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Monday 11-21-22

Summary as I am able:

11-21-22 Monday

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God’s WORD for TODAY!

A friend loveth at all times, And a brother is born for adversity.

Proverbs 17:17 KJV

The LORD hath prepared his throne in the heavens; And his kingdom ruleth over all.

Psalm 103:19 KJV

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

James 1:17 KJV

PastorJack HIBBS:

Give Thanks:

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Discerning God’s will can be challenging at times, but the verse before us makes it easy – give thanks. The writer doesn’t mean for us to shout “hooray” for every bad thing that befalls you and me. No, herein lies a more profound command. We are asked to offer up a genuinely grateful heart on a regular basis, despite circumstances. Many times, the level of our gratitude connects directly to our feelings, but we can circumvent those emotions with the intentional choice, “I will be thankful.”

Deliberately move your thoughts from what isn’t to what is, right here and right now. It’s easy to focus on things we wish were different, easy to focus on the negative, but the reality is God has been overwhelmingly good to each of us.

I encourage you to look around, take stock of what you do have, and be thankful to Him. Start with simple things like a colorful sunrise and then advance to the irreplaceable – people, moments, and things that fill your life. For me, the peace of Jesus, my wife, and the church community of God’s people top that list. What is it for you? Gratitude is an attitude easily shared - one that has a marked influence on those around us. I can’t think of a better way of fulfilling God’s will this holiday than by serving up a generous helping of praise and thanksgiving.

Awaiting His Return

[Pastor – Jack HIBBS]


2022-11-21 ONTARIO DOCTORS TO RAISE CHARTER CLAIMS AGAINST CPSO Press Release + Access November 23rd Hearing


"Michael Alexander, counsel for Drs. Mark Trozzi, Patrick Phillips and Crystal Luchkiw, announced today that the Discipline Tribunal of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) has granted his clients an unprecedented opportunity to challenge the College's efforts to dictate how doctors should practice medicine in relation to Covid-19 in a motion hearing that will be held at 9:00 am on November 23rd. For the last year-and-a-half, the College has been investigating and prosecuting doctors based on three restrictions on the practice of medicine: doctors shall not say anything contrary to public health orders and recommendations regarding Covid-19, shall not write medical exemptions for Covid-19 injections except in extreme circumstances, and shall not prescribe alternative medications such as ivermectin for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19..."

To read the full press release, and instructions to access Wednesday livestream visit:

Reminder: The World Council for Health General Assembly is today at 2PM EST. Speakers include Dr Robert Malone & Dr Roger Hunter:

💥 💥 💥 Too Little Too Late? 💥 💥 💥

Pfizer, Moderna to StudyLong-Term Risk of Myocarditis After COVID Vaccines:

💥 💥 💥 NOTE: This is a long READ… However, there is much here that you need to know!

Pfizer and Moderna are launching clinical trials to track long-term health issues following a diagnosis of vaccine-associated myocarditis and pericarditis in teens and young adults, but some experts said the risks are already clear.

💥 Myocarditis and pericarditis are heart problems that multiple medical studies have shown to be associated with mRNA COVID-19 vaccination, particularly among young men.

Studies also show that the risk of myocarditis — which can cause permanent damage to heart muscle — increases with the number of boosters a person has taken and can in some cases cause death.

Health officials contacted by NBC News did not suggest that official guidance on COVID-19 vaccination will change while the studies of long-term health issues from vaccine-related heart problems are underway.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declined to comment on Pfizer’s and Moderna’s studies, but an agency official told NBC News the chance of having myocarditis occur following vaccination is “very low.” [???]

💥 Too little, too late? 💥

Commenting on the news, Dr. Peter McCullough — internist, epidemiologist, cardiologist and leading expert on COVID-19 treatment — said in a Nov. 16 Substack post:

“Now two years after public release and mounting cases of fatal myocarditis published in the peer-reviewed literature, both Pfizer and Moderna have announced they will begin studies of cardiac safety that the FDA required in their 2021 Biological Licensing Agreement letters from the FDA.”

“Why did the US government and the vaccine companies wait so long? Do they anticipate their own bad news will kill the failing product line?”

McCullough, who authored The Courage to Face COVID-19 and developed the McCullough Protocol for early treatment of COVID-19, said only an internal document review from government agencies and vaccine developers will tell the public what was going on during this “biological product safety disaster.”

“As a cardiologist, I can tell you the entire discipline of cardiovascular disease is oriented to preserving heart tissue. Heart muscle is largely terminally differentiated with low rates of turnover; hence, we cannot afford to lose any cardiomyocytes to damage caused by vaccines.”

