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Thursday 6 - [20]-24... 


Verses for today:


Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:

Matthew 6:19 KJV


Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, And he saved them out of their distresses. He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death And brake their bands in sunder.

Psalm 107:13-14 KJV


Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.

James 1:27 KJV




TRUTH BUBBLES are getting to the SURFACE [Public]:

Be sure to VIEW this short VIDEO... It WILL... ‘BLOW-YOUR-MIND!

Insight into the World’s DEADLIST FAMILY...

The Bin LADIN Family in Wikipedia is an interesting READ!

Daniel Brooks


UN - Sex Agenda for Kids:

This evidence report reveals how the World Health Organization and United Nations are sexualizing little children in primary education worldwide, for the purpose of normalizing pedophilia. This report consists of nothing but solid evidence, with many official documents, videos, books, archives, etc. All PDF documents may be downloaded from the references section at the end of this report.

"Little children are sexual beings who must have sexual partners and begin with sex as soon as possible. For this reason, kindergartens and elementary schools must teach children to develop lust and sexual desire, learn masturbation, build same-sex relationships, use online pornography, and learn different sexual techniques such as oral sex."


The above is a paraphrased summary of the official guidelines issued by the World Health Organization and the United Nations to educational authorities worldwide. Meanwhile, judicial organizations are issuing statements that sex between little children and adults should be legalized, while media outlets and political parties are calling for the acceptance of pedophilia as a "normal sexual orientation". 

Much more detail is found at the above LINKS



Don't Hate him for this:

The Canadian Anti-Hate Network got the money.

Indeed, as Baklinski pointed out, CAHN has failed to condemn the recent church burnings across Canada, with the most recent taking place earlier this month in Toronto.

To date, over 100 churches have been burned and vandalized in Canada since the mainstream media and Liberal politicians spread the false claim of the discovery of unmarked graves at residential schools for Indigenous children.

“Tellingly, you won’t hear a peep from this organization about the 100 Christian/Catholic churches that have been vandalized or burned to the ground in the past three years,” Baklinski declared.

“Truly, the Canadian Anti-Hate Network does not exist to combat real hate,” he revealed. “It exists to be an iron club to swing against those who dare to oppose today’s leftist ideologies.

Patrick Bestall





Harmony Community Church

Cory McKenna

God has given me an intense love for shepherds of local churches. Not only because I served as one for so many years, but also because I can relate to the countless hours they devote to prayer and preaching God’s Word as not always being proportionately appreciated. 


That takes me back to 2005.

Amidst all the hustle and busy of ministry, I was a pastor of a smaller church praying that the Holy Spirit would send someone to equip me by example to more faithfully share Christ so I could glorify God in gospel witness and lead my family and church to the same. TCC is for Leaders and Local Churches

Thankfully, God not only answered my prayer but He also led me to launch The Cross Current in 2007 to "go" the distance with leaders and their churches in the local mission field. 

This past weekend my wife Dawn and I had the privilege of traveling to Harmony Community Church, a small country church just south of Ottawa in the village of Winchester, ON.


Led by Pastor Daniel Wallace, this community of believers gathered over the weekend for training, teaching, and equipping from God’s word.


Saturday began with our Biblical Evangelism Seminar to teach the doctrine and practice of evangelism. This was followed by a time of fellowship and discipleship with Pastor Dan and his family.


On Sunday morning the saints at Harmony were challenged from 1 Corinthians 1 to be a church on mission and to testify to God’s wonderworking word and power heard and seen when we all unify and multiply in the gospel together.Sunday evening concluded our time with a Gospel Leadership Seminar to share the discipleship plan of The Cross Current for equipping entire churches to normalize sharing the gospel and go the distance in Gospel Missions Partnership.


Here are a few encouraging words of testimony from our training:

  "As Pastor of Harmony Community Church, I am so grateful for the ministry of The Cross Current. We were challenged and inspired through the Scriptures to rise in our call to make disciples." - Pastor Daniel Wallace


"Cory taught us through Scripture the foundations and it sparked in me a renewed sense of reaching the lost and seeing them come to Christ and connecting with his body the church." - Nancy Thrasher


Because of you and your faithful support, I was again able to “go the distance” to equip this shepherd and precious saints to worship and witness in Harmony on gospel mission together!


