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This is EXPLOSIVE! Oh My!!!

Status Report 11-08-2020

*** Hammer / Scorecard… Intelligence Program of CIA for affecting Foreign Voting… used against Trump! [Thank You – Les]

*** Interview with Source on Electronic Vote Fraud: [Thank You – Lynne]

*** Gateway Pundit fake election stories: [Thank You – Patrick]

Trump releases statement after Biden projected as winner:

A GOOD SUMMARY of Election FRAUD… [Comments from Patrick Bestall]:


I have seen many Election returns over the years, but I never saw returns like those I witnessed on Tuesday and into the weekend. Every one of them apparently had one thing in common…the craving to report a Trump loss. States that had a Trump lead of 5 or 6 points with 89% of the vote in were held back, not called, but states with 40 or 50% of the vote in with Biden with a lead of 1 or 2% were called.

The Democrat Party leadership has become an organized crime syndicate Red states were apparently left alone since they couldn’t be contained, but battleground states or states that Democrats controlled or had Democrat governors were the main targets. When the voting showed Biden losing or not meeting the quota, they either introduced more mail-in ballots or stopped the counting for the day so ballots could be delivered overnight under the cover of darkness. The media did their part by purposely delaying the calling of some states to give them more time to manipulate the vote tallies.

It was never more obvious than in Michigan where tens of thousands of mail-in ballots suddenly appeared overnight after the election. Some wards in Milwaukee reported more votes than registered voters, with a state turnout of more than 85%, something that has never occurred in their history. In Wisconsin, 112,000 Biden ballots appeared between 3:30am - 4:30am. In 6 Blue states where Trump had a healthy lead, they suddenly stopped counting. Philadelphia, the birthplace of our constitutional republic, had one area with 23,777 ballots for Biden and none for Trump.

Pennsylvania changed counting procedures and regulations just prior to the election that enabled them to accept votes days after the election with many of them with no clear postmark. In South Carolina, a federal judge ruled that signatures on ballots did not have to match. North Carolina had 100% of their precincts reporting with Trump in the lead and it wasn’t called. The Trump team needs to show that the USPS did not and could not deliver the mail-in ballots to a point where depending on them was a reasonable expectation. In addition, the mail-only voting in many states, due to differences in state laws, was either not possible or illegal. The legislators of the states of AZ, GA, PA, MI, NC, NV, and WI need to get involved and push for either an investigation or deem the elections in their states as invalid beyond correction and require new voting by machines and/or traditional absentee ballot


John 21: 25 Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.

Tucker Carlson Issues Tragic Update – Seizure Stuns Nation:

*** Chinese interference in the USA Election – FOUND!

3 developments resulting from COVID-19

1. A new strain (mutation) in Denmark has infected the mink farms. So all 17 million mink must be destroyed to prevent humans from getting it back from the animals. What news alarmists are not telling you is that it is a much weaker strain. All the mink being destroyed got well again.

2. More protests to lock-downs are planned in Ontario. This weekend watch for news of it in Toronto-Hamilton-Aylmer.

[Could get ugly as conflicting groups assemble].

3. This video which Fil sent me was taken down by YouTube. You need to know how much power social media has to control medicine and politics.


I wondered why the WHO and CDC are suddenly flip flopping in regards to lockdowns and masksnow I know.

The threat of investigation. Lawyers around the world are looking into crimes against humanity if this is a scam pandemic.

The Associated Press has called the election for Joe Biden, after declaring the former vice president the winner in Pennsylvania. After a bitterly divisive election,

President Trump has vowed to challenge the result in court.

Read all the stories about the election dispute in RT!!!!

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