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Monday 2-20-23

Monday 2-20-23

Verse(s) for today:

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

Matthew 10:16 KJV

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, So panteth my soul after thee, O God.

Psalm 42:1 KJV

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Philippians 4:13 KJV

Holy Hearts Matter, Full Wallets Don’t!

“As your days, so shall your strength be.” Deuteronomy 33:25

“What’s in your wallet?” This marketing jingle was used to communicate that what you have in your wallet may not be enough. To a world without God, what’s in your wallet matters! According to the powers of this world, you’d better be looking out for number one, or you’ll be left out in the cold. But that is not how God’s economy works. The contents of your wallet belong to God, along with the breath you breathe, the food you eat, and each moment you’re alive—all come from Him. This truth becomes more apparent in our declining years. What we once had in physical strength is weakening, and the responsibilities we used to fulfill are filed under “memories.” The house is quiet. The phone doesn’t ring as often as it once did, leaving sadness to settle in if we’re not careful.

Do you have a gray hair or two? Have wrinkles set in? God has graced you to grow older in Jesus! Our more senior years should be filled with a golden glow. With age comes knowledge and, hopefully, a more emboldened faith. As the days rush by quicker and quicker, we need to cry out, “Lord, take me and use me for Your purposes!” The Bible’s great promise, “As your days, so shall your strength be,” is true for every age. He will give to each the strength we require. Ultimately, it will not matter what is in your wallet, but what is in your heart and whether you’ve lived for Him. Awaiting His Return, [Pastor – Jack HIBBS]

Order here:

London Approves 15 Minute City Plan:

If you’ve worked hard to afford a suburban house with a patch of lawn where your kids can play, you’re under attack.

The Biden administration and Democrats in New York, Connecticut and other states are warring on local zoning laws to build high-rise apartment buildings with “affordable” units in tree-lined, single-family neighborhoods. All in the name of equity, meaning everyone can live in a tranquil suburb, whether they’ve earned the money to pay for it or not.

The Biden administration announced Jan. 19 it will require all towns across America to submit “equity plans” showing how they will make it possible for low-income people to live there, by providing affordable housing, transportation and other resources.

Remember when left-wingers protested and ridiculed this kind of planning? How times have changed!

Pete Seeger - Little Boxes [Patrick Bestall]

Dr. Anthony Fauci now admits the mRNA Covid vaccines hardly work and might not be approvable.

Even Bill Gates after reaping huge profits selling BioNTech shares trashes the effectiveness of COVID Vaccines.

Today’s episode will bring further clarity to the reality of the consequences of Vaccines.

Things are about to get a little heavy. Up until episode 5 was shocking enough… But what’s next will take you back even further.

Episode 6 is live to view here now.

A sneak peak…

Dawn Loughborough who was an Executive Senior Consultant with Price Waterhouse, and obtained her master’s degree in Law from the University of Baltimore.

She is the mother of a child who was damaged by her MMR Shot at 15 months of age.

She shares her heartbreaking story and what she did about it.

Hurry, get this episode before any more damage is done to children.

[Dr. Patrick Gentempo]


We are overwhelmed with your response, and we’re honored to bring you this program, in its entirety, for free.

We need your help to spread this message, so if you know anyone that need this, go here to share

Re: Dutch Sheets:

The Asbury Revival.

This past December 2022, my 19-year-old son suddenly, overnight chose to repent and change his sinful ways of fornication, smoking, and drinking! He now attends church with me and is involved and fellowships with other young adult Christians, he now reads his Bible which was collecting dust over the years, he shares his testimony and witnesses to his secular friends. The Lord is transforming my son! We give God ALL the Glory! Parents, keep praying over your children, as I did. Please do not give up on them! [Rose Sanchez]

More information on Rumble’s FLASH POINT:

As you know, we have been talking about stepping into the River of God, and letting its flow take us wherever He want to, for some time now at our Wed Night meetings. We have also been talking about how this year is going to be a year of new beginnings and breakthroughs.

Today I came across a YT video where the speaker was saying that the Asbury revival was lined up with Ezekiel 47. It’s all about Water flowing from the Temple. Let’s continue to prepare ourselves. Revival is coming here too!!! [Jon Taverner]

On Feb 19, 2023, at 6:19 PM, Scott <> wrote:

Dutch describes his vision that is now unfolding in real time starting with Asbury. Key point: "starting with Asbury" Dutch explains how he saw this outpouring of the Holy Spirit spreading throughout ALL of America.

