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Monday 6-12-23

Monday 6 – 12 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

1 Corinthians 13:4 KJV

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9 KJV

Create in me a clean heart, O God; And renew a right spirit within me.

Psalm 51:10 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

Canadians’ Trust in Government and Science Waned Since COVID:

Federal Report:


Many people don't trust the media anymore as corporate interests and political bias have come to influence news reporting. [The Epoch Times Media]

Ex-Obama Staff blows Whistle on Biden Scheme:

A former Obama administration staffer is blowing the whistle on the Biden family's business dealings


They are going after TRUMP to keep this information buried!

A former Obama administration staffer is blowing the whistle on the Biden family's business dealings, accusing President Biden of being involved in a "kickback scheme" in connection with his son Hunter's overseas business dealings while he was vice president.

Mike McCormick, a stenographer for the White House for 15 years, told "Fox & Friends First" the FBI has been ignoring his alarms on the matter despite his willingness to testify under oath before the federal grand jury investigating Hunter.

"In February, I went to the FBI and filed one of their tips on their website. If you do that, and you're lying to them, you go to jail. I'm not lying. I'm telling the truth, and I'm not going to jail," McCormick said Thursday. "Joe Biden is a criminal. He was conducting malfeasance in office to enrich his family. Jake Sullivan is a conspirator in that, and there's more... Obama officials involved in it, I believe."

McCormick, who worked with Biden from 2011 to 2017, detailed a key dialogue involving the vice president, aide Jake Sullivan and the press on Air Force Two before a trip to Kyiv, Ukraine, on April 21, 2014.

Sullivan, who is the current national security adviser, outlined in a White House transcript Biden's priorities for his trip to the country, which included U.S. investment in the Ukrainian energy sector days after Hunter joined the board of Burisma, according to the New York Post.

Months later, and well after the trip, Congress allocated $50 million to Ukraine's energy market. [Patrick Bestall]

A Disturbing Dream!!!

By: Brian PLUMB

I want to share a very disturbing dream I had this morning that I felt was from the Lord.

First before I share I also want to say what I am feeling in the spirit after the dream.

Here is the was rather short, but very disturbing...

I had just receive the delivery of a brand new car....why I am not sure, because in my dream I owned two used cars at the time.

I certainly did not need it!

I was enjoying it at the moment until the governments declared the end of all vehicle sales, buying, leasing, or renting of the same.

People were all in shock as it came suddenly in the middle to late in the day while people were driving around.

It was as if people had no say in the matter, and they were just devastated.

Personal freedoms are about our vehicle with the ability to choose where and when we are able to drive where ever we please.

Now when I woke up at 5:40 am this morning I went to my computer to look at the weather map and hear is what I saw...A Scorpion over Ontario, with its head on our nation's capital...

Then think about the following:

Now consider, why are all major cities in Canada, and around the world, having major construction this year for fast public transit happening in 2023....

And people are quiet about this, why are you consider sh*t disturbers for thinking this way.

And a lot of subdivisions being reduced traffic lanes for bicycle lanes, and reduced speed limits of 40 kmh....they want you not to drive your much freedom.

At 40 kwh how far will you get, whereas buses on high speed lanes will move much faster, but you would need to be approved to use them.

The China's Social Credit System is coming where your Carbon Footprint will be measured.

Think about it they want young people to just obey, and not to think.

Children for years have not been taught to think before crossing a street, press the button to walk across the street.

When I was young we were taught to consider others, and how to cross the street without pushing a button.

Now the Spirit of the Lord stated to me globalist billionaires are buying up all debt and collection agencies prior to this.

Think they will become owners of all, and you will be happy.

Everyone should know if you do not know at the moment.

The WHO was approved by the UN that all nations will allow the WHO to shut down nations at the next global 'health crisis'.

This will take affect MAY of 2024.

Then the WHO announced that they saw 'Climate Change' as the next Global Health Pandemic.

So may we expect MAY of next year a shut down of the world.

Then to top it all off....Ai and the advancements are going so quickly it is very alarming to leaders in the field.

And there are many more videos alarming people of what is coming.

God help each of us to not panic, but be resolved to reach out to God in prayer for He is our hope in troubling times.

But consider this message by Jimmy Evans...on Ai the fast advancements, and what this means from a Biblical view, well worth the watch.

Trust this will be alarming so we can be ready for the Lord's return...and secondly whatever comes the LORD is our refugee in these troubling times.

Psalm 46

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

God bless, and keep looking up!

[Brian PLUMB]

Arsonists Arrested for Canadian Fires:

In the past months, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have arrested several arsonists who have been charged with lighting fires across several provinces including Nova Scotia, Yukon, British Columbia, and Alberta. The motive behind lighting the fires is unclear.