Please pray for God's great grace to rest on everyone with Harmony Community Church as they testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ in Ottawa, Ontario!


Because Canada needs Christ,Cory

·        Please pray that God's great grace rests on the shepherd and saints of Harmony Community Church as they testify to the resurrection of Christ!

·        Please pray for the volunteer Trainers/Trainees who have started test driving our new Equipping Evangelists Training Network (EETN).


Cory McKenna

Cross Current




Garland Above the Law:

Biden's Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Friday that it won't prosecute Attorney General Merrick Garland for ignoring a subpoena, while Trump allies Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro were not afforded the same 'executive privilege.'

Washington — The Justice Department said Friday that it will not prosecute Attorney General Merrick Garland after the House voted to hold him in contempt of Congress for defying subpoenas for audio recordings of President Biden’s interview with special counsel Robert Hur.

Carlos Uriarte, assistant attorney general, told House Speaker Mike Johnson in a letter that it is the Justice Department’s longstanding policy not to bring contempt charges against an official who declined to turn over subpoenaed information subject to a president’s assertion of executive privilege.

Mr. Biden invoked executive privilege over the audiotapes of his interviews with Hur, as well as an interview by his ghostwriter, and directed Garland not to release the materials sought by the House Judiciary and Oversight and Accountability Committees. Republicans on the panel had sought the recordings as part of their impeachment inquiry into the president.

“Consistent with this longstanding position and uniform practice, the Department has determined that the responses by Attorney General Garland to the subpoenas issued by the Committees did not constitute a crime, and accordingly the Department will not bring the congressional contempt citation before a grand jury or take any other action to prosecute the Attorney General,” Uriarte, who leads the Justice Department’s Office of Legislative Affairs, wrote.

This contrasts with Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro, who were were not afforded the same executive privilege.

A major question that’s come up in recent years is why the Democrats are so much better at playing hardball than the Republicans.

While the Dems are deadly effective at taking out their opponents, the Republicans always seem to be fecklessly flailing around, getting picked off one by one like inexperienced young soldiers by a skilled sniper.

At a Christmas party last year, I bumped into Sidney Powell and asked why the Republican Party totally sucks at protecting the men and women in its ranks who take on the Dems. She confessed that she too found it confounding and dispiriting.

Life Site News Media


Canada Flexes Military Muscle:

"The Canadian ship visited Havana to demonstrate Canada's presence, naval capability and commitment to safe and open waters in the Americas," he [Defense Minister Blair] said.

Blair said Monday that he was aware Russian warships would be in the port of Havana when he gave the navy authorization to request permission from Cuba to send the HMCS Margaret Brooke into its waters.

"The Canadian ship visited Havana to demonstrate Canada's presence, naval capability and commitment to safe and open waters in the Americas," he said.

"This was a military mission. They asked for my authority to do that and I gave it."

CBC News Media




Camera captures moment FBI agents show up at Whistleblower's Home after she helps Expose Sex-change Program at Texas hospital

News of the FBI's visit broke after the DOJ indicted the first whistleblower.

The FBI dispatched two agents to the home of a Texas nurse after she spoke to journalist Christopher Rufo about the sex-change program at Texas Children's Hospital.


Last year, Rufo broke news about an elaborate sex-change program happening at Texas Children's Hospital. A whistleblower gave Rufo documents proving the hospital continued its "transgender medicine" operations despite publicly saying the program had ended. That whistleblower was Dr. Eithan Haim, whom the Justice Department has now indicted on four felony charges for allegedly violating medical privacy laws.


'They promised they would make life difficult for me if I was trying to protect the leaker.'

Haim's bravery encouraged a second whistleblower to come forward.

Last May, that whistleblower provided new insight into how physicians at Texas Children's Hospital provided "transgender medicine," explained how "transgender medicine is highly lucrative," and described her workplace as having a "demonic presence."


On Tuesday, Rufo revealed the identity of the whistleblower, registered nurse Vanessa Sivadge.

In the new report, Sivadge accused Texas Children's Hospital of engaging in Medicaid fraud.


"The largest children's hospital in the country is illegally billing Medicaid for transgender procedures," she said. "It is evident that the hospital continues to believe it is above the law not just by concealing the existence of their transgender medicine program from the public, but by stealing from the federal government."

