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MINI-BLOG Sunday 2-6-22

Verse for today:

He that walketh with wise men shall be wise:

But a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

Proverbs 13:20 KJV

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The only way I can keep my sanity is to know that God is still on his Throne. Prayers are with you and Israel Amir. [Amir Tsarfati]

Is WAR on the horizon?

Spotify deletes 70 episodes of 'The Joe Rogan Experience' as new racial slur controversy forces podcast host to issue apology: 'The most regretful and shameful thing I’ve ever had to talk about publicly'

Spotify quietly removed 70 episodes of "The Joe Rogan Experience" podcast recently, according to a new report. The news was reported by JRE Missing – a website that automatically detects episodes of Rogan's podcast that have been purged from Spotify.

The deleted episodes feature a wide variety of guests such as progressive political commentator Kyle Kulinski, LGBT community activist Dan Savage, Vice Media founder Shane Smith, liberal podcaster Marc Maron, psychologist Stanley Krippner, MMA fighter Sam Sheridan, lifestyle guru Tim Ferriss, Tool singer Maynard James Keenan, ufologist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, wellness company CEO Aubrey Marcus, director Kevin Smith, and actor Andy Dick.

There were also numerous episodes starring comedians that were taken down, including shows with Russell Peters, Theo Von, Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura, Christina Pazsitzky, Moshe Kasher, Pete Holmes, Amy Schumer, Dave Attell, Jim Norton, and Bill Burr.

Upon finding out that one of his episodes was deleted, Gad Saad – who is a professor, evolutionary behavioral scientist, Psychology Today writer, and author – wrote on Twitter, "WTF?!"

Author and podcaster Michael Malice – who was a "The Joe Rogan Experience" guest six times – noted that Spotify deleted two episodes he appeared in. During a YouTube broadcast, Malice said he wasn't exactly sure why the shows were purged and that they both were recorded before the COVID-19 pandemic. [The Blaze Media]

Media black-out on legality of Trudeau's mandate:

Brian Peckford was the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador when the Charter of Rights was drafted. He is the last living premier from that era, and he’s obviously a deep expert in that constitutional document.

He’s also one of six Canadians who have filed a legal challenge — using the Charter of Rights to Trudeau’s no-fly list for unvaccinated people.

I had the opportunity to sit down for an hour with Premier Peckford and go through the lawsuit, page by page.

May I invite you to join us? Pour yourself a cuppa coffee or tea (or something stronger), and get comfortable, because we go in-depth. And I promise you: you won’t get this news anywhere else in the media:

The most shocking thing in that entire interview is when Premier Peckford tells me that he has not received a single inquiry from any journalist at the CBC — or even at the Globe and Mail or other newspapers.

You just know that if the sole living premier to have drafted the Charter were taking the other point of view — if he were pro-lockdown — he would be the toast of the media, hailed as a national treasure.

Hopefully the Federal Court will pay more attention to this civil liberties crisis than the Media Party does.

By the way, this feature-length interview was actually an episode of The Ezra Levant Show — that’s my daily, TV-style show where I typically do a monologue on the issues of the day, and interview a guest (and then read my fan mail or hate mail, whichever is more interesting). Normally that show is behind a paywall, for subscribers only, but we thought this lawsuit was so important, we had to share it with everyone.

Thanks for your support — and congratulations to Premier Peckford and the excellent civil liberties lawyers at the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

[Ezra Levant]

Pro-abortion Court packing plot EXPOSED:

Pro-abortion radicals know that Roe v. Wade is on the chopping block,so they are stooping lower and lower in an effort to save their Abortion Lobby blood money. They know they can’t win the argument over abortion as the Supreme Court decides the fate of Roe v. Wade this June, so they want to flood the bench with pro-abortion radicals who take their marching orders straight from Planned Parenthood. And now with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announcing his retirement, the calls to PACK the Court with pro-abortion activist Justices has only gotten louder. Just take a look at this radical tweet from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Unfortunately, weak-kneed self-proclaimed “pro-lifers” in the U.S. Senate are already signaling they’re ready to wave the white flag of surrender to Biden’s eventual nominee. That’s why I need your help. Will you please click here to sign your DON’T CAVE – SAVE THE SUPREME COURT Petition today? As you’ll see, this petition simply urges your Senators and the eleven Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee – which considers judicial nominations – to vote NO on any radical pro-abortion activist judge President Biden thinks he can ram through. I can’t tell you how much of a disaster it will be to allow self-proclaimed “pro-life” Senators to roll over and let President Biden and his pro-abortion radical base RAM through a partisan Justice to sit on the Supreme Court. If they get their way, the Abortion Lobby and their puppet politicians will be more emboldened than ever to pack the Supreme Court full of pro-abortion radicals. I know there’s a lot on our plates this year, and I know I’ve asked a lot of you lately, but I think you’ll agree this is not a fight we can back down from. Not with the stakes this high and Roe v. Wade on the chopping block. That’s why, after you sign your petition, I hope you’ll prayerfully consider chipping in a contribution to Students for Life Action’s SCOTUS SQUAD. Our SCOTUS SQUAD volunteers have been on the front lines over the last several years to ensure a pro-life presence outside of the Supreme Court during key decisions and to counter-protest the pro-abortion mob of “mostly peaceful” protesters during the confirmation battles of Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett. Pro-abortion media elites know “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so they always do whatever they can to use images to spread the LIE that young people can’t get enough of abortion-on-demand. Our SCOTUS SQUAD counter-protesters on the Supreme Court steps – most of whom are young women – ensure even the most pro-abortion news outlets can’t get away with that. If we lose the Supreme Court, then nothing we do ¬– no Life at Conception Act or Heartbeat Bill – will be safe from the Abortion Lobby. That’s why I’m counting on you to sign your DON’T CAVE – SAVE THE SUPREME COURT Petition and help mobilize our SCOTUS SQUAD with a generous contribution today. Whether it’s $1,000, $500, $100, $50, or $20, I hope you’ll be as generous as possible.

