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The STORM is upon us! Everything is EXPOSED!

1-16-21 Saturday


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Consider and make up your own mind.

Jeremiah 33:3

Call unto Me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.

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Dead Capitol Police Officer Suffered Medical Condition, No Evidence of Getting Hit by Fire Extinguisher

*** Must READ! ***

President Trump:

“I have invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 (Section 10 U.S. Code 13 251-255) to address the treasonous rebellion conducted by Democrat and Republican lawmakers, CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Agents, FBI, Department of Justice, CIA and others to dismantle the United States of America and it’s Constitution. These entities pose a direct threat to national security. I will remain President indefinitely until all domestic enemies are arrested.”

Caution: Because of projected planned riots it was advised to, over the next one and half weeks, stay out of urban areas, state capitols, DC and especially mafia-cartel-Deep State controlled cities like Philadelphia, NYC, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles. POTUS or the Trump team may tweet out the Storm tweet that Q said would come at the time of mass arrests of Deep State players. It would be something like "My fellow Americans the Storm is now upon us." There would be seven Presidential Messages come out on the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) and/ or Global Broadcast System (GBS) using Space Force satellites. When the shut-down happened, expect the 220,000-to-500,000 sealed indictments to be unsealed and served in 12 to 400 cities and in 12 plus states across the country with the arrest warrants on Deep State Traitors. These sealed indictments were generated by US Attorney for Utah John Huber and his team of hundreds of lawyers who have utilized the help of thousands of secret Grand Juries.


There were three scenarios for the Inauguration:

(1) Trump would be inaugurated in the White House, Biden and Deep State players, arrested.

(2) Neither Trump nor Biden would be inaugurated on Wed 6 Jan. and there would be an announcement of a transitional government until election fraud evidence could be investigated and adjudicated by state legislatures in the six swing states of GA, PA, MI, WI, AZ, NV. Under this scenario Deep State players may be arrested.

(3) POTUS & DoD and military White Hats standing with Trump may let the Deep State soap opera do their version of a Biden Inauguration in the Supreme Court presided over by Chief Justice [chief traitor] Roberts. Because the Deep State US Corporation of 1871 was bankrupt and dissolved as of Thurs. 5 Nov. 2020, the Deep State traitors would be inaugurating Biden into a nonexistent office to keep up their charade of power, control and money faucets going as long as possible.

They would be arrested at a point chosen by POTUS and the White Hats.

The EBS will be used for communication.

In the first step Trump will broadcast a presidential message. He will see which stations will broadcast it and which will not. The ones that do not will have their licenses taken away immediately.

Much was quickly happening behind the scenes, changing from day to day at the tactical level on both the White and Dark Hat sides. Dueling AI (Artificial Intelligence) computing systems on both sides plotted the next moves at light speed.

Over the next few days, we would see a great deal of activity, significant declassification, and disclosure of the Deep State players' criminality.

The False Flag attack plans involved planting pipe bombs, SDB (small diameter bombs) or missiles shot from CIA drones (like what happened in the Nashville Recreational Vehicle RV bombing that was also covered up by the FBI).

History will show that Donald Trump tried every legal avenue to solve this crisis against our Constitution. It will show that all others failed to address this Act of Treason. He tried to resolve this peacefully. His only recourse left was to use the military, but it would be a LAWFUL use of the military as these people have broken their oaths and committed Treason and Insurrection. President Donald J. Trump was legally required to act on this because of his own oath to the Constitution: to protect our Republic from enemies both Foreign and Domestic. The crimes on their indictments will read: TREASON, SEDITION, and CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. When the world finds out they launched a virus to steal an election, the Great Awakening would begin. They have sealed their fates. Checkmate!

Fri. 15 Jan. Dr. Steve Pieczenik Interview: Trump Will Remain President – Pelosi, Biden, et al. Will Be Arrested – Former Senior State Dept. Official Right About Clintons in 2016: Thurs. 14 Jan. Dr. Steve Pieczenik on Infowars:

Thurs. 15 Jan. 2021 Notes on Meeting with Trump Included Emergency Powers and Martial Law:

Would be sharing declassified documents – 95% of politicians in Washington would be arrested, most charged with Treason. Thurs. 15 Jan. Charlie Ward Update: Explosive Week Ahead:

Ward received tons of declassified evidence that was absolutely damaging. He would be sharing it over the next days and weeks. Donald Trump would remain President of the US. Thurs. 14 Jan. Charlie Ward Update:

Fri. 15 Lou Dobbs, Fox News Trump Declassification Order Threatens to Dislodge the Deep State: Lin Wood Fireside Chat 8, part 3: War with China? Pence Treason? Part 2 Obama Proof:

Thurs. 14 Jan. Fox News Hannity: Pentagon Authorized 25,000 National Guard on top of 21,000 For Biden Inauguration:

The Pentagon has authorized up to 25,000 National Guard members for President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, the National Guard Bureau said in a press release Friday, marking an increase from the 21,000 troops authorized a day earlier. MS-13 Highest Ranking Leaders Charged with US Terrorism:

Fri. 15 Jan. Second American Revolution Underway, Fulford:

CNN Anchor: Everyone Who Voted for Trump Sided with The Klan, Nazis, Rioters

The Maxime Bernier Show Ep. #48:

Bravo Roman Baber for telling the truth... and for that he got Booted out of his Ontario PC Party by Ford!

[Patrick Bestall]

*** Must View ***


*** Must View ***

National Guard troops stationed at US Capitol cleared to use lethal force.

NRA files for bankruptcy, announces it is ditching New York for Texas.

The gun rights group has been under fire by New York officials in recent years.

