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Sunday - and a New Week begins...

Summary as I am able:

2-13-22 Sunday

Verse(s) for today:

rejoicing in hope; patient in tribulation; continuing instant in prayer.

Romans 12:12 KJV

A man's heart deviseth his way: But the LORD directeth his steps.

Proverbs 16:9 KJV

The Great Freedom Convoy

Salim Mansour


This Article is designed to… Make-You-Think!


We are at a watershed moment in Canadian history. The Truckers Freedom Convoy 2022 of the past two weeks is unprecedented. It is Canada’s version of the Polish Solidarity movement of 1980 and Prague Spring of 1969 rolled into one. During the hardest period of freezing winter in the northern latitudes, Canadians poured out of their homes into streets and overpasses above the interprovincial highways to cheer the truckers driving to Ottawa in the Freedom Convoy. If you have not come across the video of The Great Canadian Freedom Convoy first released by Joe Rogan on his podcast, please take a moment with your coffee to watch this 3:23 minutes of salute to Canadians that has gone viral across the United States. I was speaking to a lady in northern California on Zoom yesterday, Friday afternoon, on a subject far removed from our present concerns in global affairs and yet she began by asking me about the Truckers in Canada. Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and the Fox News have, as most of you would know, made Canada's Freedom movement led by Truckers into the lead international story across continents. What a “fringe movement” (!) in the words of Justin Trudeau that has now captivated and mesmerized a worldwide audience. Here is the link to Joe Rogan’s video on

As the lockdown of the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor-Detroit border crossing along with similar lockdowns at border crossings in Alberta and Manitoba by Truckers and Canadians surging forward to stand together raised the stakes with governments gearing to end these lockdowns with perhaps Gestapo-type measures, the types of Trudeau, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Gretchen Whitmer (Governor of Michigan) are lacking in self-awareness and oblivious of the simple fact that the people said “enough” to their two-years of unwarranted lockdowns in which their lives were wrecked, small business destroyed, families broken, and from which most people will not ever recover to live once again as they did before this madness seized the power hungry politicians to maximize their control over them. [Salim Mansour]

Canadian Convoy Rally Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO] – YouTube

Is Canada A Police State?

Salim Mansur… provides much to consider

Is Canada a police state? Is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms the freedom delusion of Canadians?

In asking such questions in the context of the past two years means a willingness to go down the rabbit hole of the making of Canada and its constitutional history. This is a bewildering history, indeed it could well be a quagmire or a quicksand and emerging from it will very likely leave anyone at a minimum profoundly troubled with what was until now taken for granted that Canada, as one of the oldest democracies, is a free society wherein, as our national anthem proclaims, the land and its people are gloriously strong and free.

What if this is not so? What if Canadians have been living in a freedom delusion, have been willingly seduced by the “noble lie” about rights and freedoms based on individual liberty?

I took upon myself a few months ago the journey into the rabbit hole to refresh my reading of Canadian history from the 1759 battle on the Plains of Abraham and the subsequent history of British North America, which included the thirteen colonies to the south of the Laurentian plains that following 1776 rebellion emerged as the United States, in terms of the eventual birth of the Dominion of Canada in 1867 to our present day.

It could be that I wandered either too far, or took too many wrong turns, but when I emerged my view of Canada’s constitutional history was profoundly altered. The questions I have posed at the top cannot be, in my view, put aside as trivial peccadilloes of an idiosyncratic academic retired from the ivory towers inhabited by strange people.

Our founding fathers, as those of the United States, were schooled in the history and jurisprudence of the British parliamentary system. In the lead up to the 1776 revolution of the thirteen colonies, all of British North America was governed under the authority of the British parliament, and the success of the American revolution meant a clean break from the British system of governance by choice and by principle which was then translated into the uniqueness of the republican system, as spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution. The American republic draws its legitimacy and authority from “We the People” and the rights and freedoms of the American people – “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – are based on individual rights spelled out in the first ten amendments to the constitution ratified in 1792 as “Bill of Rights”. These fundamental rights are outside the reach of the federal and state governments and constitutionally protected.

Canada’s founding fathers, joined by the progeny of Loyalists who chose to leave their homes in the thirteen colonies given their loyalty to the Crown for the provinces of the BNA in the upper Laurentian valley, remained tied to the umbilical cords of the British parliamentary system and its unwritten constitutional framework. Consequently, the BNA Act of 1867 that remains in effect as the Constitutions Acts, 1867 and 1982, as stated in section 52 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, makes lawful for the Queen to provide for the “Peace, Order, and good Government of Canada” unlike the American Constitution, which gives “We the People” their inherent rights to form a more perfect Union to secure the Blessings of Liberty.

