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Sunday 7-2-23

Sunday 7 – 2 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

…but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

Philippians 2:7-8 KJV

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9 KJV

The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

John 1:29 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:


It IS being shown in Canada. Here in London at Landmark Theatre on Wellington S. Monday is already sold out.

Straight Goods with the Boss:

Sound of FREEDOM… Why can it not be HEARD here in CANADA?

**** NOTE****[It CAN be seen here in LONDON]

983 Wellington Road South , London, ON, N6E 3A9 Tel: (519) 685-1141

Thank you, Patrick Bestall]

Dr. TROZZI #1:

Trozzi Report: 2023-07-01 Nattokinase | Covid “Vaccines” Detox | Part 2 A natural supplement that both digests spike protein and reduces blood clotting. This is the second in my series of short videos discussing top methods and tools being used to detoxify spike proteins and survive the covid 19 genetic injections. In the first video we discussed methods to increase autophagy, most notably intermittent fasting. In this second video we are going to look at a natural supplement that holds great promise for destroying circulating spike protein. It is nattokinase.

Legal Disclaimer: This post and video share Dr Trozzi’s personal opinions. They do not constitute medical advice, nor are a substitute for consultation with your personal health care practitioner. This is the second in my series of short videos discussing top methods and tools being used to detoxify spike proteins and survive the covid 19 genetic injections. In the first video we discussed methods to increase autophagy, most notably intermittent fasting. In this second video we are going to look at a natural supplement that holds great promise for destroying circulating spike protein. It is nattokinase. Nattokinase is an enzyme extracted and purified from a traditional Japanese food called natto. Natto is made by fermenting soya beans, specifically using the bacterium Bacillus Natto. Despite the name, Nattokinase is not a kinase enzyme, but rather it is serine protease. Proteins including spike proteins are chains of amino acids bonded together and folded into functional shapes. Serine proteases like nattokinase, cleave bonds between amino acids within proteins and hence digest protein, breaking them down into smaller sections, to eventually be broken down into individual amino acids which can be stored, reused for new protein synthesis, or eliminated from the body. Natto and nattokinase have been used traditionally to reduce atherosclerosis, the process that progressively plugs up arteries and results in many different medical conditions including heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. When in contact with human blood or blood clots, nattokinase exhibits a strong fibrinolytic activity and works by inactivating plasminogen activator inhibitor; that means that it digests blood clots and inhibits their formation. This is similar to the use of various medicines like aspirin to reduce heart disease and other manifestations of blocked arteries, by inhibiting clots from forming and plugging already narrowed arteries. Although one would expect nattokinase to be digested and inactivated in the human gut like most proteins, a few researchers report that nattokinase is active when taken orally. This indicates that somehow, some of the ingested nattokinase enzyme makes it through the gut and into the blood stream intact. Nattokinase has many other reported health benefits including reducing blood pressure, reducing chronic sinusitis, relieving COPD, and improving gut microbiome health which has many benefits including improved immune function. Blood clots are central to a large portion of the adverse events resulting from the covid injections and the spike proteins they produce. This is one reason for nattokinase’s proposed benefits for surviving the injections. However, in lab tests, nattokinase also digests the spike protein. For this reason nattokinase is one of the top candidates for helping to detoxify our bodies of the spike proteins which are produced in response to the covid-19 genetic injections which are still being mislabeled as covid-19 “vaccines”. Nattokinase can be purchased as an individual supplement as well as in combination with other nutraceuticals. Typical doses of nattokinase are 100 to 200 milligrams daily. You will find nattokinase as one of the main ingredients in well designed supplements that are intended to help detoxify spike protein and survive the covid 19 genetic injections. Related Material: · Autophagy | Covid “Vaccines” Detox | Part 1. Intermittent fasting and other ways to maximize autophagy Spike Protein Shedding & Toxicity by Dr Mark Trozzi. February 26, 2022. Covid-19 injection victims produce toxic coronoavirus spike proteins internally. They also shed these toxins, which can harm their contacts. · Dr Ryan Cole. The World Has Been Spiked. July 29, 2022. Detailed and concise exposition of the spike protein poisoning of mankind by injection. · More about Spike Protein · More about the so-called Covid-19 “Vaccines” · Strategies for the Management of Spike Protein-Related Pathology by Matthew T. J. Halma, Christof Plothe DO, Paul Marik MD and Theresa A. Lawrie MD PhD [Dr Mark Trozzi]


Druthers Dr Trozzi Talks Part 4 | The Reconciliation:

Coming to terms with the lies, and pivoting before it's too late.

Humanity has been lied to and led astray, like people in a cult. This has caused many innocent people to make dramatic mistakes. How do we overcome shame and fear, change course, and build a better world together.

I hope these 4 minutes sheds some light. Here is the next instalment from Druthers of Dr. Trozzi Talks 2023. It is Part 4: The Reconciliation. Thanks for watching and sharing.