My personal note: In the 90's I was suddenly visited by the Holy Spirit with a similar prophecy as what Dutch describes in the above video... About a week or two later the same prophecy was urgently given to me. I actually said "Yes, Lord. You already gave me this message." His response was immediate and clear. "Write it down". So I did. I still have it today. We are so blessed to see this day. After over 2 years of our hearts being so heavy due to absolute evil, political corruption on every level of society, and even having to endure the fear and weakness of the church, God is answering our prayers. Gird up your loins body of Christ. God is on the move. Pour out Your Spirit O Lord. Revive us.

Acts 3:19 Get ready to see things!! [Scott Card]

Americans don't trust the news, not even Fox News Network:

While opinions of the national news media were down across the political spectrum, they were acutely low among Fox News viewers, who are typically Republicans.

Considering Fox coverage of US elections and the Ukraine war, I can understand why.

[[Patrick Bestall]

New Federal Powers:

New powers to dictate health mandates will come from the WHO and our federal government, not the provinces (now that they are accepting the strings attached to healthcare transfers). [[Patrick Bestall]

Liberal comic [Joe Rogan] unleashed three words to describe the thing that’s tearing apart the country:

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan is not afraid to ruffle feathers.

That’s why the establishment and institutional media hate him so much.

And Rogan unleashed with three words to describe the thing that’s tearing apart the country.

Joe Rogan routinely talks to people that the so-called mainstream media would not dare.

For example, Rogan spoke with epidemiologists who had heterodox views about how to handle the pandemic.

Rogan was mocked and lied about by the press for simply talking to people.

And he believes that online censorship is a “threat to democracy.”

Joe Rogan and Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi go off on the state of free speech online

Rogan recently spoke to independent journalist Matt Taibbi, and the two discussed the current state of free speech online.

Taibbi is one of the journalists that new Twitter owner Elon Musk trusted to release dispatches of the Twitter Files.

During the conversation, Rogan said that Musk “truly believes that censored social media is a threat to democracy…I believe it, too.”

It’s difficult for people to make informed decisions about politics if they are not allowed to hear all of the pertinent information.

That’s the problem with online censorship, which has gotten progressively worse over the past few years, culminating in the banishment of Donald Trump from every major social media platform.

Taibbi added, “Elon Musk essentially spent $44 billion dollars to become a whistleblower of his own company.”

Musk said that it is his mission to fight the “woke” mind virus, which he believes will devour the West whole if allowed to spread unchecked.

Rogan continued, “I don’t think anybody ever anticipated that something like this would happen where Twitter would get sold to an eccentric billionaire who’s intent on letting all the information get released.”

Musk purchasing Twitter was the establishment’s worst nightmare, which is why so many forces tried so hard to block the move.

Taibbi responded, “I think he’s got a pretty developed sense of humor though and that comes through. I think he gets a kick out of seeing all this stuff come out on Twitter which used to be the kind of the private stomping ground of all these whiny journalists and now here’s all this information that is just horrifying to all of them. $44 billion dollars is a lot to spend on that thrill, but I’m glad he did.”

A lot of people are glad Musk did because now they are able to access information that was rapidly being drowned out entirely.

Stay tuned to Unmuzzled News for any updates to this ongoing story.

[Unmuzzled News]

David YEO:

G!@nT$ 3X!$Ted (2 Min)

G!@NT$ BU!LT T/ Pyr@M!d$ (2 Min)

$udd3n !nf@NT D3@Th $yndr0me (1 Min)

N0T3: aka S!D$

R3pr0ducT!v3 D3$trucT!0n**WH0 $p3c!aL (11 Min)

10 W!LD 3d!BLe Nutr!+ious Gr33n$*PL@nT$ +o Harv3$T (12 Min)

P@$T0R B0B/3LV!$ (4 Min)

!DaH0 L@wm@k3r$ 0n W@xene (3 Min)

Th3 C@u$e 0f 3@rthQu@ke$ & T$un@m!s (5 Min)

2 Yrs Ago: !ck3**H0W They Pull3d 0ff th3 P@ndem!c (16 Min)

$h@k!ng: L!ving !n Th3 Up$!d3 D0wn $cr!PT**W3!RD $c!3nce (15 Min)

Th3 D0m3 (1 Min)

$urV!V@L 0f th3 W!$3$T (25 Min)

$0m3Th!ng $tr@ng3 H@pp3n!ng (11 Min)

N0T3: Gr@c3 d03$ Xc3LLenT Pr3$enT@T!0n.

