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"Good" Friday 4-7-23

Friday 4-7-23

Verse(s) for today:

took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord.

John 12:13 KJV

For the poor always ye have with you; but me ye have not always.

John 12:8 KJV

But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.

Isaiah 53:5 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

A free society is a moral achievement” wrote the late Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. “Freedom does not come from economic policies, or political power, it requires morality – which was a concern for the welfare of others, an active commitment to justice and compassion, a willingness to ask not just what is good for me, but what is good for all of us together”.

“It is about ‘Us,’ not about ‘Me.’

It is about ‘We,’ not about ‘I’.”

Pastor – Jack HIBBS:

Watch Saturdays on Fox Business!

The darkness of evil pervaded the whole earth on the Friday Christ was crucified. But on Sunday–suddenly! – everything changed, and death was defeated. Celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with Jack Hibbs now.


Pastor Jack’s desire is to see your relationship with Christ deepen and your effectiveness in His kingdom increase. JACKHIBBS.COM [Pastor – Jack HIBBS]


Something to consider…

Author Unknown

He received 39 stripes because 40 of them was known to kill a man.

They wanted him alive.

They held handfuls of his beard, and hair and pulled it out by the roots.

They wanted him alive.

They kicked, punched, and spit on him for hours. Until there wasn't a single spot on his body

not covered in blood.

They wanted him alive.

They shoved a crown of thorns down on his head so harshly it stuck in

his skin.

They wanted him alive. After hours of being beaten, mocked,

whipped, flogged, and tortured they made him walk with a cross.

They made him carry it.

A rough piece of wood with splinters digging into fresh wounds.

They wanted him alive.

They wanted him to feel every ounce of pain they could bring.

He had to feel it in order to heal us.

Crucifixion was historically one of the cruelest, most tortured deaths a human could face. Hours; upon hours of torture. Torture most of us can not mentally think of because the

Cruelty isn't normal. It isn't something our minds can comprehend.

We celebrate Easter with pastel colors, happy children hunting eggs, and chocolate. Truth is there was absolutely nothing happy about the day Jesus died. It was cruel, bloody, and nasty.

He could have stopped all of it. He could have called every angel in heaven to demolish every person standing and shouting "Crucify Him!"

He didn't.

He knew in order to have a Sunday you have to have a Friday. He knew in order to have joy you have to carry your cross. He felt everything that day.

· He felt how your heart broke wide open when you had to watch your baby die.

· He felt how heavy your life was when you were staring down the barrel of a gun wondering if the man you called husband was going to shoot you.

· He carried the weight of the burden you have felt since your spouse died, and life just doesn't seem right since.

On that cross he held the rapist and murderers, the sinner, and the saint. He leveled every playing field and said ALL of you are worth it. He knew he had to carry the cross. He never promised the cross you carry in this life would not be heavy. His wasn't. His promise is that Sunday is coming.

No matter how heavy Friday is, financially, emotionally, mentally, or physically, Friday is heavy.

That cross is weighing you down and you are about to crumble under its weight. His promise was simply this. He won't make you carry it alone.

What kind of king would step down from his throne for this?

Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God did, for you.

He did every bit of it for you and me. Oh yes, it is heavy. So heavy sometimes you do not think you can take one more step.

But look up, because Sunday is coming."

I do not know who wrote this… but it is POWERFUL!

[Author Unknown]



What Is the Revival Reformation Alliance [RRA]?

The purpose of the Revival Reformation Alliance (RRA) network is to take the relationships and spiritual equity gained by the Battle for Canada movement and weave together, in equal measure, a “threefold strand that is not easily broken” (Ecc. 4:2) for future impact. These three cords each represent a non-negotiable third of our reason to exist: Revival, Reformation, and Alliance. Any one or two of the three are insufficient and incomplete.

Revival alone does not guarantee Reformation but can be the catalyst for renewed Christian investment in culture. Reformation is not dependent on Revival, and should not wait for it, but can be far more potent in the climate of Revival. Individuals and local churches can strive for Revival and/or Reformation paradigms, but regional and national Kingdom transformation will be limited without a strong, unified Alliance of like-minded relationships, labors and strategic goals. Together, these three pillars form the core values that will define every future labor of the RRA.