What is shocking is what happened to Sivadge after she initially spoke to Rufo.


Two months after their conversation, Sivadge called Rufo in a "panic," he recounted. Sivadge told Rufo that two FBI agents unexpectedly showed up at her home wanting to talk about "some of the things that have been going on at work lately."

Sivadge's doorbell camera captured her partner opening the door to their home as two FBI agents flashed their badges and demanded to speak with Sivadge.

According to Sivadge, the FBI agents told her that she was a "person of interest" in the investigation into Dr. Haim.

"They promised they would make life difficult for me if I was trying to protect the leaker," Sivadge told Rufo. "They said I was ‘not safe’ at work and claimed that someone at my workplace had given my name to the FBI."

In the months since that visit, FBI agents have not re-appeared at her home. Still, Sivadge told Rufo that she is motivated to fight against the transgender agenda.


"My faith and my gut, just knowing right from wrong, compels me," she said. "I was born for this. I have no doubt this is what I am supposed to do."

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (Rhas confirmed that his office is investigating the newest whistleblower allegations.

The BLAZE Media


Sudden Assassination News leaves Washington, D.C. Paralyzed with Fear:

The last thing anyone wants to see is politics devolve into violence. But it looks like this country is running headlong into it.


And now sudden assassination news leaves Washington, D.C. paralyzed with fear.

On Monday, a Texas man was sentenced to nearly three years in jail for making a series of death threats against Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).

Brian Michael Gaherty of Houston was sentenced to 33 months in federal prison after making repeated phone calls in 2022 threatening to k*ll Waters, according to a news statement from the United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California. Gaherty also received a $10,000 fine.


In April 2023, a federal grand jury accused Gaherty for making threatening phone calls to Waters the year before.

Gaherty was charged with “four counts of making threats in interstate communications and four counts of threatening a United States official,” according to an April 2023 press statement.

“Threats to harm or k*ll elected officials are anathema to our nation’s values and must not – and will not – be tolerated,” U.S. Attorney Martin Estrada said in a statement.

“My office and the entire Department of Justice will continue to combat threats against public officials and other attempts to chill democracy.”


Gaherty pled guilty in January to “one count of threatening a United States official,” stated the press release.

According to the press release, Gaherty “admitted” in his plea agreement that he made threats of “assault and m*rder” to the California congresswoman on “four separate occasions in August and November of 2022,” with the intention of impeding, interfering, or intimidating her while she was “engaged in” performing her job duties.

Gaherty reportedly left a message at Waters’ office in August 2022, threatening to “put a cap” over her eyes, “stomp” her, and “cut [her] throat,” according to the press statement.


The Texas man reportedly told Waters to “move” because “he and his boys ‘in the area’ had a ‘contract’ on her life,” according to the press statement.

Even when law enforcement officials “warned him to disengage,” Gaherty continued to leave threatening voicemails for Waters.

“Authorities contacted Gaherty and warned him to disengage in October 2022, but a few weeks later, he persisted with his violent threats,” the release stated.


“In November 2022, Gaherty left Waters two additional voicemails, informing Waters that she ‘done [expletive] up’ by reporting his threats to law enforcement, and stated, ‘This ain’t no threat. It’s a … promise.’”

“He also threatened to meet Waters ‘on the street’ and ‘get in [her] face,’ and again told her that he and his ‘crowd,’ had a contract to ‘take [her]… out.’ Finally, he warned, ‘You better watch your back,’” it concluded.

While it’s easy to point to certain unhinged people as outliers, this is unsettling.


As the election draws near, and as the results come in, it’s anybody’s guess how people will react.

And the average American is bracing for it.

The D.C. Daily Journal


Rep. Burlison: Rescind Jan. 6 Panel Subpoenas:

Rep. Eric Burlison, R-Mo., this week introduced a resolution that would withdraw the congressional subpoenas issued to associates of former President Donald Trump.


Burlison, in a press release Tuesday, announced that he and 24 of his colleagues are introducing a resolution to rescind the subpoenas that the special committee investigating the events surrounding the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, 2021 to various Trump associates, including his former chief strategist Steve Bannon, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, former White House deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino, and former deputy assistant to the president Peter Navarro.