TH3 $cr!PT: '33 !s the C0d3' In @ll C0unTr!3$ (14 Min)

Tru+h*$tr3@M*M3d!@: M0$T P30pLe D0n't R3@L!ze !+ (24 Min)

Am@z!ng P0LLY: Jord@N Pet3r$0n**C0ntr0LL3d 0PPosiTion? (51 Min)

The Newswashing of ISIS Bride Shamima Begum

· ISIS brides were complicit in ISIS's genocide and crimes against humanity. Never mind that hostages were hung upside down and then burned alive or locked in cages then lowered into water to drown, or crucified for hours "like Jesus;" or that children were crucified or sold as sex slaves; or that countless others were tortured, raped or lined up to have their throats slit.

· The Free Yezidi Foundation recently wrote of ISIS and Begum: "Not only terror death cult, but mass-rape genocidal organization. The decision to join was hers. Her actions contributed to unspeakable acts of brutality, which she would have continued had ISIS, Daesh not been militarily defeated."

· "Ms. Begum, for example, claimed that she was only a housewife and did not participate in any heinous crimes or violation of human rights as an ISIS member. Some portrayed her as an innocent schoolgirl who was brainwashed, uninformed, and simply wanted to return home to Britain.... evidence now suggests that she was in fact a member of the ISIS 'morality police, a group of ISIS women which was an integral part of ISIS' terror and atrocity apparatus and was armed with an automatic weapon on her patrols. The crimes allegedly committed by the morality police include major human rights offenses, including support to ISIS' slave trade of Yezidis." — Free Yezidi Foundation, September 19, 2019.

· "'Why are the BBC giving Shamima Begum more airtime?': 'Sickened' viewers slam broadcaster for airing 90-minute documentary that 'parades ISIS bride as a celebrity' just weeks after it launched 10-part podcast 'retracing her steps'. — The Daily Mail, February 18, 2023.

· "What we Yazidis expect from the international community is support and solidarity, not digging into our wounds. ISIS criminals must face justice for what they have done and practiced. We expect the West to hold ISIS accountable in court rather than putting them on the cover of their magazine. Such stories are particularly difficult for us as Yazidis because these ISIS women tortured and abused Yazidi women while they were in ISIS's captivity." — Activist for Yazidi rights who lives in Iraq, to Gatestone, February 2023.

· The question is: Why are some big Western media corporations obviously siding with a genocidal terror group and not with its innocent victims?

· "I think this is a slap in the face of all those who suffered in the hands of terrorism, not just ISIS but other death cults such as Boko Haram. This is a spit in the face of all those whose loved ones were murdered, and I do not mean only Yazidis, Assyrians or Nigerians, but all the innocent Westerners who perished to Islamic terrorism such as in France, the UK, the US and elsewhere. Media has utterly lost its moral values." — Juliana Taimoorazy, founding president, Iraqi Christian Relief Council, to Gatestone, February 2023.

Many in the Western media are portraying Shamima Begum, a former "ISIS bride," not only as a victim but as a celebrity. ISIS brides were complicit in ISIS's genocide and crimes against humanity. ISIS murdered thousands of people, and forcibly displaced hundreds of thousands, especially from non-Muslim communities, including Yazidis and Christians. Pictured: Yazidis in a camp for internally displaced persons (IDP) in the Sharya area of the autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan region, on January 17, 2023. (Photo by Safin Hamed/AFP via Getty Images)

While around 3,000 Yazidi children and women are still being held captive at the hands of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization, many in the Western media are portraying a former "ISIS bride" not only as a victim but as a celebrity.

The ISIS bride in question Shamima Begum, a British citizen who left the UK to join ISIS in Syria in 2015 and was later stripped of her British citizenship. Begum was chosen by The Times Magazine in the UK to lionize on February 4, both on its cover and in an eight-page feature. She is now part of a glamorized "newswashing" campaign to help get her British citizenship back.

