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A Blessing for Soldiers who will not be Home for Christmas!

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

A GREAT IDEA for a COVID-19 Impacted Christmas Holiday!

This year due to the COVID-19 Protocols it appears that family Gatherings are not possible.

It was suggested by my daughter Kristy that perhaps this year we, as a Family, could pick-up a Project. That Project would be to send Christmas Cards to our Active Soldiers who cannot be Home for Christmas.

Kristy and her Daughter Danielle [my Grand Daughter] did this last year and got a wonderful feeling of having done something special for our Soldiers who had received the Cards.

An added feature is to actually "MAKE" the Cards!

This can be done individually or as a Family... [Great Family Christmas-Activity]!

Here is a great idea:

Individually or as a family, make several Cards. Package them together and mail to the address below... be part of making someone feel Loved, during this season while far away from family 7 friends!

If you choose to do this Project... Address the Cards to:

Any Canadian Armed Forces Member

P.O. Box 5100 Stn Forces

Belleville, ON


This year... Make or Buy... Christmas Cards for our Soldiers who cannot come Home over the Holidays! Make it a "Family Project" and reach out to those who need to feel your Love!

Make CHRISTMAS 2020... The best Christmas ever!

The most intense experience of JOY that One can experience... comes not from what One receives... but rather realizing that the JOY you see on the face of others was put there by an action or actions coming from you!

Why not start experiencing that kind of JOY, by getting involved by sending CARDS to our Soldiers. No one has to know but you and of course the Soldier that receives your CARD!

Merry Christmas!

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Dan Brooks
Dan Brooks
Nov 16, 2020

This is a great idea. Well done.

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