Democrats lose again in bid to force universal mail-in voting in Texas!

Maxine Waters SHOCKS Americans With Latest Statement

==> Armed Biden Fans Take Over NYC Streets

Trump Supporters Forced to Hide, as Armed Biden Supporters are Taking Over NYC’s Streets

Trump Delivers Weighty Address to the Nation

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Is Amazon GOING DOWN? Lawyer Explains Parler's Response - Viva Frei Vlawg

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McConnell Rejects Emergency Session on Impeachment, All but Killing Push To Oust Trump

Jenna Ellis to Newsmax TV: This Impeachment 'No Different,' Abuse of Constitution

Colorado officials balk at Trump decision to move Space Command HQ to Alabama

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Try this for a change........

Although the Parler app is no longer certified on the app stores for cellphones and tablets, it does not mean that the website itself is compromised. (Such certification normally suggested a measure of protection against malware and upheld programmer technical integrity. Now, the powers that be use certification to keep out apps that might infringe their ideas of copyright or, more recently, offend their notion of political correctness.) You can still install the Parler app by telling your phone that you will allow uncertified software…

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Watch God Move! Michele Bachmann, Lance Wallnau, Hank Kunneman, Mario Murillo

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Ric Grenell to Newsmax TV: DC Media Flip to 'Advocacy'

“We have a big problem, and I don't really think it's a Republican versus Democrat problem anymore: I think it's a Washington, D.C., versus the rest of America," Grenell told "Rob Schmitt Tonight." "Washington, D.C., has its own rules. Reporters no longer do journalism there. What they really do is advocacy.

Trump Calls on Americans, Big Tech to Help Ensure Peaceful Transition: ‘NO Violence

Pelosi Announces Lawmakers Will Be Fined $5,000 If They Bypass Metal Detectors to House Floor

*** Must View ***

Trudeau Liberals to Decide What We Can and Cannot Say Online

Trudeau is riding on Biden's long red coat-tail, with new censorship rules for the internet, and a new friendly policy towards China the master of censorship he admires "because they can get things done".

As previously reported, Trudeau and comrades are also controlling media by using his powers to choose which social media get the lion's share of ad money, which films get funding in BC, which newspapers and journalists get federal assistance, and how the CRTC should be re-organized. What is next? [Patrick Bestall]

Ontario men accused of buying 'highly sophisticated' U.S. equipment and shipping it to Iran against international sanctions | National Post.

Banks BlockCHAINS Balances Black Horse Rider.


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Academic objections to lockdown

This is for Academics above my ‘Pay-scale’! Would that be YOU?


The unprecedented measures of universal lockdowns, tight institutional lockdowns of care homes, universal masking of the general population, obsession with surfaces and hands, and the accelerated vaccine deployment are contrary to known science, and contrary to recent leading studies. There has been government recklessness by action and negligence by omission. Institutional measures have been needed for a long time to stem corruption in both medicine and public health policy.


Nursing Home with 0 Covid Deaths Report Residents Dying:

Nurse Kate on Rights (9 Min)

Some Men to Freeze Sperm before V.X.X. (41 Min)

Del Bigtree: Neuroscientists Concerns on the CV19 V.X.X. (11 Min)

Prayer for today – Friday

Holy YHWH, here we sit with the walls closing in. An enemy waits at our gates with the intention to kill, steal and destroy. Those we once thought we could trust with our lives have become our greatest adversaries. Our nation is coming unglued. Yet, you are sovereign.

You are the walls that hem us in

  • walls that cannot be scaled with evil that crushes the spirit

  • walls that will never crumble or break don

  • walls that cannot be undermined.

You see the enemy sitting with jaws slathered with the lust to devour and you stand resolute between him and us. He can’t overwhelm you. He cannot comprehend your great power and might. He can only sneer and spew his threats and his blasphemies and his abominations. And you laugh.

You laugh the laugh of one who looks upon a small child who, in tantrum, kicks at the bars of his crib as though he can somehow, through effort, have his way. You have restrained the enemy and will continue to do so until the restrainer is released from his duty. We do not know what that all looks like. We do know that while the enemy can ravage the body, he cannot touch our souls which are eternally destined to rest in your glory.

But you do not just stand resolute between us and him. You have pulled his teeth through the power of the cross. You have come to us to offer life and offer it generously. What we have here on earth is not life. It is a shadow—a reflection of what will be. You have offered us the promise of real life beyond this one and once we grasp hold of the gospel of Y’shua, nothing can rip it from us because you hold it there firmly.

You see those who betray out of fear and misinformation. A day is coming when the veil will be torn from their eyes and they will see who they have really betrayed. It is not us. It is not even you. It is themselves. They have allowed the lie to sink deep and so they will drink of its poison.

You hold our nation and our world in the exact place you want them to be. You do not love evil, but you abide it for the sake of the souls of mankind, so we have more time to turn to you. It is not your desire that we should suffer but when a surgeon needs to extract a foul infection it requires the cutting of flesh. So too, you allow the surgery of life to excise the wicked things that we hunger after. Thank you.

  • Thank you for trials for they refine us.

  • Thank you for the sufferings of this present time because they make us just all that more aware of the glory you will soon reveal to us.

Give us your patience and endurance Father. It is your touch we need because we cannot save ourselves. We worship you today whether the world mandates against it or not. We praise you and we love you because you deserve it.

In Y’shua’s name and through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Matthew 2:8 And he sent them to Bethlehem, saying, “Go and search diligently for the child, and when you have found him, bring me word, that I too may come and worship him.”

Revelation 13:13 It performs great signs, even making fire come down from heaven to earth in front of people,

Donna Fawcett © copyright 15/01/2021

English Standard Version

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