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SATURDAY 2-26-22

Summary as I am able:

2-26-22 Saturday

Thoughts for TODAY!

“Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss or dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart.” … [Denzel Washington]

DRESSED FOR SUCCESS When the Christian suits up in the whole armor of God, they are equipped to face their day. Join Pastor Jack and learn what it means to go out into the world dressed for success.

Verse(s) for today:

He that followeth after righteousness and mercy Findeth life, righteousness, and honour.

Proverbs 21:21 KJV

The fear of man bringeth a snare: But whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

Proverbs 29:25 KJ

Leaked Recordings prove who's behind Kiev:

USA VICTORIA NULAND led coup d'état in Ukraine LEAKED REC'GS PROVING US/UK WARMONGERING1-((( US hand picking the Ukraine Govt shown in footage - Nuland links to Biden amongst other major criminal behaviour

Trudeau Revokes Emergency Powers, hides from Accountability:

Prime Minister Trudeau has just announced that he’ll be revoking the Emergencies Act!

This is great news! Trudeau’s emergency powers were pure authoritarianism, and as long as Trudeau’s emergency powers were in place, not only would our right to peacefully protest be at risk, but so would the bank accounts of Canadians who dissent from the ideology of Trudeau’s regime.

But we must also call out Trudeau’s decision: by revoking his emergency powers on his own terms, Trudeau is hiding from accountability from the Senate, who were scheduled to vote on the Emergencies Act this week.

Since Tuesday morning, the Senate has been debating Trudeau’s Emergencies Act. And many of them have been calling out Trudeau, claiming that his invocation of the Emergencies Act to silence a peaceful protest and freeze bank accounts was unconstitutional.

This is despite most Senators being very left-wing.

On Tuesday, I emailed our petition, which has over 29,000 signers, to all 105 Senators. I urged every one of them to stand up for our Charter rights by revoking Trudeau’s emergency powers.

And I think they were going to. There’s no way of knowing for certain, but I believe they were going to narrowly vote to revoke his powers and call him out on his abuse of the Emergencies Act. The Emergencies Act is for problems that threaten the security of our entire country - things like terrorism and war - not for shutting down unarmed protestors.

Not only would this be humiliating to Trudeau, but it would be a deterrent against future governments falling in the same footsteps as Trudeau.

Unfortunately, by pre-emptively putting an end to his emergency powers a mere day or two before the Senate could vote on it, Trudeau has sent a message to future Prime Ministers that they can restrict our fundamental freedoms to stifle political dissiddents, and get away with it too. Once again, Trudeau is valuing his own ego more than he values the fundamental freedoms of Canadians.

I hope this is met with some form of motion from the Conservatives to condemn Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act. And I hope Senators continue to speak out on how they would have hypothetically voted, and why.

Ultimately, you and I will be the ones holding Trudeau to account. In the next federal election, don’t forget how Trudeau permanently changed how governments could respond to peaceful protests. We at CitizenGO certainly won’t forget.

Thank you to all 29,000 of you who signed our urgent petition on short notice. All Canadians who spoke out against Trudeau’s tyrannical invocation of the Emergencies Act have contributed to Trudeau’s decision to revoke before the Senate could vote on it. Your dedication has helped put an end to this crisis in Canada.

The passion felt towards this issue certainly makes me confident that we can overcome the harm Trudeau has done to our institutions since 2015.

[James Schadenberg CitizenGO Team]

Chaplains in Ottawa: ‘Pray that we would know how to pray’:

Each Picture makes a 1,000 WORDs [Randy Collins]

2022-02-25 Increased Death, Pfizer’s Fraud, and Big Pharma Collapsing Financial Expert Eduard Dowd's Profound Insights and Predictions

I have always appreciated the story of the three blind men and the elephant. Each of the blind man alone misinterpreted what he could sense with his hands; but putting their insights together they understood the reality of the elephant before them. So too on our mission to fight against the criminal covid enterprise, we develop clearer understanding and more effective strategies through bringing together varied disciplines. In my work of the past two years, these varied disciplines have abundantly included science, medicine, law, psychology, and activism. Today, we want to share insights and predictions from an investment expert, Edward Dowd. Dowd relates how recent life insurance, stock market, and funeral industry data show the profound mortality that began with the forced covid injections and continues accelerating. Dowd also relates the blatant fraud in Pfizer's clinical data. Big Pharma stocks are collapsing; Dowd predicted this weeks ago. Dowd's insights and predictions can help us understand, adapt, survive, and win: [The Trozzi Team]

Only 30 more New Blue candidates needed, to replace Ford's PCs.

Yesterday, the New Blue Party's Nomination Committee selected candidates (or began nominations) for 94 ridings! We only have 30 more ridings left to run a full slate of New Blue candidates against the Doug Ford PCs on the June 2nd election. Click here to apply to run with the New Blue!