(LifeSiteNews) — Despite the arrest of multiple arsonists, the mainstream media in Canada seems intent on attributing the nation’s recent wildfires to “climate change.”

As wildfires continue to spread across western, and now central and eastern Canada, burning forestland and homes, the mainstream media continues to imply that climate change is the main culprit, despite a growing number of reports showing that arsonists have been arrested for allegedly setting dozens of fires.

“Several arsonists have been arrested in the past weeks in different provinces for lighting forest fires,” People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier tweeted. “But the lying woke media and politicians keep repeating that global warming is the cause.”

The severe nature of the wildfires has caused Canadians to wonder why they have spread so rapidly, especially as many of the affected areas are not typically impacted by wildfires of this degree or at this time of the year.

In the past months, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) have arrested several arsonists who have been charged with lighting fires across several provinces including Nova Scotia, Yukon, British Columbia, and Alberta. The motive behind lighting the fires is unclear.

One Albertan, John Cook**, has been arrested and charged with 10 counts of arson after setting a string of wildfires in and around Cold Lake, a hamlet near Edmonton.

In addition to damaging vehicles and structures, Cook was charged with setting aflame the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Cherry Grove, Alberta.

A Vancouver man charged with arson has been released until his trial on October 9, with Cpl. Michael Gauthier asserting that he is not a risk to light further fires.

“This incident was not random in nature, and we do not believe there is risk to other members of the public or businesses from the individual who was arrested,” Gauthier stated.


Then, there were several vehicle and structure fires in the Hamlet of Cherry Grove on April 30, including two homes. They were all determined to be arson, RCMP said. Later that day, Cold Lake RCMP arrested 29-year-old John Cook, a resident of Cherry Grove, in connection with the fires. He has been charged with 10 counts of arson. He had also breached condition sentence conditions (in an unrelated incident) that required him to (always remain on his property), RCMP said. Following a hearing, Cook was remanded into custody.

[Life Site News Media]

[Patrick Bestall]

Perverts or Dumb Sheep - you tell me:

Editor’s note: This report contains graphic content and links to graphic sites.

#1.(LifeSiteNews) — A government-funded Canadian youth organization is giving anyone under age 25 free fake male phalluses, chest binders, and other grotesque items it claims are for “gender-affirming” care.

The Youth Project’s website has a section titled “Gender-Affirming Items” that lists myriad disturbing items that would not be out of place in a sex shop, many of which can all be had for free to youths.

The Youth Project lists as its financial backers the provincial government of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia education, and the United Way Halifax.

The fake items are for “two spirit, trans, non-binary or gender questioning youth.”

“In order to provide the best breast form size for you, we use band size measurements. To find out your band size, please measure around your ribs directly below your chest tissue,” the Youth Project reads.

The Youth Project lists itself as a non-profit charity “dedicated to providing support and services to youth, 25 and under, around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

Many of the free items, as per the Youth Project’s website, are in high demand. “A lengthy wait list for some of our gender affirming items, with wait times of up to three months depending on size and style requested,” it says.

Some of the items listed on the site include a “banana dildo” as well as a “pleasure ring,” which are shown in full display.

In recent years, the LGBT lobby, with the full backing of the federal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has pushed its agenda, which includes the transgender ideology.

Few Canadian politicians have spoken out, and those who have are no longer sitting Members of Parliament.

People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier recently blasted the oversaturation of extreme transgender ideology on full display during “pride month,” notably when it comes to targeting kids. He said there should also be a month dedicated to not “pushing” one’s “gender confusion in everyone’s face.”

The LGBT lobby has claimed that June is “pride month.” In many parts of Canada and the United States, “pride month” is on full display with the full backing of many corporations, governments, and influential people.

On Thursday, Trudeau in a huge ceremony hoisted the “pride” flag over Canada’s Parliament.

The push for the normalcy of the transgender/LGBT agenda has been observed in Canadian schools. However, there has been pushback.

Last week, thousands of students across Canada stayed home on June 1 in direct protest of “Pride Month” being pushed in public schools.

The first annual “National ‘Pride’ Flag Walk-Out Day” was initiated by the pro-life and pro-family organization Campaign Life Coalition (CLC).

Earlier this week, LifeSiteNews reported on how an audio recording has exposed a Canadian teacher who lambasted her Muslim students while suggesting in a long rant that people who do not support “pride” events cannot “be Canadian.”

Last week, a Canadian elementary school bearing the name of a Catholic saint hosted what some described as a “disgusting” and wild “pride” celebration featuring a drag queen, a giant rainbow tunnel, and “pride” flags galore.

Last week as well, school trustees from York Catholic District School Board voted 6-4 against flying the “pride flag” at its Catholic Education Centre during June.

