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Saturday 5-27-23

Saturday 5 – 27 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Matthew 28:19 KJV

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

John 14:1-3 KJV

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

1 Corinthians 3:16 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

The world is outraged about this: Will this prevent the evil plans of the UN and WHO?

The world is outraged about the agenda of the World Health Organization and United Nations to normalize pedophilia through primary education. A US congresswoman is taking a bold stand against it, leading newspapers are alerting the public, renown physicians speak out, and international organizations rise up.

On May 6th 2023 we released a devastating evidence report that shows the agenda of the WHO and UN to promote pedophilia in kindergartens and elementary schools. Meanwhile the International Committee of Jurists (ICJ) and UNAIDS called for the decriminalization of s*x between adults and children.

The WHO and UN guidelines say that little children must learn masturbation, sexual techniques, and have sexual partners.The Rutgers Foundation was chosen by the WHO to execute this agenda in 27 nations. In a training guide for teachers Rutgers says that the purpose of this sexuality education is to "give children ideas so they will start with s*x sooner". The Rutgers Foundation has a long history of attempting to legalize pedophilia. They have worked extensively with, and are supported by, organizations that own large collections of child pornography.

The close partnership between the WHO and Rutgers, a prominent pedophilia promotor, to execute the sexuality education worldwide, proves how this is an obvious attempt to normalize pedophilia through primary education.

US congresswoman takes a bold stand

Following the release of our evidence report, the first political leader in the United States is taking a bold stand against this agenda. On the 17th of May, 2023 US congresswoman Anna Paulina Luna is holding a press conference to oppose Biden’s plan to align the US with the WHO guidance to sexualize little children. This is a critical event, that could be the start of a chain of reactions to protect the United Sates from this extreme pedophilia agenda.

We applaud the courage of Anna Paulina Luna, and hope her example will inspire other political leaders worldwide to stand up against this blatant agenda to normalize sexual child abuse.

Leading newspapers alert the British public

Days after the release of our report, two of the largest newspapers in the United Kingdom have published articles to alert the public about the WHO agenda to sexualize little children. One of these news outlets is The Telegraph, which received the “News Website of the Year” award in the United Kingdom. The other is Daily Mail. They mention how education authorities from Wales are demanding the WHO withdraw these guides. It was also discussed by the UK Column News, a frontrunner platform in uncensored news reporting. In Australia the Spectator gave attention to this topic, and the Swedish NewsVoice asked permission to translate the entire report into Swedish. also posted our report. This is an initiative to pressure governments to cancel their membership with the World Health Organization.

The World Alliance for Health, who attempts to replace the WHO by building a better platform for worldwide healthcare, also started highlighting this topic on Twitter.I believe this will have a profound effect on the future of our world, because it is exposing the true nature of the WHO and UN. As most of us are aware, these are private organizations run by criminal oligarchs who use them to impose suffocating tyranny onto humanity, while enriching themselves.

Bill Gates is one of the people behind the WHO, a man without any medical training, who dictates health policies to the entire world. Figure this: a man without any medical background is telling all medical professionals what they can and cannot do. The insanity of this is beyond belief...

They depend on the ignorance of the public

The purpose of the WHO and UN is to impose tyranny on all of humanity, under the guise of “keeping you safe” and “saving the planet”. The name of their operation is Agenda 2030, with so called sustainability goals that aim to transform every aspect of human existence on earth.Most of these goals serve the interests of oligarchs, while impoverishing mankind.

The ultimate goal of their agenda is summarized by the World Economic Forum: "By the year 2030 you will own nothing, have no privacy, and be happy." The goal is to transfer all ownership to the elites and make every person a poor peasant who rents even their clothes, cars and tools from these overlords. All to "save the planet from climate change". This operation relies one single thing: the blind belief of mankind that this is for our good.

Once the true nature of the UN, WHO, WEF, EU, and other globalist entities is exposed on a big enough scale, their plans will fail. That’s why our report is key to preventing their agenda for world tyranny. Therefore, I repeat my plea to all who read this, to please not stand at the sidelines, but spread this report. It is available in English, French, German, Spanish Portugese and Dutch. You find the different languages on our homepage: Send the different language versions to all your contacts in these regions. And keep posting it on Truth Social, Telegram, Gab, Gettr, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn. etc.