The resolution would also withdraw the panel's recommendations that the associated be found in contempt of Congress.

"It is past time for the House of Representatives to take action to begin undoing the harm that was caused by the illegitimate January 6th Committee," Burlison said in a statement.

Burlison added: "The Committee was nothing more than a political witch hunt to blame President Trump and his advisors for the events that took place on January 6, 2021, and influence the 2022 mid-term elections and 2024 presidential election.


"The Committee was legally deficient in its composition and was more focused on producing made-for-TV hearings than following House rules. The subpoenas that were issued were legally insufficient and should be rescinded, and the contempt of Congress referrals based on those subpoenas should be withdrawn. This is the right thing to do, and I hope all members of the House will join me in this effort."


The legislators who joined Burlison in sponsoring the resolution include House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good, R-Va., and Reps. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., Thomas Massie, R-Ky., and Chip Roy, R-Texas, among others.

Theodore Bunker 

 A Newsmax writer,

has more than a decade

 covering news, media, and politics.

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David YEO:


0N3 N!GHT $T@ND$ (1 Min)




M@N M@D3 EL3CTR!C@L $T0RM$**K@N$AS (14 Min)


"TH3 SUN !s TH3 0N3 TH@T M0V3$**N0T TH3 E@rTH" (18 Min)


J@BB3D MU$!C!@N & PH0T0GR@PH3R $UDD3NLY D!3$ (1 Min)


A$K TH3 D0CT0R**L3@KY GUT**BR3@$T GR0WTH**C0LL@G3N (103 Min)


BR@!N3DW@$H3D CHR!$T!@N$? (1 Min)


TH3 R3@L GR3@T AW@K3N!NG*TRUTH (7 Min)


CRA are PR3T3ND!NG +o B3 P0L!C3 0FF!C3R$ (1 Min)


***TV $T@R H)$P!TAL!Z3D W!TH BLD KL0T$ !n LUNG$ (1 Min)


0N3 B!G CLUB**TH3 R3@L P0W3R B3H!ND PUT!N & D0N@LD (2 Min)


M@R!A & C@TH3R!N3 AU$T!N F!TT$**GL0B@L!$T's B@NK!NG C0UP (49 Min)

N0T3: V3ry G00d D!$CU$$!0N.

David YEO


Lara Trump Announces RNC Initiative to Train 100,000 for Election Monitoring To Prevent Cheating:

The Republican National Committee is launching a massive election integrity initiative aimed at recruiting and training 100,000 poll watchers and workers across the country.


The Washington Times reported that the program, announced by RNC co-chairwoman Lara Trump, aims to combat election fraud and ensure a fair process in the upcoming presidential election.

On Friday, at the Turning Point USA convention in Detroit, Lara Trump unveiled the party's comprehensive plan. As a part of this initiative, the RNC will be mobilizing a significant number of election workers nationwide.

Lara Trump emphasized a zero-tolerance stance on election fraud, stating, “We are also sending a loud and clear message out there to anyone who thinks about cheating in an election. If you cheat in an election, we will find you, we will track you down and we will prosecute you to the full extent of the law.”


Lara Trump Announces New Initiative

The initiative by the RNC includes the recruitment and training of poll watchers, poll workers, and lawyers. This is aimed at building a strong team of election watchdogs to oversee the electoral processes.

This effort will train approximately 100,000 individuals, ensuring they are well-prepared to uphold election integrity. The training program is said to be robust enough to equip even those without prior knowledge of election law.

The RNC has pledged to offer specific training for lawyers, making it accessible for anyone willing to participate in the oversight process.


This aligns with the party's goal to have attorneys present in every major polling location.

Notably, this initiative marks a shift from the RNC’s historical approach. According to Lara Trump, the party has been reactive rather than proactive in its election efforts over the past four decades.

“We also want attorneys to work in every major polling location. So we are not reactive. We are proactive. The second you see an issue, we address it,” she added.

This strategy aims to identify and resolve potential issues immediately as they arise during the election process, striving for a more transparent and fair election.


Leadership and Historical Context

The announcement comes amid broader efforts by the RNC leadership to bolster election security and integrity. Lara Trump and Michael Whatley were recently placed into leadership positions by former President Donald Trump, who has been vocal about his claims regarding the 2020 election.