The UK's Special Immigration Appeals Tribunal is scheduled to rule this week on Begum's appeal against being stripped of her citizenship.

February 20, 2023 at 6:30 am

[Gate Stone Institute]

ISIS Threat to Christians is Real:

“Kill them wherever you meet them. If you are a tradesman, use a nail gun to nail the heads and crucify them on woodwork. If you are a truck driver, run over them until their streets are washed with their filthy blood or pour oil on their houses while they are sleeping, and set them on fire so that the message [not to harm Muslims and Islam] will be burned into their heads.”

A shocking counter-terrorism report has been released detailing the elevated Islamic threat toward Christians around the world, especially in Europe. The latest reason Muslims are using to attack Christians is their outrage over Sweden not stopping Danish-Swedish politician Rasmus Paludan from burning copies of the Qu’ran outside the Turkish embassies in Stockholm and Copenhagen on January 21, 2023.

After his demonstration, in the name of free speech, various Islamic governments and thousands of Muslims erupted with diplomatic threats, Allahu Akbar marches, and demands for deadly punishments. Turkey’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has even announced it would say no to Sweden’s NATO application. However, Erdoğan and Muslim leaders’ reaction is part of a much larger plan to have the West submit to Islamic laws.

Richard Belzer dies.

'Law & Order' star's shocking last words. Celebrity tributes pour in for comedian:

Actor and comedian Richard Belzer has died at 78. Belzer died early Sunday at his home in Bozouls in southwest France. Belzer’s official cause of death was not immediately known.

Bill Scheft – former "Late Show with David Letterman" writer and longtime friend of Belzer – told The Hollywood Reporter, "He had lots of health issues, and his last words were, 'F*** you, motherf***er.'"

Belzer is survived by his third wife – actress Harlee McBride – and two stepdaughters.

Belzer was best known for his role as detective John Munch in the "Law & Order" TV series. He also appeared in other hit TV shows such as "Law & Order: SVU," "Homicide: Life on the Street," "The X Files," "The Wire," "South Park," "30 Rock," "Arrested Development," "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman," "The Larry Sanders Show," and "Moonlighting." Belzer retired from acting in 2016.

Belzer was a prominent voice on "National Lampoon Radio Hour" and the "Howard Stern Show."

Belzer was an accomplished stand-up comedian. He was the audience warm-up comedian for "Saturday Night Live" between 1975 and 1980, when he made three guest appearances on "SNL."

Celebrity tributes poured in for the "Law & Order" star.

Mariska Hargitay honored her "Law & Order: SVU" co-star in a touching Instagram post.

"Goodbye my dear, dear friend. I will miss you, your unique light, and your singular take on this strange world. I feel blessed to have known you and adored you and worked with you, side by side, for so many years. How lucky the angels are to have you. I can hear them laughing already. I love you so very much, now and forever," Hargitay wrote. [The BLAZE Media]

Dangerous Purpose for Weather Balloons:

Rogue Climate Activist’s Startup Company to Release ‘Mini Volcanoes’ To Cool Atmosphere

Brazen geoengineering will launch weather balloons to inject sulphur particles into the stratosphere to “help cool the planet”. The company Make Sunsets is run by CEO Luke Iseman. Iceman is the former Director of Hardware at Y Combinator, a seedbed of Technocrat and Transhumanist startup companies. There is zero public or government support for Iseman’s actions. ⁃ TN Editor

A Mexico-based startup will next week launch sulphur particles into the stratosphere in a “rogue” move to create a “mini-volcano” effect it says could help cool the planet.

The technique, known as stratospheric aerosol injection, mimics the impact of volcanoes by using a weather balloon to release sulphur, creating a cloud of particles that reflect the sun’s rays and have a cooling impact.

It is one of several geoengineering techniques being studied as a way to cool the planet to avoid breaching internationally agreed limits on global warming.

The amount of particles that start-up Make Sunsets plans to release in coming days, up to 2kg, will make a minimal difference to overall warming.

But experts in geoengineering say the launches set a dangerous precedent for private companies or governments to interfere with the planet’s atmosphere.

The company is backed by two venture capital funds and is selling “cooling credits” to the public for $15 (£12), which it says pays for 1g of sulphur, expected to produce enough cooling to offset a ton of carbon emissions for a year.