Also send it to your local politicians, school staff, local law enforcement, local news media, hospitals, and more. This is critical because they are the unknowing minions of these criminals’ elites, who unquestioningly execute every criminal order. The more people in education, healthcare, law enforcement, media and politics understand what the UN and WHO are truly about, the more they will refuse to execute their destructive plans.If we want to prevent the nefarious agenda of the WHO and UN, it is imperative that we reveal to mankind how wicked they are. Their mask must come off.

So please do whatever it takes to keep sending this report out to the world. Have the courage to make a difference. If you are a journalist, then have the guts to speak truth. Don't be a servant of cruel criminals, but stand up for the children of this world, and humanity as a whole.Together we can build a better world!

[David Sorensen] StopWorldControl.comPS: email regulations prevent us from adding all references in this email. Too many links in an email cause it to be labeled as spam, which results in the email being sent to junk. All references for the information below are however present in the online version.

[Patrick Bestall]

Pride Flag "ban" is a misleading headline:

I've been informed that our federal government has now expanded it to "Pride season" (June to Sept.) !!!!

Dear Editor,

When I read headlines in your paper like "Rural politician quits in protest as colleagues approve ban on Pride flags" I am alarmed - and then I read that it wasn't really a ban on Pride flags: Norwich council banned ALL non-government flags "to maintain political, religious and cultural neutrality".

I think the real story you missed is how this controversial politician has joined an increasing number of people who push for greater representation of minority groups all out of proportion to what their actual numbers represent. What originally began as a day to celebrate queer sex became a week to celebrate gay pride, and then a month to celebrate special sexual preferences, each-of-which only represents a few percentage points of the population. Norwich is not the only example. Many school boards see this as going too far, especially with the latest addition, drag queens for kids.

Obviously special interests are dividing people and fueling resentment such as experienced when London banned the Christian flag only to end up flying the gay flag, which is hardly fair or equitable. I credit Norwich for being far-sighted in their effort to pre-empt further anger and protests. We have a choice: a "reverse" movement to reunite and restore peace, or let the polarization continue and see which policies produce the best results.

Patrick Bestall

193 Blackacres Blvd.

London N6G 2H1

We Have 8.6 Years Left:

Martin Armstrong is the world's foremost economic analyst. His World Economic Conference is the commonsense antithesis to ‘Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum’.

Here is Martin's most recent blog analyzing the near future of America and the upcoming 2024 presidential election.

[Scott Card]

Biden Corruption Secrets:

Judicial Watch Sues National Archives for Biden Family Business Records Judicial Watch, Inc. v. National Archives (No. 1:23-cv-01432). Joe Biden is hiding his shady business dealings abroad behind his National Archives.

So we’ve filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suit against the agency for Biden family’s records and communications regarding travel and finance transactions, as well as communications between the Bidens and several known business associates (Judicial Watch, Inc. v. National Archives (No. 1:23-cv-01432). We had to sue because the National Archives has yet to produce any records in response to our February 2023 FOIA request for: Records and/or communications from former Vice President Joseph R. Biden regarding:

  • · Any communication with Robert Hunter Biden, James Brian Biden, Francis William “Frank” Biden or Sara Jones Biden between January 20, 2009, and January 20, 2017, regarding:

a) any international or domestic travel b) any international or domestic financial activity, including but not limited to banking and financial institutions, overseas bank accounts, credit card companies, bills, invoices, fees, agreements, financial arrangements, payments, wire transfers, contracts, QuickBooks, financial spreadsheets, business proposals, office or residential leases, rent payments, real estate transactions

  • · Any communication with Robert Hunter Bid en, James Brian Biden, Francis William "Frank" Biden or Sara Jones Biden between January 20, 2009, and January 20, 2017, regarding the following individuals or companies:

a) Devon Archer; b) JiaQi Bao; c) Tony Bobulinski; d) Jeffrey Cooper; e) Catherine Dodge; f) Gongwen Dong; g) James Gilliar; h) Patrick Ho Chi-ping; i) Vuk Jeremie; j) Zang Jianjun; k) Ye Jianming; l) Jonathan Li; m) Joan Mayer or Joan Peugh; n) Francis Person; o) Vadim Pozharskyi; p) Eric Schwerin; q) Robert Walker; r) Mervyn Yan; s) Nita Madhav; t) Maiy Guttieri u) Any Metabiota entity or company; v) Any Rosemont Seneca entity or company; w) Any Hudson West entity or company; x) Any Owasco entity or company; y) Any Bohai Harvest entity or company; z) Skaneateles LLC; aa) Eudora Global LLC; bb) Coldharbour Capital LLC; cc) Lion Hall Group LLC; dd) Any CEFC entity or company; and ee) Burisma.