#2. (LifeSiteNews) — The Girl Scouts of America is paying tribute to this month’s nationwide celebration of “pride” by encouraging little girls to earn a special patch by engaging in activities that “honor LGBTQ+ history” and “the many contributions” made by “the LGBTQ+ community.”

“The Girl Scout LGBTQ+ Pride Month Celebration Fun Patch is designed for Girl Scouts of all levels and their leaders to honor LGBTQ+ history, to celebrate the diverse cultures and identities of LGBTQ+ people, and to acknowledge the many contributions of the LGBTQ+ community has made and continues to make across our nation,” the national organization stated on its website.

“Girls and leaders have plenty of activities to choose from to earn this fun patch, and we encourage girls of all identities to participate,” the website states, suggesting that boys who “identify” as girls can also participate.

The Girl Scouts of America, which promises to “do our part to dismantle systemic racism” and notes that the organization can “serve” a boy who “is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl … in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe,” provides K-12 girls with a list of 20 activities they can complete to earn the patch.

“As Girl Scouts we deeply value diversity and inclusion,” the document listing LGBT activities reads. “A Girl Scout is a friend and ally to all families.”

The document also defines the terms that make up the acronym “LGBTQ,” including by suggesting that one’s “gender identity” may be “different than what doctors/ midwives assigned to you when you were born.”

Options for earning the pride month patch include attending “an LGBTQ+ Pride celebration in June with your family or troop,” making “a piece of art that celebrates how families come in all shapes, sizes, and kinds,” and making a list of “five books written by LGBTQ+ authors that you would like to read – and start reading one of them!” and making LGBT rainbow flags.

Girl Scouts, whose pledge allows them to swap out “the word God in accordance with their own spiritual beliefs,” can also visit museums, watch pro-LGBT movies, or read up on LGBT history, including the 1969 “Stonewall Uprising,” during which homosexuals at a Greenwich Village tavern vandalized the establishment and assaulted police officers.

Many activities are available to all scouts, but some (for instance, reading about the “Stonewall Uprising” and writing a poem about it), are recommended or older girls.

The Girl Scouts of America is also selling an LGBT tank top emblazoned with rainbow colors and the caption: “all places should be safe spaces,” the Daily Caller pointed out.

Meanwhile, individual chapters of the Girl Scouts provided more detailed recommendations of activities the girls could engage in to earn the “pride” patch.

Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valleys (shortened to Girl Scouts River Valleys), a dues-paying member of The Girl Scouts of America that includes 18,000 K-12 girls in southern Minnesota, western Wisconsin, and a county in Iowa and boasts 6,500 volunteers, announced that girls can earn a special patch if they engage in “fun and engaging activities that honor the culture and contributions of the queer community.”

Options provided included a list of “family” pride festivals including MNSOC Youth Pride 2023, sponsored by the likes of Planned Parenthood and the radical Human Rights Coalition (a pro-LGBT lobby group), and the Hastings Pride Fest, which featured performances by a drag queen troupe known as the Draggy Divas.”

Recommended offerings include “47,000 Beads” about an Indian girl who decides “she just can’t be comfortable wearing a dress anymore” and embarks on her “Two-Spirit path.”

Members are also encouraged to watch the 2020 short film “Tyler” about a 9-year-old boy who has a “crush” on another little boy.

[Life Site News Media]

[Patrick Bestall]

David YEO:

!n$iD3r: Why Th!$ !s H@pp3n!ng (153 Min)

**CDN W!LDF!R3$: C0L0uR 0f Th3 $m0K3 (12 Min)

$h@K!NG: 3L0N: $p@c3 X**Th3 $h0w Mu$T G0 0n (49 Min)

AnG3L$: H0W M@D3? (1 Min)

*HUUG000: Th3 Pu$h!Ng 0f Th3 N3W Ag3 (9 Min)

*H0LLYW00D: mM3L $@y$ 3L!T3 R Tr!ng +o K!LL H!m (13 Min)

J0HN; T33TH (3 Min)

Th3 F@Th3r 0f M0d3rn $@T@N!$M (10 Min)

***H!dd3N CR!$!$: P0$T VXXd SU!C!d3$**VA3R$ L!$T (190 Min)

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!



  • · FBI Uncovers Classified Documents in Biden’s Home – Staged Event Exposed: In a shocking turn of events, the [DS] FBI has discovered a trove of classified documents during a 13-hour search of Joe Biden’s residence. As Democrats join the chorus demanding an investigation, major mainstream media networks are turning against Biden. Could this be the beginning of his downfall?