It released a first balloon in December in Mexico, but will next week launch from California, after the Mexican government released a statement criticising the first effort.

Co-founder Luke Isemans said the potential risks of what he is doing are outweighed by the known threat of climate change.

“I think that pretty quickly leads a rational person to an uncomfortable conclusion that we have a moral obligation to already be doing this at scale,” he told the Telegraph. “Every day we don’t do this is causing needless harm to people and ecosystems.”

Global non-use agreement

The practice is so far largely unregulated, leading experts to warn of the dangers of taking action without global consensus.

If conducted on a large scale, there are concerns the technique could deplete the ozone layer, or change precipitation patterns. Hundreds of scientists have signed a call for a global non-use agreement to stop the development and potential use of all large-scale solar geoengineering technologies.

“It would basically change precipitation patterns, meaning it could mess up the monsoon, which would affect millions of people,” said Lili Fuhr, from the Center for International Environmental Law. “Basically, you’re impacting everyone on this planet, so everyone should have a say. There’s not one country or actor that can take control of the global thermostat and do it benignly for everyone else.”

Experts warn that this cheap and easy method could make it more tempting for governments to use, which could have the potential to fuel conflicts if it goes wrong.

Republican Voters want Politicians to Fight Culture Wars:

The survey, released Tuesday and commissioned by the conservative, pro-family American Principles Project, found that 93 percent of the 1,000 Republican primary voters surveyed want presidential candidates to prioritize parental rights and school curriculum transparency.

We should have a people's poll like this in Canada!

A new poll of Republican primary voters found that the vast majority want the party’s presidential candidates to lean into culture war issues, especially when it comes to education and health care.

There was also significant GOP voter enthusiasm for candidates who back federal laws banning permanent sex-changing medical procedures for minors (76 percent), prohibiting biological males from competing in girls’ sports (69 percent), and requiring age-verification measures for pornographic websites to protect kids (86 percent), according to the poll conducted by OnMessage Inc. between January 30 and February 5.

“GOP leaders and candidates should take from this poll one important lesson: voters expect them to fight wokeness,” Terry Schilling, president of the American Principles Project, said in a prepared statement released with the poll.

“Support for policies protecting families from gender ideology is off the charts, with the majority of the base showing a strong preference for tackling these issues,” he said. “Meanwhile, approval of Republican establishment priorities was much more muted, with most of those surveyed even agreeing that GOP elected officials have given up too much ground in the culture war.”

The poll shows the enthusiasm Republican primary voters have for many culture-war issues. It also found that those voters expressed less interest in more “establishment-preferred issues” like reforming Social Security and Medicare (64 percent), passing a pathway to citizenship for illegal migrants (59 percent), and providing funding and military aid to Ukraine (47 percent).

According to the poll, a majority of voters who consider themselves somewhat or very conservative said they would prefer a presidential candidate who prioritizes combatting the Left’s social agenda, whereas 61 percent of moderates said they would prefer a candidate who prioritizes the more establishment issues.

Covid "Vaccines" Deaths per dose Israeli and Australian data:


The "cure" is worse than the disease, especially for the elderly!

A group of researchers have published a study titled: Age-stratified COVID-19 vaccine-dose fatality rate for Israel and Australia. Here is a very brief report of the highlights, as well as the full research article for deep divers.

Good News: Jab less Jobs!

As old order institutions crumble and push the limits of corruption, dysfunction and perversion; new organizations arise that connect the wise and respectful. In this spirit, I am pleased to introduce Jab less Jobs, a job board for people who uphold fundamental human rights and supreme laws. Are you or someone you know looking for a job? Are you or someone you know looking for a smart healthy employee, or person for a project?

Perhaps you are also looking to reduce your spike protein and transfected messenger RNA exposure. Perhaps you don't want to discriminate or be discriminated against based on one's pharmaceutical experimentation or lack there-of. Perhaps you don't want any more forced injections in your future. If so, this may be the best job board for you! Good luck! [Dr Mark Trozzi]

Canadian Tax Dollars Funding Research Targeting Civil Rights:

A short while ago, I shared how the Trudeau government is using taxpayer dollars to fund research that validate their beliefs. I also explained how they were spending $1.2 billion dollars to invest in exploring new ways to censor their critics online.

