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Status Report - 11-06-2020

Democrats “Find” More Biden Votes After They Stopped Counting

*** Brilliant Sting Operation Orchestrated by Team Trump:

*** TRUMP STING w CIA Director Steve Pieczenik The Biggest Election Story in History, QFS-BLOCKCHAIN:

** Staggering Fraud as Statistically Impossible Biden Ballot Dumps Roll In


During the 2020 Presidential Election Quantum Financial System Blockchain Watermarked Ballots were part of a huge Trump & Military White Hat Sting Operation. The Sting took place in twelve key battleground states where 20,000+ National Guard were deployed. The Alliance made sure that every official voting ballot had a watermark that couldn’t be seen. As votes were put into the system, the Quantum Computer verified if the ballot was valid or not. Trump won the 2020 Presidential Election by 80%. The Democratic Cabal was caught red handed. Mass Arrests have started. At this moment the Biden Crime Family & ballot fraud co-conspirators were being arrested & detained for ballot fraud. All were now headed to GITMO as election interference went before the Supreme Court.

Fox News Circles the Wagons and Fails – Guy Benson Accidentally Exposes Scheme:

Trump Delivers Fiery Morning Message as Leads ‘Magically Disappear’

Dan Calabrese: Americans Do not Want Radical Leftist Policies:

Fake News: Pollsters Tried to Scam Voters Again in 2020 Elections


REBEL NEWSProtesters Rally outside BC Ministry of Health: [opposing increased COVID restrictions]

Fears of Second Wave are Misplaced [New York Hospitals Tell a Different Story]:

‘Reap What You Sow’:

Writer Nails Why GOP Is Right to Mistrust Election Numbers in Close States:

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