  • · Unveiling the Truth – Classified Documents Emerge: While the FBI and CIA-controlled FISC courts attempt to cover up the classified documents and Obama’s involvement, the white hats have a plethora of leaks, whistleblowers, and surprise events up their sleeves. Space Force, Trump, White Hats in Congress, and a barrage of shocking revelations are on the horizon. Brace yourself for the fall of 2023, as the long-awaited cables containing the truth about 9/11 and the masterminds behind it are set to surface. Who will be the one to find these explosive documents?

  • · Military Intervention on the Horizon – The Final Showdown: NCSWIC – nothing can stop what is coming. As the web of corruption continues to unravel, the evidence points to an imminent military intervention. Brace yourself for the truth behind Obama, FISA, FISC, and the military coup against Trump. The world as we know it is about to change forever.

  • · Someone is planning the passing of Biden? Is the CIA planning their second assassination of another sitting U.S. President since JFK? It was stated Biden would be [X] and the Patriot community or Republican Mil. Commanders would be blamed for his demise (MAJOR FALSE FLAG CIA [ DS] EVENT). Whatever is going on, the WIRES of Joe Bidens demise in 2023_24 is running through the CABLES.

  • · We come into The Storm of the Century, the new Pandemic is Climate Change, Canada is on fire and chaos ensures.

  • · The White Hat Alliance has positioned RFK JR inside an instrumental position as a candidate for Presidency.

  • · RFK Jr.’s uncle JFK created the first Special Forces for two reasons.

(1) to combat communist guerillas in unconventional warfare and

(2) for the creation of Special Forces Green Berets to combat a U.S. government regimen if [they] were ever to turn on their own citizens and enact an authoritarian dictatorship Government. JFK was well aware of Bohemian Grove and world agenda orgs that were going to enslave a world into one government.

  • · When JFK was assassinated the US Army Special Forces Green Berets activated Military protocols and intelligence channels opened the World Alliance Military Operations. (JFK Jr.’s security team was called Q).

  • · Q is a United States Military Intelligence operation. Q is not a single person, but a team of high-ranking persons with “Q” level security clearance, executing operations that have been planned for many years (the plan).

  • · Q objectives are:

A) A massive information dissemination program meant to

1) expose massive global corruption and conspiracy to the people.

2) Cause the people to research further to aid further in their “great awakening”.

B) Root out corruption, fraud and human rights violations worldwide.

C) Return the Republic of the United States to the Constitutional rule of law and also return “the People” worldwide to their own rule. In short, the Q operation is the greatest criminal sting and anti-treason/sedition event in world history.

  • · Trump was not elected, he was placed.

The Connections:

  • · There is a web of connections between Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, the CIA, the Clintons, and the creation of Google with DARPA’s assistance!

  • · There are astonishing ties between Bill Gates and the CIA dating back to the ’90s. Gates’s web of deception extends to Robert Maxwell, Linda Stone, the Clintons, George W.H. Bush, and clandestine weapons smuggling programs originating from Arkansas.

  • · Microsoft’s role in the creation of Google orchestrated by the Clintons and the State Department, reveals a colossal scheme involving money laundering, offshore tax evasion, and entangling elites and major corporations.

  • · The Deep State’s intelligence agency, Google, has been complicit in data mining on U.S. military commanders and their families. Through insidious programs like PRISM, enabled by the notorious Patriot Act, Google has infiltrated politicians’ lives, employing blackmail through corruption, fabricated banking records, and scandalous photographs (including pedophilia) to control influential figures.

  • · These operations, orchestrated by the CIA (controlled by the Bushes and Rockefellers), the Clintons, NSA and the Deep State, heavily relied on Google’s intelligence apparatus. Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, the CIA, the Clintons, Obama, and the Bushes stand at the heart of an extensive corruption network encompassing pedophilia and a colossal offshore banking system that implicates U.S. bankers and billionaires.

  • · The tentacles of Google’s corruption stretch across European governments, manipulating them and orchestrating blackmail schemes tied to world banks and the far-reaching power of the CIA, Epstein, and the Clintons.

  • · The FBI is, in fact, an intelligence agency serving the Deep State’s interests worldwide, with the CIA corrupting their systems and Epstein’s financial and money laundering ring infiltrating their institutions.

  • · Unveiling the culprit responsible for this world corruption ring leads us straight to Google, while Microsoft finds itself deeply entrenched in a global network that has engineered military coups in multiple countries, including the United States.

  • · As we navigate the impending turmoil of exposure of Google, Epstein, the CIA, Deep State and pedophilia rings, the panicked Cabal attempts to censor the world and stage a new false-flag event. But fear not, as behind the scenes, intricate game theory operations are unfolding to dismantle their sinister plans.

  • · The repercussions ripple through the EU and U.S. markets, with trillions of dollars in stocks being withdrawn, triggering a Wall Street cover-up.

  • · Germany’s descent into a recession is an undeniable sign of the storm brewing behind closed doors.

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