The focus is now on mobilizing and training a comprehensive network of election officials and lawyers to monitor the upcoming presidential election critically.


This plan is part of the broader agenda of the RNC to ensure a fair and transparent election process. This comes a day before former President Donald Trump’s anticipated speech at the conservative convention.

Lara Trump's announcement has set the stage for an intense focus on election integrity within the Republican Party. The objective is to safeguard the electoral process from any potential fraud or irregularities.

With the upcoming presidential election on the horizon, the RNC’s new initiative is poised to play a critical role in ensuring the election's integrity. The recruitment and training of 100,000 individuals reflect the party's commitment to this cause.


This ambitious plan by the RNC signifies a proactive stance toward election oversight, aiming to create a robust mechanism to address and prevent election fraud effectively.



The RNC, under the leadership of Lara Trump, has launched an extensive election integrity initiative to recruit and train 100,000 poll watchers and workers across the country.

This plan, announced at the Turning Point USA convention, is intended to prevent election fraud in the upcoming presidential election and represents a proactive shift in the party’s approach. The initiative includes training lawyers and election officials, marking a significant effort to ensure transparency and fairness in the electoral process.

The American Digest


KY Baby's Remains Found After Month-Long Disappearance:

The discovery of eight-month-old Miya Tucker's body under debris at her Kentucky home concluded a tragic week-long search.

The decomposing remains of an eight-month-old girl expose a web of substance abuse and neglect within her family.

Tucker was last seen alive at the end of April 2024. By early June, her disappearance prompted a large-scale search involving Kentucky State Police and the use of cadaver dogs around the family's Ohio County home.

Despite initial searches yielding no clues, persistent efforts continued.


Discovering the Heartbreaking Truth

On June 6, the situation escalated when Miya's parents, Tesla Tucker and Cage Rudd, were arrested at a motel in Owensboro on numerous felony charges.

The law enforcement attention didn't stop with the parents; Miya's grandparents were detained the following day on charges related to drug trafficking and child abuse.

Kentucky State Police expanded their investigation, eventually uncovering a drug ring thought to be linked to the family and Miya's disappearance.

Amid unfolding events, State Police also learned that Miya's siblings had previously been removed from the home due to safety concerns.


A Timeline Coming to a Tragic Conclusion

The continuous search led investigators back to the Tucker residence. On Friday, June 14, at about 1:15 p.m., Miya's body was found hidden under debris within the house. The gruesome discovery confirmed the worst fears of the community and investigators alike.

Kentucky State Police Trooper Corey King reflected on the search, stating, "It's not easy. We were optimistic, just like the rest of the community. We were hopeful that maybe someone was holding this baby. But notice how we had cadaver dogs and were sifting through debris in the backyard, we knew, in the back of our mind, that the result wasn't going to be overly promising."


The Impact on the Local Community

The aftermath of this discovery has left the local community in shock, prompting calls for better oversight and intervention in cases involving child welfare and substance abuse.

The Kentucky Medical Examiner's Office in Louisville continues to investigate to confirm the cause of Miya's death.


Why This Story Matters

The harrowing tale of Miya Tucker serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of drug abuse and neglect.

It highlights critical gaps in social services and underscores the importance of community vigilance in protecting vulnerable members.


Lessons to Learn from This Tragedy

1. Community Awareness: Always be observant of your surroundings and report any suspicious activities related to child welfare. It's crucial to act as a community watchdog to prevent such tragedies.

2. Substance Abuse Repercussions: Understand the severe consequences that drugs can have not just on individuals but on entire families, particularly young children. Education and prevention are key steps towards combatting this issue.

3. Response and Reporting: Fast response and reporting can sometimes prevent tragedy. It's essential to educate oneself on how to notice signs of child neglect or abuse and how to report them. No matter the circumstances, remember, crime can happen to anyone and should never be used to blame the victims.


This bleak story of Miya Tucker not only uncovers the direct impacts of parental neglect and substance abuse but also underscores the broader societal responsibilities toward child welfare.

It serves as a crucial lesson on the importance of community vigilance and the need for effective responses to signs of child abuse and neglect.