  • · Any communication, between January 20, 2009, and January 20, 2017, between or among former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and the individuals or entities set forth in Items 2(a)-(ee) above.

  • · All records and documents including paper or electronic calendars such as (Outlook or Gmail) regarding former Vice President Joseph R. Biden and the individuals or entities set forth in Items 2(a)-(ee) above.

We explained to the court that in a March letter the National Archives acknowledged receiving the FOIA request, assigned it a case number and claimed it had identified “approximately 1,567 emails, 2,501 electronic files, and 445 pages of potentially responsive records that must be processed in order to respond to your request.” The Archives also stated that, according to the Code of Federal Regulations, it is required to “notify representatives of the former President and the incumbent President and the former Vice President prior to the release of any Vice Presidential records.” The letter did not say when or even whether any such notice had been given or would be given. On information and belief, no such notice has been given. On May 10, House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY.) released financial records of the Biden family’s business dealings showing that millions of dollars flowed from China and other foreign sources through a labyrinth of Biden family companies: [The] financial records reveal the Biden family and associates’ complicated network of companies set up during Joe Biden’s vice presidency and the millions the Bidens received from foreign sources. The financial records also reveal how the Bidens used complicated transactions to hide payments from foreign nationals, including CCP-linked associates, and provide clear indications of influence-peddling schemes during then-Vice President Biden’s tenure. Clearly, the Biden National Archives agency is stonewalling the release of thousands of records that could go to the heart of Biden family corruption allegations. Judicial Watch Sues Treasury Department for Communications with Failed Banks We’re going to court to uncover the details of Biden administration actions that could cost billions of dollars. Your Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) suit against the U.S. Department of the Treasury for all communications between Treasury components Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) and the Office of Financial Research (OFR) and the failed Silicon Valley and Signature banks (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of the Treasury (No. 1:23-cv-01397)). Both banks were forced into failure by the Biden administration in March. The Biden administration’s actions in attempting to resolve the bank failures will cost tens of billions of dollars, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) estimated. We sued after Treasury failed to respond to March 14, 2023, FOIA requests. The Financial Stability Oversight Council, established by Title I of the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act and signed into law by President Barack Obama on July 21, 2010, is tasked with monitoring the stability of the U.S. financial system. However, former Judicial Watch client Vern McKinley and I previously warned, “[T]he Financial Stability Oversight Council clearly is incapable of providing either financial stability or oversight. It should be eliminated.” (On April 26, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Patrick McHenry, along with Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman Bill Huizenga, and Financial Institutions and Monetary Policy Subcommittee Chairman Andy Barr sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in her capacity as Chair of the Oversight Council, demanding it provide information previously requested more than a month prior from its meetings immediately following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.) The Office of Financial Research was created, according to its website, to promote “financial stability by delivering high-quality financial data, standards and analysis” in support of the FSOC and its member agencies. In its 2022 report to Congress, the Office of Financial Research states that it found “overall threats to U.S. financial stability were elevated compared to last year. The 2022 report discussed how the systemic risk landscape was elevated as financial institutions faced more uncertainty from rising inflation, tight credit conditions, and the geopolitical landscape.” Massive bank failures induced by the Biden administration have rocked our economic system. The American people deserve to know the details of the costly interventions and government takeovers of Silicon Valley and Signature Banks. That we had to sue for basic information about this banking crisis suggests the Biden administration has something to hide. Another Illegal Alien Protected by Sanctuary Laws Charged with Violent Crimes Jurisdictions that grant illegal aliens sanctuary are putting their citizens at risk of violent crimes, as our Corruption Chronicles blog reports.