A day after Belinda challenged the Doug Ford PC government (click here to watch) for propping up Justin Trudeau's continuation of "emergency" measures, Trudeau announced that the he was ending the federal measures. And as one would expect of Trudeau's loyal follower, Ford simultaneously announced he was ending his most recent declaration of a "state of emergency" for Ontario. This was evidence of grassroots democracy making a difference. It can force even the most out of touch authoritarian politicians, like Trudeau and Ford, to backpedal, even if it is only from time to time. Unfortunately, yesterday wasn't all good news. The Ontario government shutdown 39 trucking businesses, without due process, that they claim were involved in the Ottawa protests pursuant to Doug Ford's emergency measures. As a result of Bill 195, passed two years ago which Belinda voted against (the only current or former PC MPP to do so), Ford can continue using emergency measures even after a "state of emergency" has ended. Our platform (the New Blueprint) will call for full restitution for those impacted by the emergency measures taken by the Trudeau and Ford governments. I can't wait until we share with you the entirety of the New Blueprint and the names and bios of our 94 candidates! Stay tuned.

We must keep moving forward. There is more work to be done. Only by continuing with grassroots action and giving Ontarians a democratic option can we change the course. That includes running candidates in every single riding (124) across Ontario. The best is yet to come! Jim Karahalios

Joe Rogan calls Biden ‘basically a shell’ saying he ‘can’t talk right anymore’:

Podcaster Joe Rogan said he didn’t vote for Joe Rogan because the current president, and former vice president, is “basically a shell” cognitively and “can’t talk right anymore.”

According to The Daily Caller, the podcast host made his assessment during an episode of his award-winning show “The Joe Rogan Experience” on Monday.

The host was speaking to guest Coleman Hughes and were discussing whether it is better for the executive office to be held by someone with political expertise in the contest of Biden versus former President Donald Trump.

“He’s [Biden] not a good example, because he’s basically a shell, you know, cognitively,” Rogan shared. “And the fact that that took a long time for people to admit.

“That was one of the things that people were saying that I was a Trump supporter during the election because I said I would vote for Trump before I would vote for Biden.”

“But I didn’t vote for either,” he added. “The reason why I said that was like, ‘You don’t see this? Are you guys out of your f--cking mind? You guys don’t see that this guy can’t, he can’t talk right anymore?’

“Go watch videos of him from twenty years ago. He was a dummy, he said a lot of silly s***, he lied about a bunch of things, but at least he was articulate.”

Rogan mentioned the comments by former President Barack Obama who said of his former running mate that he hoped “Joe doesn’t f*** this up,” and the podcaster said he was worried that “he [Biden] did.”

“I think there’s people who don’t value truth, they don’t value honesty, I think they just want to win,” Rogan added. “The Biden thing … I think he just always wanted people to think highly of himself.” [Main Street Gazzett]

Feb 28, 2014 to Feb 22, 2019- "Ukraine's Neo Nazis on the move":

This is what Putin says he has to do away with this week.

Feb 22, 2019

Feb 28, 2014, BBC news report 7 min.

If it's not blocked;

Murmansk-BN systems turn F-35 fighters into scrap metal near Russian borders

According to the Sina Military website, US pilots of F-35 aircraft complain about impaired communication and malfunctions in the work of on-board systems of their airplanes when approaching Russia's western borders.

Onboard systems of F-35 fighter aircraft of the US Air Force came out of order due to the interference created by Murmansk-BN electronic warfare systems. US stealth fighters experience frequent failures of their avionic equipment over the Black and Baltic Seas. Electronic warfare interference systems of the Russian Armed Forces start showing a noticeable impact on US Air Force stealth fighters, Sina Military website reports. / [Patrick Bestall]

War has begun - but God is in Control:

War has begun, but God is in control! This past week we saw the tensions along the border of Russia and Ukraine escalate to actual war, and the arrival to Israel of the first waves of Jewish refugees from the conflict area, many of whom are settling here in the Galilee, with many more slated to follow (see the videoclip). “Israel will always be your home,” said Israeli Minister of Immigration Pnina Tamano-Shata in her speech welcoming the newest citizens of the Jewish state. “Our gates are open to you, in normal times as well as in times of crisis. We are happy to welcome the first dozens of immigrants from Ukraine today, and we are ready to welcome thousands more – anyone who wants to come to Israel.” Many more are still trapped there These last flights were sponsored by donations from all over the world, including through the IFCJ under the Jewish Agency's administration.We are in contact with the Aliyah Department at the Israeli Embassy to Ukraine (which moved earlier this week from Kiev westward to Lviv) to help get more Jewish people out of the country, and further contributions are steadily coming in to fund this. Always look on the bright side (of life) While we could go into endless breakdowns of current events, and analyze and debate them into perpetuity, we do try to keep this newsletter focused strictly on what God has going on in the Land of Israel in general and in the Galilee in particular. The world's news sources are full of the grim details of what's happening globally, yet amidst all the gloom and doom we try to be a beacon of hope and reassurance that God is in control, and strive to give you praise reports of the good and lovely things that are happening here in the day-to-day work of the Aliyah Return Center (Philippians 4:8). God will find a way where there seems to be no way As Ukraine's skies are locked down for now, with no flights going in or out until further notice, people in the thousands are currently fleeing the war zone around Kharkhiv and the capital of Kiev itself by land. The Ukrainian port cities are also fully blockaded (and bombarded) by the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, so escaping by ship is also impossible. On Thursday even Ukraine's neighbor Moldova announced that it is shutting down it's own airspace as well, so getting to its international airport in the capital of Chisinau for flights is also out of the question for the time being. The next closest friendly and operational international airports are in the cities of Iasi and Cluj-Napoca (in Romania - a full day's drive from Kiev); if refugees can make it that far then flights can be made from there to Israel. Romania and Poland both have already opened their borders with Ukraine to refugees and have set up temporary humanitarian aid camps which can shelter up to half a million people at their border crossings. These will be primarily women, children and the elderly, since Ukraine's emergency military draft demands all able-bodied men between the ages of 18-60 stay to defend the nation. There are many families who have chosen to stay with their husbands/fathers and brave what the future may hold together rather than leave them behind. We need to pray into this and ask God to show us how we can best serve His plans to rescue His Children of Israel from Ukraine and bring them home. We're ready - The Aliyah Return Center is fully prepared to receive those who have made it out of there and help them to begin their new life here in Israel with: Temporary housing - we have completed preparations for sheltering these refugee families in our dormitory and family room facilities. - Basic necessities - our (new) storage facility as well as our downtown LIVRACHA distribution center are full of warm clothing, toiletries, and general household supplies to meet any need they may have. - Hebrew lessons - there have been so many applicants for learning Hebrew in our new ULPAN language school that we've had to start holding night classes to accommodate them all. Many kudos to the hard-working teachers who have volunteered for these! -Job opportunities - we have connections with local human resource and employment agencies to ensure that these new Aliyah Arrivals will have the means to support themselves as soon as they get on their feet. -And more - watch Chaim talk a bit about it in this (VIDEO) Come visit us! You may have also heard the news that Israel has finally lifted its travel restrictions for all visitors, foreign nationals and tourists, vaccinated or not. 3-month tourist visas will be accorded to anyone who wants to come to visit, provided that they arrive with proof of a negative result PCR test taken within 48 hours before flying, and will still be required to also submit to the mandatory PCR test at the airport immediately upon landing in Israel. In the case that this last returns positive for infection, the traveler will be required to stay in self-isolation for 5 days. If not, enjoy your visit! Life goes on This past week we finally completed the long cleanup process of last month's earthquake damage to our storage facility; see the footage we filmed of the progress (VIDEO) For the time being we are renting a nearby storage facility to house the generous amounts of clothing, shoes and household supplies we received from local partners to be distributed to immigrant families. These all still need to be sorted and placed properly in our downtown Livracha distribution center so that people can access and get what they need. Also this week we completed the renovation of the Vertical Galilee House of Prayer worship room, and on Wednesday our good friend and local Galilean worship leader Andrei Levin came over with his team and hosted a fantastic praise and worship evening (VIDEO) We pulled off a Double-Feature Yesterday we had our monthly Meet-the-ARC-Team #VirtualVisit session (last Thursday of every month); it was wonderful to put names to faces and share our common heart in this great family which reaches across oceans and around the world in the work of the prophetic Restoration of Israel. Immediately following that we also participated in the long-delayed next chapter of the #AmbassadorAcademy's "The Gospel According to the Rabbi from Galilee" webinar (this time was on the subject of "The LORD's Last Supper - how it connects to Passover/Communion and it's pertinence and insight into modern-day prophecy); once again we had the privilege of diving deeper into the Word and exploring the historical significance of the places and events which took place in this Land at that time. Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties with the famously spotty internet connection in the Galilee and so weren't able to successfully record it this time. We do hope you will join us LIVE next time for these May the Peace of our Lord be with you this Sabbath;

Center For Disease Control [CDC] Under Fire for not Publishing CV-19 Data:

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines contained toxic ingredients linked to Neurological Issues, Autism, Cancer, AIDS, Blood Clots, Heart Attacks and Death. The vaccines have been recently reported as only 4% effective in staving off Omicron infection, with no effect at all after 30 days, plus after 90 days those vaccinated were shown to be even more susceptible to suffer CV-19 than those not vaccinated.


Mitochondria Health (6 Min)

NOTE: The Engine of t/ CELL.

Doc Jane: Ivermectin cure f/ Cancer? (13 Min)

Doc Sam: What it means to be Healthy*C0mmon Sense (62 Min)

Planned Back in 2015 (9 Min)

HUG000 TALKS: Taliban CALLS 4 Peace (3 Min)

Current President 0f Ukraine is an Actor-Producer- Comedian 0n TV (1 Min)

Doc Julie: Family Court (8 Min)

Mike Adams w/ Jonathon: Regenerate t/ Heart (27 Min)

MSM is Telling us a Cyber Attack is Coming & it won't be f/ Russia (4 Min)

MSM uses Vid Games? (1 Min)

German Parliament: Calls Them out (4 Min)

DEL; Hospitals getting Paid as much as $471,000 f/ Each B$-19 patient (2 Min)

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