Related Material:

Druthers | Dr Trozzi Talks | Part 1 | The Science”. A ten minute clear and concise explanation of essential elements of the science, deception, and bioweapon injections of covid.

Druthers Dr Trozzi Talks | Part 2 | The Psychology. Why did so many doctors go along with it?

Druthers Dr Trozzi Talks Part 3 | Art & Science of Medicine.Druthers interview Dr Trozzi on how progressive deterioration in medical education prepared the medical industry to be used as a weapon against innocent people.

About Druthers

Druthers provide hundreds of thousands of free newspapers across Canada, that are packed with real information from honest journalists and experts. They circumvent the censors, giving Canadians a chance to see and read honest important information. Druthers is a grassroots organization doing great things. Please help promote and support Druthers. You can volunteer and join the Druthers team and help get the truth into more good people’s hands. Druthers seeks subscribers, volunteers to help distribute, content writers, and donors.

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First - the arms. I quote from the Sarnia Observer'

"After a violent home invasion the Johnson brothers were released on bail. They're also barred from using weapons unless they're being used to hunt for food, as they're indigenous."

Now if you didn't say "What?!!" read it again. Read the whole story if it helps.

The rest of us non-indigenous folk would have lost our gun license. You also would have had needed training and lock it up unless you're at the range. So....

Oh there's more if you go to their website. Lots of ranges across Canada.

Have I lost my mind sending you such ideas? Only spiritually. Jesus is my head. He's my brain, my eyes ears and, I hope, my mouth. Hasn't always been this way. Some things take time. I'm 80.

[Patrick Bestall]

Why the US Should Stop Sending Money to Zelensky:

If the truth be told, we are getting sick and tired of the little piss-ant who runs the cease-pool of corruption, tyranny, delusion and death called Ukraine. This clown—and that’s what he is actually trained as—just can’t seem to stop stridently demanding money, arms and support from the rest of the world and lecturing everyone to fall into line or else.

In his actual clown days, of course, Volodymyr Zelensky was known for the act depicted below. But when it comes to the collective West, the latter seems to enjoy the fact that the Ukrainian president continues to bang away upon it, relentlessly pounding out a melody of me, me and more.

But lately Zelensky has really gone over the top, peddling the hideous canard that if we don’t enable him to fight “them” over there with everything and all that he demands by way of money and weapons, we will soon bleed and die against “them” over here.

That’s the “Putin is going to invade Europe next and maybe America too”, nonsense. It’s actually groundless blithering idiocy, and yet Washington treats him as a brave ally and statesman:

If any candidate thinks supporting Ukraine is too costly, are they ready to go to war? Are they ready to fight? Send their children? Die?Zelenskyy said. “They will have to do it anyway if NATO enters this war, and if Ukraine fails and Russia occupies us, they will move on to the Baltics or Poland or some other NATO country. And then the U.S. will have to choose between keeping NATO or entering the war.”

Let’s cut to the chase. No American or NATO soldier is going to be fighting Putin’s army in Poland, Berlin or Belgium because the Russian army ain’t going there. Not in a month of Sundays.

Vlad Putin is no prince of men, but his war aims are limited, rational and clear as a bell. To wit, as he warned for 15 years, he does not want NATO missiles on his doorstep in Ukraine, just as President Kennedy insisted about Khrushchev’s missiles 100 miles away in Cuba 61 years ago.

Likewise, he wants the Russian-speaking populations of the eastern Donbas region and the Black Sea rim, historically known as “Novorossiya” or New Russia, to have self-governing autonomy and protection from military attack by the anti-Russian Kiev government, as per the Minsk agreements. After all, those brutal attacks, which killed upwards of 14,000 mostly civilians, occurred nearly continuously for eight years after the Washington-sponsored Maidan coup of February 2014. The latter had installed hostile proto-Nazi elements in the unelected and illegal government stood up in Kiev by Victoria Nuland and her Washington gaggle of neocon hegemonists.

In other words, what we have here is a Washington-triggered civil war in an area that has been either a Russian vassal or appendage for centuries and where the term “Ukraine” actually means “borderlands” in Russian.

And that’s not even the half of it. The borders of these very “borderlands” do not define a nation or state that was the product of natural development and accretion over centuries. To the contrary, they are a 20th century artifact confected by three of the bloodiest tyrants in all of human history—Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. The only connection these black-lined borders shown below have to the history of the area is that they were drawn-up for reasons of totalitarian administrative convenience, not as an expression of social, ethnic, religious or economic affinities.

That is to say, Ukraine is a state that was not built to last; and, in fact, it barely outlasted its Soviet rulers after their demise in 1991. For instance, during the 1994 presidential election the pro-Russian candidate, Leonid Kuchma, defeated the incumbent and strident Ukrainian nationalist, Leonid Kravchuk.