Interested? Get notified as we roll out more information and expand this website.

[Anne McLachlan]

"EVERYTHING is About to Change... Forever!

With Tom Hughes & Scott Townsend" on YouTube:

If you’d like to support our ministry, please visit: Connect with Pastor Tom! — Stay Connected:

[Joy Pickering]

Did Jesus Rise from the Dead?

New Evidence Emerges:

‘Holy Evidence’

New scientific findings point to the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin as Jesus’ burial shroud.

Jesus of Nazareth. To this day, no other figure in human history has ever gripped the imagination quite like the carpenter and rabbi, the man His followers have said for over 2,000 years is the Son of God.

Though His time on Earth was brief, He singularly divides history, and continues to divide the world into believers and nonbelievers.

Crucial to this belief in Him is that He not only lived and died, but actually rose from the dead in a supernatural resurrection.

That’s likely why new scientific evidence discovered on the Shroud of Turin has stunned the world.

In the April cover story of Newsmax Magazine, our investigation finds that the Shroud is not only real, but is the burial cloth of a Jewish male who died exactly as the Bible says Jesus died.

And new evidence from modern archeological findings shows the man depicted on the Shroud died just as the Romans of Jesus’ time conducted crucifixions.

The latest scientific findings — using devices that scan deep space and probe the smallest nanoparticles of the cell — have backed up claims many Christians have long held about the cloth.

Newsmax Magazine’s “Holy Evidence” investigation finds:

  • · Scientists are absolutely certain the Shroud is that of a crucified man

  • · The image on the Shroud has never been replicated before and is not art

  • · Why carbon-14 dating that sets the Shroud in the 13th century was faulty

  • · New X-ray dating methods put the Shroud’s origins to the time of Jesus

  • · The energy it took to produce the image would be equal to all the electrical power generated in the world today

  • · Blood evidence: dozens of indicators that show the man who was buried died just as the Bible claims

  • · Secret message: Was the hidden “3” mark on Jesus’ forehead His last message for the “End Times”?

  • · Traditional Jewish burial: multiple points of evidence the man was a religious Jew

  • · The Jewish photography expert who concluded the Shroud is 100% real

  • · The Jewish botanist who pinpointed pollens on the Shroud linking it to Jerusalem

  • · The missing link: New science proves the Sudarium, a burial facecloth, was used on the same body as the Shroud

  • · A famous illustrator uses the Shroud to make a portrait of what Jesus really looked like

French historian Jean-Christian Petitfils studied the Shroud and concluded: Its authenticity can no longer be disputed.

Newsmax probes the fascinating and exhaustively researched details about the Shroud and offers the most compelling answers yet that will leave the devout and nonbelievers alike shaken to their core.

But you’ll discover so much more within the April issue of Newsmax Magazine:

· Biden Plans Sweeping New Abortion Mandates: The fallout of overturning Roe v. Wade has reached a fever pitch on the main streets of cities across the United States. But President Joe Biden is attempting to implement his own agenda via federal mandates. (Page 10)

· Masks Make No Difference: Rigorous scientific analyses have determined that masks produce zero benefit for reducing COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses. (Page 12)

· Six Ways to Fix the Economy: Economist James Carter tells Congress how to unleash America’s prosperity, and it’s a tried-and-true plan: Stop spending. Extend tax cuts. Open energy spigots. (Page 14)

· Train Wreck Erodes Trust in Government: Transportation Department Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s incompetence was on full display during the shameful derailment in Ohio. Now, many are left wondering if the government is up to the task. (Page 18)

· Is the Supreme Court Out of Step With America? The high court has frequently ruled seemingly in defiance of public opinion. But sometimes that’s what’s needed to make a nation strong. (Page 20)

· Push for Subsidies to Save American Families: There’s a new push to provide cash as an incentive for Americans to have more kids and to take care of them properly. It makes sense for U.S. prosperity. (Page 30)

· City of Terror: Israeli special forces are on edge over Jenin, a city in the West Bank, as Palestinian terror cells are proliferating at an alarming rate and launching lethal attacks across Israel. (Page 36)