In yet another disturbing example of the devastation caused by open border policies, an illegal immigrant who entered the U.S. as a child a decade ago has been charged with first-degree rape, kidnapping and armed robbery in a county that proudly offers migrants sanctuary. The 20-year-old, Jose Roberto Hernandez-Penal, is accused of raping a woman and robbing her friend this month at a Maryland park after threatening the woman with a machete. Days earlier police say he raped a 15-year-old girl at the same park in Montgomery County, which has long protected illegal aliens from federal authorities. The illegal immigrant lives in Hyattsville, which sits in another Maryland county—Prince George’s—famous for its sanctuary policies. The measures protect illegal aliens by, among other things, releasing even the most dangerous criminals from jail to shield them from deportation. Hernandez-Penal, a native of El Salvador, entered the country illegally in 2013, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told a local media outlet, and was “ordered removed in absentia by an immigration judge” about a year later and again approximately seven months after that. Nevertheless, he remained in the country and committed heinous crimes against unsuspecting residents. Police say at approximately 2:40 p.m. on May 16 Hernandez-Penal approached two adult females on the Northwest Branch Trail of Burnt Mills East Special Park, displayed a machete, stole their property and sexually assaulted one of the victims. Upon leaving the scene, the illegal immigrant assaulted an adult male. Officials told several local news outlets that Hernandez-Penal is also suspected of raping a 15-year-old girl on the same trail of the two-acre facility a week earlier. The park is one of the hundreds operated by Montgomery County along with other recreational facilities such as basketball courts, campsites, tennis courts and playgrounds. Detectives handling the case for the Montgomery County Police Department believe there may be additional victims of sexual assault by Hernandez-Penal that have not contacted authorities. The agency reveals that the illegal immigrant “made statements of involvement” during interviews with detectives after his recent arrest. He was then transported to the Montgomery County Central Processing Unit where he was charged with first degree rape, first degree assault, second degree assault, armed robbery, kidnapping, and weapons-related crimes. In its news release detectives urge anyone who may have been a victim of Hernandez-Penal to contact the agency’s Special Victims Investigations Division (SVID). It is important to note that this is the same law enforcement agency that regularly releases dangerous criminals like Hernandez-Penal from jail to protect them from federal authorities. For example, a few years ago an illegal immigrant from El Salvador who raped a seven-year-old girl multiple times was released because under Montgomery County’s sanctuary law police are banned from cooperating with the feds. Rather than honor a detainer issued by ICE under a partnership known as 287(g) that notifies the federal agency of inmates in the country illegally so that they can be deported, local officials freed the child rapist on bond. Not surprisingly, the rapist vanished. Prince George’s County, where Hernandez-Penal lives, practices the same sanctuary measures. In fact, ICE has resorted to unconventional methods to capture criminals in both jurisdictions. In one instance the agency preempted Montgomery and Prince George’s counties’ imminent release of a batch of illegal immigrant offenders by publicly disclosing their identity, complete with mug shots. Most were incarcerated for sexual crimes involving children, including rape and serious physical abuse that resulted in death. A couple were jailed for murder and assault. The Maryland cases are part of a national crisis generated by local governments around the country that offer violent illegal immigrants sanctuary. Under 287(g), ICE is notified of jail inmates in the country illegally so that they can be deported after serving time for state crimes or making bail. Unfortunately, a growing number of city and county law enforcement agencies are instead releasing the illegal aliens—many with serious convictions such as child sex offenses, rape and murder—rather than turn them over to federal authorities for removal.

Memorial Day – Why We Fight Memorial Day helps our nation focus on the ultimate sacrifice of untold numbers of fellow Americans – Americans who gave their lives to preserve and defend our God-given freedoms and our constitutional republic. As we honor those heroes next week, I’d like to draw your attention again to the Veterans Day speech given in 1985 by then-President Ronald Reagan. Much of his speech applies to Memorial Day, especially this portion, which remains timely today:

And the living have a responsibility to remember the conditions that led to the wars in which our heroes died. Perhaps we can start by remembering this: that all of those who died for us and our country were, in one way or another, victims of a peace process that failed; victims of a decision to forget certain things; to forget, for instance, that the surest way to keep a peace going is to stay strong. Weakness, after all, is a temptation — it tempts the pugnacious to assert themselves — but strength is a declaration that cannot be misunderstood. Strength is a condition that declares actions have consequences. Strength is a prudent warning to the belligerent that aggression need not go unanswered. Peace fails when we forget what we stand for. It fails when we forget that our Republic is based on firm principles, principles that have real meaning, that with them, we are the last, best hope of man on Earth; without them, we’re little more than the crust of a continent. Peace also fails when we forget to bring to the bargaining table God’s first intellectual gift to man: common sense. Common sense gives us a realistic knowledge of human beings and how they think, how they live in the world, what motivates them. Common sense tells us that man has magic in him, but also clay. Common sense can tell the difference between right and wrong. Common sense forgives error, but it always recognizes it to be error first. We endanger the peace and confuse all issues when we obscure the truth; when we refuse to name an act for what it is; when we refuse to see the obvious and seek safety in Almighty. Peace is only maintained and won by those who have clear eyes and brave minds. I’d like to think many Americans have “clear eyes and brave minds” and these patriots desire the same qualities in our political and judicial leaders. It certainly reflects Judicial Watch’s modest approach to our efforts.