As the map below makes clear, however, Kravchuk won overwhelming majorities of 89-95% in the western Ukraine regions (yellow and orange), which had historically been part of Poland or the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. By the same token, the pro-Russian Kuchma won the national election because he racked up the same preponderant majorities (blue areas) in the eastern Donbas and southern Novorossiya regions. In the historic Russian province (since 1783) of Crimea, in fact, Kuchma won 90% of the vote.

Essentially, the same radical split in the electorate occurred election after election. During the last legitimate election held within the old communist borders of the country during 201o, the above pattern was replicated. This time Kuchma’s protege, Viktor Yanukovich, won the election by a hair by virtue of lop-sided margins in the historic Russian-speaking territories of the east and south (blue areas of the map).

On the other side, the Ukrainian nationalist and former prime minister, Yulia Tymoshenko, garnered 80-90% margins in the center and west (red areas of the map).

Not surprisingly, when the pro-Russian winner of the election from the blue regions was ousted from office by Washington in February 2014, the red area Ukrainian nationalists and their crypto-Nazi allies took control of the Kiev government and proceeded to outlaw the Russian language as its first act of government; and soon thereafter launched armed warfare when the two Donbas provinces declared themselves independent states.

At the end of the day, GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis was exactly right. The war in Ukraine is at bottom a ”territorial dispute” that has absolutely nothing to do with the homeland security of America or Zelensky’s ridiculous lie that Putin is coming after NATO next.

And it most certainly has no bearing whatsoever on absurd abstractions like the rule of law and the sanctity of borders. After all, when it comes to the latter, Washington is far and away the greatest border-violating, regime-changing outlaw in the post-war world.

In some real sense, the post-war peace conference has already been held and the verdict is in. We are referring to the de facto Ukrainian referendums on the illegitimate state that Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev built, and which the Washington neocons and War Party are determined to uphold at any cost, including going to the brink of nuclear war with Russia.

Time and again the Ukrainian electorate effectively voted for partition, as dramatically underscored by the elector maps above.

So send Zelensky packing back to his comedy show and let the blue states of the Ukrainian east and south have their own countries or return to the bosom of Mother Russia, from which these communities emerged during the 18th and 19th centuries.

That would end the carnage in a heart-beat, and would stop the senseless slaughter of Ukrainians and Russians alike—a human catastrophe that is beginning to rival the heinous criminality of World War I trench warfare.

The implicit Peace of the Partition, however, could have an additional silver lining. It would expose the absolute mendacity of the Washington War Party and the fact that it is so desperate to rule the world that it will prop up even utter nincompoops like Zelensky to stay in the business of fighting falsely demonized monsters who are no threat at all to America’s real homeland security.

As we indicated recently, it’s time to get back to a Fortress America defense policy, which could be funded for a fraction of today’s $900 billion defense-a-palooza. And we wouldn’t have to waste our national treasure on un-useful idiots like Zelensky, either.

Reprinted with permission from David Stockman’s Contra Corner.

Former Congressman David A. Stockman was Reagan's OMB director, which he wrote about in his best-selling book, . His latest books are The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America and . He's the editor and publisher of the new David Stockman's Contra Corner. He was an original partner in the Blackstone Group, and reads LRC the first thing every morning.

[Copyright © David Stockman]

Previous article by David Stockman: Fortress America—The Only Alternative To Fiscal Ruin

[Lew Rockwell]

David YEO:

B0!L3D 3GG$ (3 Min)

4 W0RD$ For P0L!c3 (1 Min)

H0W +o F@K3 Th3 GL0b3 (7 Min)

N@TT0K!na$e: BLD KL0T H3LP (10 Min)

N0T3: G00D 0n3 4 J@B V!cT!m$.

M@$$ VXX!n@T!0N & AThL3T3 V!cT!M$ (12 Min)

F!R3$ G0n3 W!LD**Th3 $ci3nce C0nvi3nTLy Ch@ng3$ (17 Min)

Edd!3 0n Th3 V@T!c@N (1 Min)

Gr@c3: Th3 CDN W!LD F!R3$ (11 Min)

N0T#: Wh@T @bouT Th3 PL@$T!C $m3LL?.

$h@K!nG: W@R$ & Rum0r$ 0f W@R$ R3-L0@Ded (60 Min)

J03**B0dY-Bu!Ld3R: TALK$ VXX D@M@G3 B3f0r3 H!$ D3@TH (4 Min)

R3-Wr!T!nG H!$T0rY (1 Min)

C3RN F!nD$ B3@$T !n Th3 M@cH!n3 (14 Min)

$TuDY $@YS 1 in 3 5zer B@Tche$ PLac3bo (4 Min)

P33R Revi3wed P@P3R$: VXX C@u$es $udd3N D3@TH (24 Min)

Pulse appears on Weather Radar:

Here it Comes...Pulse...June 29th, 2023, 11:45am -- IOWA

[Patrick Bestall]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary



FL@T E@rTH & Th3 G30rG!A Gu!d3 $T0n3$ ( ! Min)

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