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Most Informative to date! Please Become AWARE!



Dan Bongino Show… This is HUGE!

China has compromised Politicians – Media – Big Tech to the Highest Levels…

*** One anonymous whistle-blower was Ok to impeach the President of the United States of America


1,000 sworn affidavits of Election-Fraud are not enough to even Investigate?

“Ah! Come on!”

[Thanks – Richard Phillips]

The STORM is upon us!

Democrat Plan: If Biden did not become President, it was said that Cabal plans were to ask the UN to invade the US and depose Trump as a dictator, using Black Lives Matter and Antifa members to create chaos and overthrow the government. If that did not work, the states of California, Oregon, Washington, and New York could secede from the Union. The Chinese Communist Party had plans to sneak their Nuclear Submarine out of the China Sea and head for the US. Many Chinese troops were known to be stationed and training in both Canada and Mexico. There were massive troop movements across the US and gathering at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Naval vessels were stationed off both the East and West Coasts, while multiple arrests were being made on the 209,000 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office. For the past week a large movement of planes have been flying across the US and Europe, with stops at GITMO and lots of military activity in Iceland. Pentagon Generals Flynn and McInerney have advised President Trump to declare Martial Law if the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Trump, which was expected to instigate Democrat and Chinese Communist Party organized violence to break out and the Democrats to call on the UN to invade the US in order to implement their socialist agenda.

The Real Plan”:

Election Fraud:

Thurs. 3 pm EST 10 Dec. was the deadline for the Battleground States of Penn, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin to respond to the Texas State vs. State Complaint before the Supreme Court. The suit claimed these four Battleground states unconstitutionally changed election laws, treated voters unequally and relaxed ballot integrity. The bottom line was the lawsuit claimed that those four states mishandled their election through Voter Fraud, which invalidated the 2020 Presidential Election votes of Texas and other states. As of Wed. 9 Dec. Texas had been joined in the lawsuit by the 19 states of Florida, Missouri, Tenn., Alabama, Montana, Nebraska, West Virginia, Missouri, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arizona and Utah. • Tony Shaffer: Election Anomalies 'Too Vast and Too Detailed to Be Ignored' • Trump Asks Supreme Court for Permission to Join Texas Election Lawsuit • Hunter [B]iden Tax Probe Looking at Chinese Deals • US Attorney's Office in Delaware Is Investigating Hunter [B]iden's Taxes Election Supervisor Shows How Dominion Allowed Changing Votes: Georgia County Says It Couldn’t ‘Duplicate’ Election Results, Secretary of State’s Office Investigating Georgia Election Lawsuit: Senate Committee Plans Hearing on Election Irregularities: Texas Case Updates, Trump, Dec 18th EO Deadline, Swalwell/Biden Scandals: 22 States and Territories File Brief in Opposition to Texas Supreme Court Election Lawsuit YouTube Starts Removing Election Fraud Content; Experts Say It's Unprecedented China’s Hand in the Election:

Watch Video Years-Long Court Battle in Georgia Reveals Dominion's Security Flaws, Weak Testing

Post-Election Update #8:

Military Mobilization Here & Abroad Indicating Serious Situation: States Urge Supreme Court to Reject Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit to Overturn Election

COVID-19 Hoax:

Benjamin Fulford:

Politicians were trying to inject people with a highly toxic vaccine. For a detailed understanding take a look at this restraining order filed by the former top scientist of leading vaccine maker Pfizer Michael Yeadon and former Chair of the Parliamentary Council of Europe’s Health Committee Wolfgang Wodarg. Among other things the vaccine contains a protein that causes the immune system of women to attack their own placentas, making them infertile. The vaccines also contain RFID chips that contain the mark of the beast identification numbers, according to Japanese government sources. If you do not think this is possible, take a look at this Hitachi press release photo from 2006 that shows that even then they had RFID chips small enough to be injected into people. The current rulers of the West want people to be forced to accept these RFID chip injections and carry vaccination ID so that they can ensure humanity will remain enslaved forever. All COVID-19 Vaccinated Animals Died:

All Tested Animals Died After Vaccination and Infection || Thomas Anderson

The 20 non-vaccinated animals got C19, went through this infection and after a little bit more than a week they all recovered from it. The 20 vaccinated animals all died after 2 days after the infection with C19.



Trudeau admits winter warfare training of Chinese military DID HAPPEN!

Justin Trudeau invited China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops for cold weather training at CFB Petawawa in Ontario — and Trudeau raged at the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for cancelling the training after China kidnapped Canadian citizens Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig.

This is only one of many bombshell revelations in The China Files, a 34-page access to information document released by the Trudeau government to Rebel News, seen below.

Documents that normally would have been completely blacked out by government censors were instead greyed out — the documents remain completely readable. Rebel News has chosen to black out a ridiculously small portion that would otherwise compromise the safety of an individual.

If you have the time

Additional Items you should know about:

The FBI said they were investigating half a million fake votes for Biden in four Battleground States.

Detroit Rep.

Threatened Trump supporters in disturbing video

CNN finally

Covers the Hunter Biden story, omits name of key witness, faces backlash for waiting until after the election


FDA advisory panel recommends use of Pfizer vaccine


Georgia Election REVERSAL – Republicans Shocked

Dr. Fauci:

Conspicuously missing from Trump’s coronavirus vaccine event


New coronavirus relief bill won’t include direct payments to Americans:


2% of duplicate ballots inspected by Arizona Republicans were ‘changed,’ ‘taken away from Trump’

Fake news!’

Trump rally crowd heckles Fox News reporter:

Arab PEACE Plan:

Morocco normalizing ties with Israel, 4th country to do so under Trump's Arab peace plan

The DEAD can no longer VOTE!

Introducing the “You Must Be Alive to Vote” Act

Michigan Whistleblower Makes Bombshell Accusation, claims 50k Ballots Showed Up at 3:30 In Van with Janice Winfrey’s Name on It

HUGE! CNN FORCED to Praise Vaccine Because of President Trump’s Plan


YouTube reverses ban on LifeSiteNews

Defund the police

Debate makes Democratic infighting even worse

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