· 100 Years of Being ‘Right’: A new book sheds light on 100 years of conservatism. Author Matthew Continetti describes the movement’s humble beginnings and its powerful growth — as well as its current state today. (Page 38)

· Arizona Republicans ‘Wandering in the Wilderness’: After its drubbing in recent elections, many are wondering if the Republican Party in Arizona can unify and be the force it once was — without relying on the mantra of “stolen elections.” (Page 40)

NOTE: In the Bible, the Book of Acts contains the history of what the disciples did after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension. Throughout it, we see the early Christians’ whole message centered around Jesus being raised from the dead:

· “The apostles were teaching the people, proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection of the dead” (Acts 4:2, NIV).

· “With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all” (Acts 4:33, NIV).

· “A group of Epicurean and Stoic philosophers began to debate with [Paul]. Some of them asked, ‘What is this babbler trying to say?’ Others remarked, ‘He seems to be advocating foreign gods.’ They said this because Paul was preaching the good news about Jesus and the resurrection” (Acts 17:18, NIV).

  • “When they heard about the resurrection of the dead, some of them sneered, but others said, ‘We want to hear you again on this subject’” (Acts 17:32, NIV).

Jesus’s resurrection comes with the promise that His followers will also be raised from the dead. But when some in the church in Corinth were suggesting that people will not be raised, Paul made sure they understood the resurrection is non-negotiable:

The April issue of Newsmax Magazine also features all of your favorite columnists, including Ben Stein, Bill O’Reilly, John Gizzi, Nancy Brinker, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and Dr. Chris Iliades.

And you won’t want to miss these other great stories in the must-read April issue of Newsmax Magazine:

· Churches Still Divided Over Roe v. Wade: While most faiths agree that abortion is not good, some churches embrace it. (Page 60)

· These Cars Last Longest: Shopping for a new car? You definitely won’t want to miss this comprehensive dive into the most durable choices with the highest resale value on the market today. (Page 66)

· Put Your Tax Refund to Work: That refund is not unexpected, newfound money. It’s your hard-earned dollars that the government has kept — interest free — for a year. Spend it wisely, or better yet, find a way to keep it in your hands year-round. (Page 72)

· Olympic National Park: Travel writer Becca Blond takes you on a journey into the most unforgettable mountain ranges along the West Coast. Kick back on a lazy river with spectacular views of the Olympic Peninsula. (Page 74)

· Pain Killer Dangers: Is Tylenol, Advil, or even aspirin good for you? Medical experts reveal the truth you need to know. (Page 80)

· Public Liars: Rep. George Santos is not alone. Millions of Americans can’t stop lying — and it’s now a medical condition that demands treatment. (Page 78)

· You’re Tired and It’s Your Thyroid!: Many think they’re getting old and tired. New studies show your thyroid is the real culprit — and key nutrients can fix it!

· Perks and Pitfalls of Coffee: With new, contradictory studies out seemingly daily, it’s hard to know what information to trust when it comes to coffee’s hot-and-cold reputation. Finally, a deep dive to answer all your questions. (Page 84)

Newsmax Magazine features the award-winning journalism and informative features America deserves.

You won’t want to miss this issue of Newsmax Magazine — one of the world’s fastest-growing publications straight from the heart of America.

[News Magazine]

David YEO:

BL@c Chyn@ (1 Min)

C0n$p!r@cY C0!n ALbum (1 Min)

K!W!: H@v3 An0Th3r Cr@CK $!R (3 Min)

$T3W & M@K!$: CDN MDs !nv0Lv3d W/ A$$!$$T3d $u!ciD3 (13 Min)

The BIG Question:

How did Jesus become sin on Good Friday?

2 Cor. 5:21 -

God made him who had no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

There are opposite ways of understanding this, which makes it paradoxical, a mystery.

Pulpit Commentary: Many have understood the word "sin" in the sense of sin offering (Leviticus 5:9, LXX.); but that is a precarious application of the word, which is not justified by any other passage in the New Testament. We cannot, as Dean Plumptre says, get beyond the simple statement, which St. Paul is content to leave in its inexplicable mystery, "Christ identified with man's sin; man identified with Christ's righteousness."

