry of Jesus extended through the lives of his followers."

Listen to Signorelli discuss exorcism, deliverance and his ministry: [Christian Post]

[Patrick Bestall]


Many citizens are now waking up and becoming aware that the COVID-19 experimental jabs are causing serious harm, including death. This is finally causing people to question Big Pharma’s agenda and the safety and efficacy of all jabs. Childhood jabs are at the top of the list as well as the growing push for adult injections.

Before going further let’s first take a quick look at who Big Pharma is and what’s in it for them? Here is a list of the biggest players in the industry and the dollar figure motivating them to discard the value of human life.

- Johnson & Johnson ($276 billion market value) - Novartis ($273 billion) - Pfizer ($212 billion) - Merck ($164 billion) - GlaxoSmithKline ($103 billion) - Eli Lilly ($98 billion)

This is worth checking out… Do you qualify?

If you accepted VISA and Mastercard credit cards between March 23, 2001, and September 2, 2021, you may be eligible to receive money from the class actions settlements.

What is this Class Action about?

Class actions were started in Canada claiming certain banks and Visa and Mastercard (the “Defendants”) conspired to set higher interchange fees and to impose rules restricting merchants’ ability to surcharge or refuse higher cost Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

“Interchange Fees” are fees paid by merchants and collected by banks for transactions involving Visa and/or Mastercard credit cards in Canada.

Settlements totaling $188 CAD million were reached with Capital One, Citigroup, Bank of America, Desjardins, National Bank, Visa, Mastercard, CIBC, Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, TD Bank, and Bank of Nova Scotia. Additionally, Visa and Mastercard have agreed to modify their no-surcharge rules to allow merchants to surcharge up to a cap, and to ensure this ability to surcharge remains in effect for a minimum of five years.

The settlements have received court approval, and there is a total of $131 CAD million in compensation available for distribution to class members after court-approved deductions (the “Net Settlement Amount”). The Defendants do not admit any wrongdoing or liability. The settlements resolve the class actions.

Who can receive payment under this Class Action?

Settlement Class Members who accepted payments by Visa or Mastercard credit cards as payments for goods or services in Canada between March 23, 2001, and September 2, 2021.

In order to participate in the Settlement, a Class Member must submit a claim no later than September 30, 2022.

Click here for more information on how to submit a claim.

How will the Settlement Funds be distributed?

The Net Settlement Amount will be divided into three (3) funds. Settlement Class Members will be paid from the fund that corresponds to their average yearly revenue:

[Patrick Bestall]


WALNUTS: 0nly Omega-3 Nut (4 Min)


Huge CANADA DAY RALLY In OTTAWA**James Topp (8 Min)

NOTE: James completed TASK by walking 4,395 KMs.

Why is MSM finally reporting DEATHS? (4 Min)

Shaking HEAD: The END of the World as We Know it (56 Min)


Airlines warning to the Pumped! (16 Min)

NOTE: They R beginning to BAN the Pumped.

1 YR AG0: H0LLYW00D'$ WAR on G0D*Full Version (130 Min)



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

Current Suppositions:

A Possible Agenda:

[Make up your OWN MIND]

· Mon. 4 July: The Fed lost it’s charter to print money in 2012, and they received a ten year extension that ended July 4 2022. Stock Market Crash predicted.

· Tues. 5 July: The Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator will start smashing protons together at unprecedented energy levels.

· Thurs. 7 July: Like 711 coming July 7th. Elon= El = Hell = Eleven. Date to remember. Elon is NOT your friend. White Hats showing you he was working for the dark side. Elon persona being used by White Hats to awaken the masses. You are witnessing the EXIT of Elon.

· Thurs. 7 July Checkmate: World Premier of “2000 Mules” Documentary that proved 2020 Election Fraud. Would this be when JFK Jr.’s true identity was confirmed?

· Sat. 9 July: would be three days before 11th. Could be 3 days of Darkness.

· Sun. 10 July: Nicholas Tesla Birthday, better watch the sky for FREE ENERGY Violet Flames Lightnings.

· Mon. 11 July = The Flood [7.11]: Genesis 7:11, Inverse 117 – The Great Flood. Greatest Flood in Human History. Flood of LIGHT/Truth. + 120 days to the Midterm GESARA Election; Great Flood of Truth and some False Flag Events.

· Sun. 17 July: Anniversary of JFK Jr. Plane Crash

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