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Maryland Governor Pardons Record 175,000 Marijuana Convictions:

 June 19, 2024

Maryland Governor Wes Moore has made a historic move that could change thousands of lives.

According to Daily Mail, Governor Wes Moore has pardoned over 175,000 marijuana convictions in Maryland, marking the largest state-level pardon for such offenses in U.S. history.

On Monday, Governor Moore announced the sweeping pardons, which aim to address the long-lasting impacts of the War on Drugs and provide new opportunities for those affected. This unprecedented decision includes over 150,000 misdemeanor convictions for simple possession and more than 18,000 misdemeanor convictions for use or possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia. Some individuals may even see multiple convictions pardoned under this order.


Massive Pardon Includes Thousands of Convictions

The governor's office indicated that the process of updating electronic dockets will take about two weeks, while the corrections to criminal records may take up to 10 months. Those with marijuana convictions can also apply individually for an expungement of their records. Additionally, people with convictions that predate electronic records are encouraged to apply for pardons individually.

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Maryland in 2023 following a voter-approved constitutional amendment. With this move, Maryland joins nine other states that have taken similar actions to pardon marijuana convictions as legalization becomes more widespread. The decision is expected to have significant positive impacts on employment, housing, and educational opportunities for those previously convicted.


Advocates And Officials Praise The Move

Advocates for marijuana reform have hailed the move as a crucial step in removing barriers created by past marijuana convictions. Governor Moore emphasized the intentional and unapologetic nature of this action, highlighting its historic scale. He also noted that the legalization of marijuana does not undo the decades of harm caused by the War on Drugs, which disproportionately affected Black Marylanders.

State Attorney General Anthony Brown echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the racial justice aspect of the pardons. He stated that the order applies to all who meet its criteria but is particularly significant for African Americans and other Marylanders of color who were disproportionately targeted by previous laws. This move is seen as a long-overdue correction to systemic injustices.

It's about racial justice. While this order applies to all who meet its criteria, the impact is a triumphant victory for African Americans and other Marylanders of color who were disproportionately arrested, convicted, and sentenced for actions yesterday that are lawful today.


Broader Context Of Marijuana Legalization

In December, President Biden also took a significant step by pardoning thousands of people convicted of marijuana-related offenses on federal lands and in Washington, D.C. This federal action complements state-level efforts like those in Maryland, reflecting a broader shift in national attitudes toward marijuana legalization and criminal justice reform.

Governor Moore's decision is part of a growing recognition of the need to address the harms caused by outdated drug policies. The impact of these pardons is expected to be profound, providing many with the chance to rebuild their lives without the stigma of a criminal record.

Shiloh Jordan, who attended the signing event, shared his personal experience of losing a job due to a minor cannabis conviction. He praised the move, noting that many people affected by petty cannabis charges have had their lives significantly disrupted.

It means a lot because I know a lot of people that have been convicted for petty cannabis charges, and it really affected their whole way of life and their whole way of thinking.



The process of updating records to reflect the pardons will involve both the state judiciary and the department of corrections. While the judiciary will focus on updating electronic dockets, the corrections department will develop a process to indicate the pardons in each individual's criminal record. This comprehensive approach ensures that the pardons are effectively implemented.

In conclusion, Maryland's historic pardon of over 175,000 marijuana convictions represents a significant step toward rectifying past injustices and providing new opportunities for those affected. This move, coupled with broader national efforts, signals a shift in how marijuana-related offenses are viewed and handled. Governor Moore's decision is a landmark moment in the ongoing efforts to address the consequences of the War on Drugs and promote social equity.

Capitalism Institute



Rumors – Rumors - Rumors – Rumors – Rumors


RUMOURS Circulating out there...:

You need to MAKE-UP Your own MIND!




"My Fellow Americans, the Storm is Upon Us!

Be Ready!”

…President Donald Trump Wed. 19 June 2024


Major Code Red Alert:

Prepare For Ten Dark Days Under Military Watch!

…The 17th Letter (JFK Jr.) Q on Telegram


EAS, EBS Activated!

Pack Your Bag, Leave the BS Behind

See You On the Other Side

…Shadow of Diana on Telegram Wed. 19 June 2024


“It’s A Gooooooo!”

…Wolverine Wed. 19 June 2024


It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, water, cash, medicine and essential items on hand for your family and to share with others in case of emergency.