McCullough listed a number of studies on how the mRNA vaccines affect the heart:

Aldana-Bitar et al., described the excursion of cardiac troponin as about four days with COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis which is oddly about the same duration as an ischemic myocardial infarction due to blocked coronary arteries. …

“Hence the confusion with the terms ‘myocarditis’ ‘myopericarditis’ and ‘heart attack’ in the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] and the media.

“The first two prospective cohort studies, where blood cardiac troponin level was measured before and after receiving mRNA injections, both demonstrated unacceptably high rates of troponin elevations indicating predictable heart damage.

Mansanguan et al. found the rate of heart injury was 2.3% on the second injection of Pfizer in children 13-18 years old. … Two children were hospitalized with myocarditis in this 301-person study.

Le Pessec et al., in a presentation at the European Society of Cardiology, revealed 2.8% of healthcare workers (n=777) had elevated troponin by day 3 after the third mRNA injection. …

“Given the known relationship of coronavirus spike protein and cardiac toxicity from the 1990’s, the vaccine companies should have been measuring troponin during their randomized trials in 2020.

Baric et al. in 1999 reported: ‘We have shown that infection with RbCV [rabbit coronavirus] results in the development of myocarditis and congestive heart failure and that some survivors of RbCV infection go on to develop dilated cardiomyopathy in the chronic phase.’”

But this prior research was apparently overlooked by COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers and public health officials, McCullough suggested.

“Sadly and ineptly,” McCullough said, “BARDA [Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority], DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency], vaccine consultants, and the manufacturers had no measures in place to identify expected cardiac damage in humans.”

💥 💥 ‘Do we really need to wait years to be absolutely certain this condition is serious?’

According to ZeroHedge, existing data and the freshly-launched clinical trials blatantly contradict the “safe and effective” narrative that Pfizer and Moderna have defended since they launched their vaccines.

“Why is Big Pharma investigating their own COVID vaccines for myocarditis side effects if the vaccines were already supposedly tested and proven safe and effective?” ZeroHedge asked.

“In all likelihood, Pfizer and Moderna are trying to get out ahead of burgeoning side effects with their own studies as a means to spin or mitigate bad press in the future. The chances of these studies providing honest data-driven assessments are low,” they said.

Pfizer is currently embroiled in a whistleblower lawsuit alleging fraud during its initial COVID-19 vaccine trials.

Comedian and political commentator Russell Brand also took aim at the news, asking viewers, “What kind of reality are we living in now” where pharmaceutical companies … whose products were widely mandated by elected officials who later show up on reality TV, are only now, two years later, beginning to investigate heart problems associated with their products?

Brand was referring to a former U.K. British Health Minister who resigned in June 2021 after he was caught breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules and is now starring in a reality TV show.

Brand also called out the media coverage of Pfizer and Moderna’s announcement, reading NBC News’ byline that said, “Both Pfizer and Moderna are launching clinical trials to track health issues — if any — in the years following a diagnosis of vaccine-associated heart problems in teens and young adults.”

Brand accused NBC News of using the phrase “if any” to suggest there may be no adverse health issues following a diagnosis of vaccine-related myocarditis.

“There are certainly some interesting graphs and data available that seem to suggest that there could be significant findings in those areas,” he said, alluding to research mentioned in the rest of the NBC article.

NBC news also summarized a recent CDC-funded study in The Lancet that examined health outcomes in 519 teens and young adults who reported a diagnosis of myocarditis following an mRNA vaccination concluding, “Most got better at least three months after symptoms.”

“Yes. Most of them got better after three months,” said Dr. Madhava Setty, senior science editor for The Defender. “But 1 in 5 were still not cleared for physical activity. One in 4 required daily medication to treat their condition. Ninety-nine of them required intensive care as a result of their vaccine injury.”

Setty added:

“We are talking about young, healthy people that required ICU admissions, that now cannot exert themselves and may require heart medications indefinitely. Do we really need to wait years to be absolutely certain this condition is serious? It is as serious as a heart attack. Literally.

“If the CDC is admitting that it does not know what the long-term repercussions of vaccine-induced myocarditis are in young people, why are they continuing to recommend that they receive these products when they already know there is little to no benefit for this demographic?

“It is nonsensical for an agency of public health to promote these therapies while waiting years for proof that they are NOT dangerous.”

Moderna: ‘We don’t understand’ why vaccines cause heart damage

💥 💥 💥 The FDA in January told Pfizer and Moderna they must conduct several post-marketing safety studies due to the “known serious risks of myocarditis and pericarditis” and the “unexpected serious risk of subclinical myocarditis.”