One writer put it this way. Before God could be qualified to be our judge, he must endure what we have endured.

To the majority of Jewish leaders of his day and to some today, Jesus broke all of the Ten Commandments.


Many say God must punish someone or assume punishment on Himself in order to be just and not overlook sin. A kinder way of putting it would be that God must lay blame or assume blame for sin in the world (although the result may be the same). I prefer the latter view because it recognizes the generational curse that came from Adam and Eve's disobedience. We can quite honestly blame our flawed upbringing on our parents and their parents etc. all the way back to the Garden of Eden. In which case there is only one answer. Jesus takes responsibility for creation, knowing that the plan could go wrong, that it contained the seeds of sin.

If something within you cries out, "No, no that's not right!", then you understand the paradox.

Before the Foundations of the Earth were formed… there was an agreement in the Godhead that Christ would ‘Die’ for Man’s SIN occasioned by Adam and visited on all of his descendants!

He is RISEN! The Father was satisfied! Because He LIVES… We can have ETERNAL LIFE too!

{Patrick Bestall]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!

A quick Summary:

· The World was headed into a Global Financial Collapse, with Banks and Businesses everywhere failing.

· The World was also weeks, or perhaps days, away from an EBS Nuke Scare and Ten Days of Communication Darkness Event.

· Q said that “Israel would be last,” and that’s for a good reason: the Ten Days of Communication Darkness was needed for a Khazarian Mafia takedown – which was presently in the works: United Nations Peacekeepers on the Lebanese border ordered to enter bomb shelters. Rocket Strikes on Israel Escalate With Attacks From Lebanon (

· There was a move toward full Martial Law across the Globe in order for the world militaries to take down communist governments and perform arrests on over 500,000 sealed indictments of Global Elites.

· On Sat. 25 March the Alliance officially began the Gold/ asset-backed Global Currency Reset of 209 nations.

· Since Wed. 5 April the US Dollar was not accepted in any country except the US, Canada and Mexico. Those three countries would only accept it for another three or so months.

· Implementation of NESARA/ GESARA Laws, combined with the new Quantum Financial System, promised to bring a Tsunami of wealth to The People.

· The Cabal was fighting back with The Great Reset: Cabal Central Banks have announced they were going digital with fiat monies by July 2023.

· The Alliance was already years ahead of the Cabal: With the Global Currency Reset already in play, the New York Times recently reported that Military Tribunals would begin in July 2023. Nativemantle on Twitter: “New York Times reports Military Tribunals coming mid-2023 – December 2021” / Twitter

2020 Biden Election Fraud:

· Back in Dec. 2022 Biden and the Democratic National Committee had evidence against them involving 2020 Election Voter Fraud in collusion with the Chinese Communist Party and other foreign governments. The controversial Dominion Voting machines used by states across the nation were believed to have thrown Trump votes to Biden. Biden, Pelosi, Obama Charged with Treason, Collusion with CCP on 2020 Voter Fraud, Pedophile Ring Run out of the White House | Politics | Before It’s News (

· George Soros was Head of the Dominion Board of Directors.Nancy Pelosi’s husband was a major Dominion share holder, as was her former Chief of Staff and head of the Senate Judiciary Committee Diane Feinstein’s husband. Biden named retired Admiral Peter Neffenger on his transition committee. Neffenger was president and listed on the board of directors of Smartmatic which the Military verified as having illegally counted US Election votes in Germany and other foreign countries.

· Long ago Attorney Sidney Powell wrote a 270 page document on Election Fraud that showed a Biden/Harris and Pelosi link to foreign interference in US Election Fraud. Kamala Harris’ husband Doug Emhoff, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, former FBI Director James Comey and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch were all suspected to be involved.

· The document contained affidavits, evidence, testimony from numerous witnesses and sources. Evidently the Communist parties of Iran, Venezuela, Russia and China worked with Democrats to taint the 2020 Election. It detailed interference, origins of voting machine fraud, Cyber-security intrusion into US elections and military and alphabet testimony.

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