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2nd Report for today - More TRUTH...

11-25-2020 2nd Report

Queen's Park Rally Tomorrow! [TORONTO]

Tomorrow at 10am, Thursday, November 26, 2020, rain or shine, we will rally on the South Lawn of Queen’s Park, in Toronto, to tell the Ford Government NO MORE LOCK-DOWNS!

Trump legal team eyes path to Supreme Court after judge throws out Pennsylvania election suit

Republicans blast Dominion after voting machine company ‘lawyeredup and backed out’ of planned hearing


Before reading further, take a ten-minute walk with James Corbet. You could save a life, many lives, and feed a lot of hungry people without doing anything but carrying on your life as normal.

Yes, carrying on your life as normal might mean upsetting a lot of people who want you to obey punishing new restrictions in the name of some usurpers at odds with our constitution and our economy upon which our good works rest. Let the courts settle that. Our first responsibility as Christians is to help others in the best way possible and to accept the consequences. That doesn't mean accepting what lower authorities and mass media say. St. Paul stood up against local authorities and the masses and appealed to the highest court in the land, the court of the evil Emperor Nero. It meant losing his life in order to be a great witness to the Roman world. We need that same determination, not to fight back with weapons but with words given to us by the Holy Spirit. I'm not sure James Corbet has that Spirit but he does have that courage which too many of us are lacking right now.


Interview with Dr. Richard Bartlett on how he treats COVID-19 patients with budesonide (nebulized steroids).

*** ALERT!

Biden’s America? California Democrats Demands to Put All Trump Supporters in Concentration Camps After Biden Takes Office


Freaking out Over Police Refusing to Enforce His Ridiculous COVID-19 Orders

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