Have a safe and blessed Memorial Day!

I thought at least some of you might find the following of interest.


[David Strock]

[Patrick Bestall]

David YEO:

Wh0 !s H3 ? (1 Min)

D@v!D M@rtin th3 T!m3L!n3 0f VXX (6 Min)

$@M B@!L3Y: G3RM TH30RY !s N0T $c13nT!f!c (19 Min)

BC: VXX D3@TH$ are 0v3r 20% XC3$$ M0rT@L!Ty D@TA (9 Min)

Y0ung & 0LD $33 Th3 FE (14 Min)

$k@T3 B0@rD!Ng L3GenD G0n3 @ 33 (1 Min)

Ev0LuT!0n 0r Cr3@T!0N!$M**B!G B@nG 0r G0D? (12 Min)

J!M on th@t M0V!3 (1 Min)

1 Yr L@T3r: C0P$ $T!LL Runn!ng**HXX (6 Min)

3 Yrs Ag0 0n3's $@f3 UnT!L Every0n3's $@f3." (11 Min)

W!LL!@M M@K!$: $udd3n D3@TH Am0ng H3@LTHy Ch!Ldr3n (60 Min)

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary:

“The Promise of Liberty

A US Military camp at Eagles Pass Texas was found to be bringing in and housing Iran’s Revolutionary guardsmen. “This is a well planned effort to take down the United States of America from inside – an active, well-coordinated invasion into the nation.” …General Flynn

On Wed. 24 May a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin was issued for the US, while 50 politicians were taken to a government bunker facility to ensure a Continuation of Government. The US Military was put under orders to enforce Martial Law by Memorial Day Weekend, with activation of the Emergency Broadcast System imminent.

  • · According to the USAFCC the US Military was under orders to enforce Martial Law by Memorial Day Weekend. Activation of the Emergency Broadcast System was imminent after Intel indicated that riots were planned all along the West Coast – where US Troops have been sent to ensure law and order. ...USAFCC Command

  • · On Wed. 24 May50 politicians who received new satellite phones were taken to an undisclosed government bunker facility to ensure a Continuation of Government:

  • · Terrorism-Related Threat to the United States issued on May 24 and expired November 24, 2023.

  • · Department of Homeland Securityon ALL Federal Continuity Directives outlined a Continuity of Government until 2024: The United States remains in a heightened threat environment. Lone offenders and small groups motivated by a range of ideological beliefs and personal grievances continue to pose a persistent and lethal threat to the Homeland. Both domestic violent extremists (DVEs) and those associated with foreign terrorist organizations continue to attempt to motivate supporters to conduct attacks in the Homeland, including through violent extremist messaging and online calls for violence. In the coming months, factors that could mobilize individuals to commit violence include their perceptions of the 2024 general election cycle and legislative or judicial decisions pertaining to sociopolitical issues. Likely targets of potential violence include US critical infrastructure, faith-based institutions, individuals or events associated with the LGBTQIA+ community, schools, racial and ethnic minorities, and government facilities and personnel, including law enforcement.

  • · A US Military camp at Eagles Pass Texas was bringing in and housing Iran’s Revolutionary guardsmen. “This is a well planned effort to take down the United States of America from inside – an active, well-coordinated invasion into the nation.” …General Flynn

  • General Flynn Shared This: Eagles Pass Texas - Military Camp (Must See Video) - American Media Group ( Eagles Pass Texas has a military camp where they are housing & bringing young adult military aged men, from the river onto white buses, into this facility. “This has been a planned coordinated effort to take down the United States of America from inside. This is an active, well-coordinated invasion into the nation. We have Iran’s Revolutionary guard & Qst forces flying into Venezuela & the Venezuelan government is then giving them passports and proper documentation. If you think that fertilizer is not going to be utilized, those ammonium nitrate that can be used as massive bombs.” …General Flynn

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