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It's MONDAY...

Summary as I am able:

2-14-22 Monday

Verse(s) for today:

Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

1 Corinthians 13:4 KJV

A man's heart deviseth his way: But the LORD directeth his steps.

Proverbs 16:9 KJV


A Pivoting Point in Canadian History…lot to think about!

You need to pass this around to anyone and everyone.

It is now clear that my hunches were correct. Both Justin Trudeau, and Doug Ford are profiting very largely on vaccine shots.

Watch this video of Stew Peters and Dr. David Martin showing these facts, and the leaders are guilty of war crimes…

Truth always exposes the darkness that is going on….and we know the press could be also profiting off the propaganda they are spewing on the Canadian public….and the world.

So truckers ‘do not stand down’….as Doug Ford state of emergency has no affect as long as you do not become violent as Trudeau wants so bad.

Doug Fords calling for these arrests even if the Toronto SS Police get involved in these evil deeds….see this retired OPP officer’s view…

Then apparently someone I know saw lots of Waterloo Police cars heading to Windsor down Hwy 401. Likely to help the police there remove the protesters…

And this Canadian Army Major Stephen Chledowski spoke out to the Canadian public, and his fellow soldiers and officers of law to stand up against this evil…

… and the Global News, posted this about that….the evil media who hates Canadians, and loves dictators…

If you notice they state their army is committed to the leader of the land, not the people of the land….so if leader of the land decides to turn on the people of the land, then who can stop them.

These Canadian veterans yesterday at the Ottawa War Memorial, see how they see the CBC…and then sing O Canada

Thank God those knowing the law will not participate in these evil deeds.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms give peaceful demonstrations to occur in Canada…

These have precedence over any law’s others pass, especially if they infringe on Canadian basic human rights.

See this interview with the last living ‘signing member’ of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Thank God that the London Police Force will not do these evil desires of Doug Ford and the likes….and there are other police forces who do not want to participate in the evil appropriated on the Canadian public. Mark my words that if this convoy of peaceful demonstration is broken up by these evil dictators, they will rise to a level of evil equal to Hitler and the SS.

Pray for your leaders, and for this movement that God will move this into a revival in Canada.

These are the leaders of the movement. Read about them here from the Waterloo Record…

There are many who are blind sheep. I spoke with a friend last night who spoke all the talking points of the main media.

I could not sway him, because he is brainwashed and refuses to budge.

So, I call out to God for him, and many others who have swallowed all the lies of deceit they have been told.

But of course, scripture talks about this…

“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie”

2-Thessalonians 2:11 read 2-Thessalonians 2:7–12

So, pray now for this peaceful movement in Canada, and see the hand of the Lord at work.

Know we are at a pivotal moment in Canadian History.

Revival will happen, or death to Canadian Democracy as we know it.

Make no mistake these evil leaders do not want life to return to normal.

God bless, and pray, pray, pray

[Brian Plumb]

Canada Moves to Open Blockaded Bridge, but in Ottawa Truckers Won’t Budge

Sarah Maslin Nir - Yesterday 11:17 PM

· Trucker Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Charlie Ward:

Requesting your prayers...

I am requesting your prayers.... on the following letter sent to each of the MPs in the House of Commons of our great nation.

Our nation was founded on Christ Jesus and His Word....and we are at a pivotal moment in Canadian History.

If working Canadians are not heard, then we will suffer great loss to our democracy moving forward.

God bless, pray

Brian Plum

The following is the letter sent....

With Humility I ask Canadian MPs:

What will you do to save Canadian freedoms?

How will history record of your efforts?

Where has your allegiance been in the light of Canadians suffering under these mandates?

Will you act when Canadians in large numbers, ‘not fringe minorities’, demanded 'removal of mandates'?

Wake up to the common people of Canada, who are not the Nazis, or Racists, or Misogynists, or the many other names labeled by this Tyrant.

He hates Canadians having freedoms and rights, as his father did.

His love of Communist China over the rights and freedoms of Canadians is a clear sign.

Trudeau has a way of clouding our thinking in not to act for the best of all Canadians.

I am convinced by the actions and words of this PM shows he only wants is 100% obedience to his mandates.

He is the Nazi, Racist, Misogynist, also Communist.

All he labels others as, he is!

Look at history!

What has Hitler showed when he got into total power?

What did Karl Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Mussolini, Kim Jong, Castro ~ who he loves, Marcos, and the list goes on, done for their people?

How did they serve their people? Were they not murders?

Think of PM Justin Trudeau’s promises....and what he did!

He promised Canadians he would not use Canadian taxpayer money for his own family.

Then he did get nannies immediately at taxpayers’ expense on the first day in office.

Declared a $25 million renovations were required to the PM residence.

Also ordered $10 million in renovations to his cottage.

He took many vacations at taxpayer’s expense, more than any PM before him.

He promised Canadians that he would have an open and different government.

Yet he immediately made all Liberals tow the party line, without allowing them to vote their own conscience.

Any Liberal MP who did not agree with him, he threw out of the party.

He paid $$$$$millions to Medias across Canada to play his tune.

Let me ask, is refusing to meet the truckers in Ottawa, show an open or closed government?

He promised Canadians that we would have a choice regarding the vaccine prior to last election.

Yet he immediately started to change that view once re-elected.

Also he recently stated that we need to 'hate' those who would not get vaccinated, divisive this is.

He criticized PM Harper for a $ of orange juice of a Conservative Senator.

Yet he himself has splurged lavishly with alcohol on flights while on the PM jet, to the tune of $100 thousands.

The WE Charity fiasco was very costly to Canadians, and making the charity close down before the investigation.

SLN fiasco cost taxpayers dearly, yet he became unaccountable for it.

He criticized PM Harper for taking his son on a government jet to Boston to watch a NHL hockey game.

Yet he takes constant government jets to do his pleasures.

Again repeated vacations, more than any former PM has ever done.

The list goes on....I am sure I could write a book about it all.

Oh, has not someone already written a book about it?

What other things shall be revealed in time?

Justin Trudeau is all about himself, and him only.

Will you make decisions that give back Canadians their freedoms, before it is too late?

A Very Concerned Canadian, praying God will direct you

[Brian Plum]


LIVE VIDEO from various Convoy activities across the GLOBE…

EVIL & G00D FACE D0WN (7 Min)

Virology Debunked:

REAL Causes EXPLAINED (43 Min)

Walking JEFF:

Truckers**Is This the End 0f The Mandates? (81 Min)

Doc Robert's Letter (4 Min)

Tucker Carlson:

Lawmakers Panicking (12 Min)


Free to FLY**Labour Code Vax Regulations (13 Min)

COPS Respect Truckers (2 Min)


Aussies & Mad Max @ Rally (11 Min)

CDN P0LICE ADMIT Sabotaging Three (3) Excavators (3 Min)

Young Lady's Speech (9 Min)

M0M's TALK 0n Injured S0N @ 10 (3 Min)

ELITE use Greta for Climate Lockdowns (14 Min)

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