Moderna launched two trials, the most recent in September. Pfizer told NBC News it plans to start at least one of its trials, which will include up to 500 individuals age 20 and younger, over the next few months.

In collaboration with the Pediatric Heart Network, Pfizer will monitor participants for five years, according to Dr. Dongngan Truong, a pediatrician at the University of Utah Health and a co-lead on the Pfizer study.

Participants will include people who were previously hospitalized with vaccine-related myocarditis and those who were more recently diagnosed.

Dr. Paul Burton, Moderna’s chief medical officer, told NBC News scientists still don’t have a clear explanation yet for why the vaccines cause the condition.

He suspects the virus’s spike protein, once produced in the cell after vaccination, may generate a reaction in the body that can cause inflammation in the heart.

“We don’t understand yet and there’s no good mechanism to explain it,” he said.

Burton did not comment on whether or not he was privy to the cardiology studies McCullough cited in his Substack post that showed a clear association between mRNA vaccines and heart damage.

According to Burton, the two myocarditis studies Moderna has started — one of which is being conducted in collaboration with the American College of Cardiology — are examining public and private health data from tens of millions of people who received the company’s vaccine.

He said the study would answer basic questions including: “Did they get myocarditis? When did it occur? How was it treated? How severe was it?”

Moderna also is conducting two more studies with the European Medicines Agency that will span five different countries.

The drugmaker will assess outcomes for a year or more, Burton said, with results expected to be made public in the summer of 2023.

CDC downplays risk of myocarditis as vaccine makers protected from liability claims

💥 💥 💥 According to some experts, when statistically significant levels of myocarditis reports began appearing in VAERS, government health officials were slow to warn the public of the possible risk — and the agency continues to downplay the risk as “rare.”

Karl Jablonowski, Ph.D., and Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E, in October published research on data showing that although a statistically significant vaccine adverse event “signal” for myocarditis in males ages 8-21 was seen on the VAERS database as early as Feb. 19, 2021 — just two months after the release of the COVID-19 vaccine to the U.S. public — CDC officials buried the connection between COVID-19 vaccination and myocarditis until May 27, 2021.

“By this date, over 50% of the eligible U.S. population had received at least one mRNA COVID-19 vaccine,” Hooker, chief scientific officer for ChilWithholding this type of information is criminal,” dren’s Health Defense, told The Defender.

“he added.

According to Steve Kirsch, executive director of Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, the CDC continues to downplay and underestimate the likely number of vaccine-related myocarditis cases.

On Thursday, Kirsch wrote:

“Large Canadian hospital: before COVID, they’d see 2 cases per year.

“Now they see 27 in just 6 weeks. That’s a 117X increase.

“But the CDC says it’s only ‘slightly elevated.’”

“You would think this is a problem, but it isn’t,” Kirsch said. “When 2 car owners die, the car manufacturer tells people to stop using the car. The reason for this is simple: liability.”

Kirsch added:

“But with these vaccines, there is no liability, so there is no need to set a stopping condition.

“The US government will happily injure hundreds of thousands, or millions of kids and it simply just doesn’t matter because there is no liability. That’s just the way it goes.”

As of Nov. 4, there have been 24,608 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis and 4,878 reports of myocardial infarction (i.e., heart attack) reported to VAERS since mid-December 2020.

VAERS is the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S.

[GLOBAL Research]

[Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.]

Chuck And Mitch Team Up to Destroy Donald Trump:

On CNN’s “This Morning” earlier this week, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that he would meet with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell following the midterm elections to encourage GOP senators to reject “MAGA Republicans.”

“Are you going to be speaking to Mitch McConnell?” co-host Kaitlan Collins questioned Schumer. “How does that look?”

Schumer’s response:

“Quit allowing them to lead your party, is what I’m going to tell the Republicans in the Senate that are not MAGA Republicans. Collaborate alongside us to get things accomplished. I hope to meet with Mitch McConnell to communicate this.”

“I plan to sit down with him and suggest we should really be working together,” he added. “You are not going to convince your party’s extremists to cooperate with anyone, but the rest of us should work together and accomplish some genuine things for the American people.”

Then, co-host Don Lemon posed the following question to Schumer:

“I’m curious what’s different. What will be different this time for the MAGA Republicans? You’ve said that before. Please cooperate with us. What makes this time different?”