In the context of mid-19th century history “peace, order, and good government” carried the meaning of the British parliamentary system of rule for the Dominion of Canada established in 1867. Canada, in other words, imported the British parliamentary system of representative and elected governance minus the English/British history sui generis going back to the Norman conquest of 1066 upon which rests the history of Britain's unwritten constitution based on common law precedents and statutes.

The 19th century framework of “peace, order and good government” could be, and has been, the 20th century template of all varieties of authoritarian governments and police states.

My conversation with Robert Vaughan of Just Right Media in the video on YouTube below explores and examines our Canadian dilemma, or the freedom delusion, on the issue of rights and freedoms based on individual rights. You might also want to read Robert Vaughan’s remarks introducing the video.

And if you do make the time to listen to the video and disagree, please do, but then think carefully and clearly, and not reflexively. In this video, Robert and I, are beginning a conversation that, we hope, given the spark ignited by the Truckers Convoy of Freedom might draw more people to think about our rights and freedoms that are not constitutionally protected and not outside the reach of federal and provincial governments as amply illustrated by our history in which our freedoms, that we sort of took for granted, have been periodically and egregiously violated by those in Ottawa and in the provinces. [Salim Mansur]

An excellent Article that will make you THINK!


As we enter the third week of Freedom Convoy protests across Canada, thousands upon thousands of Canadians are uniting behind this movement which is becoming unstoppable. While Justin Trudeau and Doug Ford escalate their rhetoric by declaring states of emergency and attempting to vilify the peaceful demonstrators, Canadians are spontaneously rising to the occasion and participating in these historic events.

As our police state began enforcing a court injunction against protestors at the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor this morning, crowds of supporters flocked to the scene to stand in solidarity with their fellow Canadians. Hastily organized convoys sprung up in Cornwall, Sarnia, and Fort Erie in support of the rest of the movement, as convoys at border crossings in Coutts Alberta and Emerson Manitoba continue to hold the line.

No More Lockdowns Canada encouraged supporters in these areas to participate in the demonstrations and to support thosepeople on the ground.We are looking forward to another weekend of festive, family friendly fun!

Canadian Convoy Rally Song [OFFICIAL VIDEO] – YouTube

Event Reminder: Blue Collar Convoy

The Blue-Collar Convoy is bringing skilled tradespeople to Ottawa in support of the truckers! Bring your work vehicles, special equipment, hard hats and work vests to show solidarity with the brave truckers who took the first steps in this great effort!

To join with our Blue Collar Convoy, please visit our facebook page.

Detailed route information for multiple convoys can be found in the events section for the page.

Tag & Invite your friends, like and share, join the public facebook group.

These once in generation demonstrations bring out the best in humanity! None of these activities would be possible without your support. If you would like to see this popular mobilization continue, please consider donating to No More Lockdowns Canada to support ongoing events and activities.

Trucks leave border blockade, but vaccine mandate protesters arrive on foot: Latest COVID updates ( [No More LOCKDOWN Canada]

🚔 Police Showed Up to Arrest...and ‘CANADIANS’ did this…

You need to see this novel response to the Police Action…

Thank you, Anne. [Anne McLachlan]


#1. A major leak has surfaced: Exposing 1.95 Million Chinese Communist Party members & 79,000 branches were embedded in US Government agencies:

#2. Canada: Ontario Justice Orders End to ‘Freedom Convoy’ Blockade on US-Canada Border.

Watch How Protesters Reacted.

#3. Breaking news from USA: A convoy protesting vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions has gathered on the U.S. side of the border under the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron, Michigan. Time to go there.

David Yeo:

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STEW w/ Doc D. Martin: exposes Why JT Won't Back Down (22 Min)

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Critically Thinking with Dr. Tennpenny & Dr. Palevsky (63 Min)

Biggest Weekend to Date (1 Min)


N0TE: He'$ Bru+ally Hon3st h3re.

Truckers: Footage 0f Convoys Around The W0RLD (17 Min)

Reiner w/ Ana Garner:

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N0TE: What's happening on T/ Right Side 0f HI$ Neck?

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