[Kristan Hawkins] [President, Students for Life Action]

Covid/Vax Hoax:

Pfizer Finally Admits:

Covid-19 Vaccine May Cause Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease:

Pierre Poilievre 3 min. promise if he's PM:

What do you think of this? Pierre could be a hard man to beat, the best shot the Conservatives have had for decades.

If Maxime is smart and in tune with God, he should adopt this line from our national anthem,

"God keep our land glorious and free". And then of course, the slogan I thought of last time, People Praying for Canada. If Maxime doesn't align himself with God and prayer, the right-wing will be split. If he does, he'll attract like-minded candidates. Don't cater to the godless, cussing freedom lovers. Win them with God's love. Start every political meeting with the Lord's Prayer. Less than 5% of Canadians have a faith other than Christian. Don't worry about offending them. They respect us.

The other important factor is economic. Inflation of prices and interest on loans, oil and supply shortages, and other financial problems will soon take people's minds off "freedom" from mandates, and they'll look for supernatural answers. We know which party is identified with Anti-Christ. But which party is identified with Christ? [Patrick Bestall]

Two Steps Forward One Step Back:

Roman Baber…

Two steps forward one step back. Despite inflammatory language from Justin Trudeau in an attempt to distract Canadians, we are winning on science and several Canadian provinces are dropping restrictions.

The tone and rhetoric from the Prime Minister is outright vicious. My family suffered immensely from the Holocaust, but I do not fear or focus on a handful of idiots. I support the Truckers’ right to peaceful protest and their ability to earn a living. Justin Trudeau is spreading hate to distract from the catastrophe caused by his pandemic response. As the federal government creates unprecedented division, it’s essential that all sides keep the law, keep the peace and the Canadian spirit of love and inclusivity.

The Truckers came for Trudeau’s job but instead they got Erin O’Toole’s. That is because leaders should not be talking out of both sides of their mouths. Canada's pandemic response resulted in catastrophic collateral damage to millions of Canadians. A sizeable minority is facing 21st century segregation. Party leaders must be unequivocal in their condemnation of government overreach and have courage to stand up for all Canadians, even when it’s unpopular.

Last week, Johns Hopkins University released a pre-print meta-analysis of 34 studies regarding the effect of lockdowns on Covid mortality (Lockdowns only reduced COVID deaths by 0.2 per cent, Johns Hopkins study finds | National Post). The meta-analysis suggested that lockdowns reduced mortality by only 0.2%. This is a negligible and statistically insignificant factor compared to the collateral harm of lockdowns.

On Thursday, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Moore, conceded that “two doses of the vaccine offer minimal protection against infection”. This is very important. Proponents of passports and mandates argue that vaccinated individuals are less likely to transmit because their own risk of infection is lower. Now that it is admitted that the vaccine does not reduce the risk of infection, statistically, a vaccinated individual is just as likely to transmit as an unvaccinated individual. Any argument that a vaccinated individual “is keeping others safe” because their own risk of contraction is reduced is off the table. While one may be in favour of voluntary vaccination, there is no rhyme or reason to insist that workers, nurses, truckers, students or anyone else get vaccinated to keep others safe.

After two years, Dr. Moore finally admitted that we cannot eliminate all risk and that we must learn to live with the virus. I was astonished to hear Dr. Moore say that “our response must be balanced against the physical, mental, social and economic harms.” This is precisely what I have been saying for two years privately and over one year publicly. Please see the links to my social media posts on Moore's admission, share and follow me at the same time (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Factor in the Johns Hopkins meta-analysis (0.2% reduced mortality), there is no shred of doubt that “lockdowns are deadlier than covid”.

This is a difficult and volatile time in our province and country, but we must remain peaceful and resolute against the catastrophic actions of our provincial and federal governments. Do not fall for distractions - focus on science and persuasion. According to Angus Reid 54% of Canadians oppose any further pandemic restrictions (majority of Canadians want covid19 restrictions to end). Let their voice be heard and politicians will follow.

We are now running ads against lockdowns and school closures in almost every radio market in Ontario – it’s great for Ontarians to hear our perspective on mainstream media. If you live in Ontario, please help our efforts by donating to my independent constituency association. It is registered with Election Ontario, and you will receive a tax credit.

We are searching for experienced political communications professionals. If you have experience, leading or assisting in political communications/media, please drop us a line at

Let's keep working - there is a light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.

[Roman Baber]

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