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The BIG Question!

Best I've read to date...

Fred Campbell [Kitchener, ON] sent this to me… it is an excellent summary!


TRULY WHAT TRUMP IS ABOUT TO DO TO BIDEN? When dealing with the stolen election of November 3, 2020, some perceive Donald Trump as a victim who was taken unaware. Let me assure you that Donald Trump is not a victim. If we compare the Election Fraud situation to a game of chess, Donald is not 3 moves ahead on a chess board. He is 20 moves ahead. It is difficult to understand how far Donald Trump is ahead of all of us. Just remember, he is a fighter who does not quit, a President of the United States who has amazing sources of information provided, and he is a really smart guy. If you think that Donald Trump first saw the criminal conspiracy which effectively dump ballots and used Hammer and Scorecard to manipulate the results of the 2020 Election on November 4th, you are not understanding Donald Trump. Less than a month before the 2018 Midterm Election, on September 12, 2018, Donald Trump already knew that Iran and China were working with the Democrat criminals. How do I know this? Because on that date, Donald entered an executive order which, then and there, declared a “national emergency” to deal with the threat of foreign interference in our elections. This executive order has been in effect since September 12, 2018, and when an emergency is declared by the President of the United States, there are a vast set of laws which give the president greatly enhanced powers, far beyond what he ordinarily would have. President Trump knows that if Joe Biden is permitted to take over the presidency based on the largest voter fraud conspiracy ever, that the country is done. If the Election thieves should be able to not only get away with their crimes, but actually take power due to the success of those crimes, we all know, and Donald Trump knows that there will never be a time in the future when those who control the outcome of our elections will voluntarily hand power back to the other side. With the evidence of the voter fraud mounting as fast as it is, a good case is being made to the state legislatures to correct the outcome of the election. This is a political remedy which requires real proof and a means of providing the information to the public. Under a “national emergency,” control of the TV and Radio airwaves is available. All fake news could be suspended for a presentation of the evidence which proves the voter fraud. There are simply some things which are not really debatable. For instance, if in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, if 1.5 million applications for ballots were made, and 1.5 Million ballots were mailed out. No one can explain how almost 2.5 Million ballots were returned. Any dumbbell can understand that the surplus ballots had to have been printed, filled in, and delivered. I am not going to get into all the examples of absolute proof of voter fraud. My point is that the evidence exists and is being presented to the various state legislatures, each of which can and should appoint electors who will vote for Donald Trump. Obviously, there are cases in court, and if for any reason the appeal to the state legislatures does not work, the court cases will. However, there is one other remedy which could be necessary, and that is what we find from the military in the current state of emergency, which has been in existence since September 12, 2018. It involves the military. At this point, the Acting Secretary of Defense, who replaced Mark Esper, is a guy named Christopher Miller, the previous director of the National Counter-terrorism Center to lead the Pentagon. I do not have any knowledge of the military’s involvement in helping to reverse the big Steal, but it appears to be true that the military has seized the computers in Germany which had been used by a CIA covert operation, relating to the machines which miscounted the votes in our November 3rd Election. Apparently, the 305th Battalion was involved. Give this time, and all of this information will come out. Imagine, though, for a second that I am right. Imagine that Biden, Harris, the Clinton Crime Family, hand in hand with foreign enemies, China and Iran, actually perpetrated the big theft of the Election. If they did, there will be evidence pouring out of every leak in the foundation of that crime. If it happened (and it did) and the evidence is available, as I understand it is, Donald Trump will have no choice but to follow through, whether through state legislatures, the courts, or the military. It is not as though the Biden administration will open their hearts for Donald Trump and all he has done. These people hate Donald Trump with a passion probably never seen before. The other day, Biden, himself said that there was nothing he could do to stop the NY Attorney General from proceeding with his prosecution of Donald Trump. They can do it to Roger Stone. They did it to a real hero, General Michael Flynn. They can go after anyone they want to put in their cross-hairs, and Donald Trump is Target No. 1. They not only want him prosecuted, but they want him dead. At this point, the 2 sides are locked in. Biden has to keep going forward, pretending that he is the next president of the United States, and Donald Trump has to do everything in his power to make sure that Biden never takes the presidency. Fortunately, at this point, Donald Trump is the one in control. Believe me, he is not about to allow that control to go over to the criminals and our national enemies, China and Iran. It just isn’t going to happen. Our country has had a major international conspiracy and China and Iran are poised to have their people take over our country. I know how frightening and how frustrating this seems. Understand, at the same time, Donald Trump is poised to put those criminals behind bars.

So, it is not what Biden did to Donald Trump which matters.

It is what Donald Trump is going to do to Biden. Pass the popcorn.

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