So, why is our government sending this huge amount of the public’s money on Internet censorship? The answer is simple: Trudeau’s government wants “academic” research to justify their passing of Internet regulation and censorship laws, including Bill C-11 and Bill C-36 which are designed to control the content Canadians get to access online.

Let’s keep the momentum moving by sharing it far and wide with our family and friends. If you have not already signed it, please do and then encourage your family and friends to do likewise. Together, we can demand that NO MORE TAXDOLLARS are spent on WOKE RESEARCH DESIGNED TO CENSOR CANADIANS.

Gregory Tomchyshyn and the entire CitizenGO Team

Gregory Tomchyshyn,


Beware of Playground SLIDES:

What happens on Kid’s Slides just may come back to ‘Git-Ya’ later… for some [Biden] it was ‘much later’!

Joe Biden Hitting Head Going Down Slide as a Kid [enJOY the Humour] [Don Hill]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!

Here is what is floating around and not covered by the Main Stream Media:

Jan 6 at the US Capitol:

The Real News for Sun. 19 Feb. 2023:

  • · Sun. 19 Feb. Philadelphia: 18-inch pipe bomb found behind Catholic Church near railroad tracks in Philadelphia.

  • · Sun. 19 Feb. Oakland California: The city of Oakland is experiencing a massive power outage.

  • · Ohio East Palestine: Before the train derailment the village fire department hosted a sign up event for the new MyID service. MyID was made available to both East Palestine and Unity Township residents.

  • · Canada: Residents are reporting chemical rainbows in melted snow. This may be a result of the ecological disaster in East Palestine Ohio.

  • · The situation in East Palestine, Ohio, is much worse than the media is letting on. It began as a train filled with chemicals derailed, with the cars deliberately set on fire, while the spill into air and water raged across six states. The East Palestine train wreck may have created largest dioxin plume in world history. This is going to affect Americans for a GENERATION… and even some Canadians, too. Vinyl Chloride, which was being transported by the train, when burned becomes dioxin. This was a deliberately caused disaster by the owners of the train, the Cabal’s Blackrock.

  • · Senator Finds Toxic Chemicals in East Palestine Water:

  • · The same day as the Ohio a Cabal-caused Apocalyptic Chemical Disaster.

1. In Texas a magnitude 4.3 earthquake hit Snyder, a Texas Mall shooter hit four, one dead and sixteen cars carrying hazardous materials derailed when a semi crashed into a train in El Paso.

2. In Kissimmee Florida a fire broke out in a large five acre warehouse filled with plastic potting material. This toxic fire has been burning for six days now. Zero media coverage.

3. In Arizona a truck spilled nitric acid and created another Hazardous Material Disaster causing a Evacuation and Shelter-in-place order.

4. In Oklahoma a fire broke out at a chemical tank that lead to evacuations.

5. In South Carolina another train derailed. No details.

6. In Michigan another train derailed, this time in Van Buren Township outside Detroit, Michigan, with one car carrying hazardous materials.

7. In New York the JFK Terminal suffered a large power outage due to a fire, causing wild diversions.

8. In Lehigh County Pennsylvania a tractor-trailer jackknifed on westbound I-78 and spilled fuel, blocking all lanes.

Financial Fall of the Cabal:

  • · In the UK, Rothschilds were going broke. In the US, Rockefellers were pulling money from Wall Street.

  • · The once Deep State Woke Digital Soldiers of Microsoft, Meta, Google, YouTube and Amazon with connections to Apple, were getting laid off.

  • · Major contractors for the elite companies have been cancelled or fired.

  • · The massive layoffs and cancelled contractors and their employees was in the tens of thousands and expected to hit 100,000 by summer.

  • · Fake market reports have claimed that there have been increases in jobs and digital markets in the past three months. The truth is finally coming out as employees are laid-off by the masses and BlackRock (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, DuPonts, ect) silently goes private in hundreds of Banks in EU run by Rothschilds.

  • · The effect of the collapse is hitting the U.S. big Tech Media Giants as panic sets in, and money is gone.

  • · At the same time the White Hat Military Alliance has unleashed their A.I. bots and systems against DARPA, CIA, CERN AI Systems in a AI War.

  • · Musk and the Military Ops have their eyes centered on Apple and Facebook acquisitions in the Fall of 2024.

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