Schumer’s response:

“This time is different because they lost. The red wave turned out to be an illusion. And one of the key reasons, if not the main reason, was that normal Americans, including those in the middle, including Republicans, said, ‘I’m terrified of this MAGA.’ They are attempting to destabilize our democracy.’ The MAGA Republican strategy did not work, according to the numbers and the outcomes of the Senate and the House. The MAGA Republican nominee was defeated all over the board. If you are a decent Republican Party leader, you’d say that persisting to follow them is a recipe for disaster.”

It’s obvious that the DC swamp wishes to rid Washington of any America First elements. That should come as no surprise. America First advocates for non-interventionism, closed borders, and reining in Big Tech. This stands in stark contrast to the GOP’s typical strategy of importing cheap labor, pushing never-ending wars, and bending over backward for giant corporations under the guise of minimal government.

Overall, it’s not only Dems. who are working to cleanse the world of Trumpism. Establishment Republicans such as Mitch McConnell are working hard to restore the Republican Party’s previous Business First agenda.

[Author: Steven Sinclaire]


A uniqueWebsite PLATFORM that Provides what the Mainline Platforms Cover-Up!

Check this out for yourselves… [Patrick Bestall]

Maybe you should pass this on to your sleeping friends.

What's the W.E.F.?

Are you kidding?

Someone at our Alpha table asked; what is the World Economic Forum [WEF] and who is Klaus Schwab.

Only two of us knew… Most of the WORLS is still ‘fast asleep’!

Yet he is now part of the G20. [Patrick Bestall]



For a long time, I have distrusted the Gatestone Institute which purports to be a centre-right institution. I think it's controlled opposition. The article here is a good example, "Is Multiculturalism Destroying Western National Identities?". Sounds very conservative, doesn't it? But it's chock full of biased stats. It hides the stats about Christian population growth in Europe, especially among Catholics in nations like Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Italy, northern France and of course Russia. There is no need for immigrants for economic reasons. I have a 2019 book which refutes the whole Gatestone article… see above Article!

[Patrick Bestall]

Curriculum AWARENESS Week:

I am excited about this step. It might be the most important one we've done so far.

Before I get to step 12, I want to share something that I believe proves we have God (or the universe, if you prefer) on our side. If it's too wordy for you, just skip to the step part :-)

This morning (under 24 hours away from publishing step 12), I was not ready at all! I had a few step ideas but couldn't decide. Furthermore, I had no idea who was going to announce it, I'd probably have to do it myself. It's not always like this, I promise :-) There is a state election happening right now, and I've been busier than usual, so I've fallen behind on almost all of my responsibilities.

To top it off, a few days ago, I made the terrifying mistake of CC-ing a large group of people into an email instead of BCC-ing heart sank into my stomach.

This morning, I went to church and asked for help and inspiration. Then I went to a cafe with my laptop and started to work on step 12...hoping it would somehow fall into place. It was now 18 hours before the scheduled publishing time.

My team and I had discussed doing a step like this before, but I didn't want to be the one to announce it. It's such an important step, I wanted someone in the education industry to do it. I sat there with a coffee and randomly messaged someone from the collaboration team who I hadn't spoken to in a few weeks. Within 2 minutes, the script was written, the perfect person to announce it was found, and the recording was in my inbox within 30 minutes.

There is no way that was an accident! I believe in God, but if you don't, I think we can all agree that GOOD is on our side and wants us to keep going...NO MATTER WHAT!

You might not realize how many amazing people are helping in the background...voluntarily. They've stuck by us even when we make mistakes like accidentally CC-ing them into an email which has resulted in numerous unsolicited emails :-( We have some of the best people in the world on our team, and it's going to grow from strength to strength...I just know it!

I'm looking forward to this bumpy but empowering journey with all of you :-)

Step 12 of the GLOBAL WALKOUT Curriculum Awareness Week

Step 12 of the GLOBAL WALKOUT is for parents to become more familiar with the school curriculum. Book an appointment with the teachers or principal, and ask them which books your kids are reading this year and next year. Also, ask about the sexual education content they teach. If you find anything alarming, please email us about it. We have also shared a template letter you can use to put on record what your demands are.

The Global Walkout - there's more than meets the eye I was having some doubts lately and had some revelations… The Global Walkout is not a 'quick fix''s a long-term plan and will turn into a lifestyle, not just an initiative. We'll never stop!


💥💥DOC NAILS It (11 Min)

It's a Big Stage & We're Being PLayed (12 Min)

💥 THE FINAL Countdown: One World Digital Currency (51 Min)



The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Mainstream media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.


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Here is what is circulating on the Inter-Net:

There is MUCH coming soon!

A different Perspective:

This is out there – floating in the Network… You need to make up your own mind!

💥💥💥💥What We Think We Know as of Mon. 21 Nov. 2022:







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