This GCR Update is Dedicated to Builders of the Nations: Patriot Pioneers of 2024

“They, the Builders of the Nation, Blessed, Honored Pioneers”


Note: Early Mon. Morning 17 June 2024 there was a Blackout at the White House while Military and police appeared to be making arrests. Rumors were that the Supreme Court had secretly ruled on the Brunson Case, affirming that Congress failed to investigate allegations of Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election, making the election invalid. A Thurs. 20 June Announcement of this SCOTUS decision would dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress, while reinstating Trump as US President.


Wed. 19 June 2024 Ginger, Ginger’s Liberty Lounge:

  • ·       A personal friend who has a family member in a Middle East Parliament wrote, "Hey, dear Ginger, I just received a heads up from my family member in the Middle East, who said that, "President Trump is back as the President of the United States of America. They know this because they had a meeting at the U S. Embassy in the Middle East, and they saw evidence of have this change. Period!"

  • ·       She went on to say, "You can be sure that President Trump has already been reinstated. I am assuming that the Bronson case was finally decided upon in the Supreme Court and actioned out.”

  • ·       “Now I comprehend how Trump met with the Republicans in the Senate last week, and he actually presided over the meeting."

  • ·       Wolverine: My contact in the USA has also verified the source and said that it’s true that Trump is our president which is why Brunson appeared happy in the last video and why president Trump was at the meeting with all the republicans at Washington DC.


  • ·       Early Mon. morning 17 June 2024 between 3 and 6 am a blackout occurred in Washington DC around the White House. 

  • ·       According to two separate witnesses at the scene, police and US troops were everywhere in the darkness. Military vans, buses and police cars pulled up to the White House, loaded passengers, took them down the road and across a bridge and then some vans came back empty to do a repeat.

  • ·       Mustang Medic’s recording showed many buses and vans, some marked as Military, entering the Capitol grounds. Several people were taped getting out of their cars, showing IDs to guards and then walking into the grounds.

  • ·       When it was over and seemingly on Q, fireworks lit up the sky. Reports from those on the ground claimed that by later that day the White House was closed up tight and remained so as of right now.

  • ·       Evidently Biden’s team was not in the White House, but detained and arrested behind the scenes.

  • ·       The US Military was expected to have arrested Harris on charges of treason, while invoking the 25th Amendment on Biden because of his dementia and subsequent inability to hold office.

  • ·       The Deep State had plans to invoke the 25th on Biden, put Harris in his place and Pelosi as VP – not going to happen.

  • ·       Juan O Savin reported that the US Interim Military Government was about to arrest Joe Biden and his traitor Deep State politicians in DC.

  • ·       Crimes of these elite politicians have recently been exposed from findings of the Russia hoax Mueller probe, impeachments of Trump and Obamagate.

  • ·       It was reported that to date, 260 Global Elites have been served, “The deal that they got was that if they gave information that was useful, they could have a better death, or a jail cell for life. Obama gave up Michelle, and then breached his warrant.

  • ·       It was likely that rolling blackouts would occur in other areas of the country as arrests were being made. Communications would be cut off for a short period of time.

  • ·       There’s some mayors, governors and judges out there with their names on some of the over 222, 286 sealed indictments filed in federal courts across the nation since Trump took office in 2016.

  • ·       Judy Note: Other reports say there were originally over 500,000 indictments on Global Elites worldwide. Charlie Ward just reported “Of the 450,000 indictments and Tribunals we are in the last 5-10,000 to complete.” Space Force along with other military from around the world, have arrested over 8,000,000 Nazi Cabal Deep State Treasonous Traitors. As of May 1, another 500,000 sealed indictments have been released to arrest Judges, attorneys, etc.

  • ·       There were massive internet and network outages on the East Coast said to be a cover for Special Operations (SOF) units making arrests of Deep State bad guys.

  • ·       All Corrupt Actors Have Exited The World Stage! And Their Propaganda Media Partners Will Have a Grand Finale Exit Soon Nowhere To Be Found.

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024: Which Presidents Are Going? Deep State, Treason, Military Tribunals, Official Documents, List of Indictments. Guantanamo Military Federal Prison houses the Worst Criminals on Planet Earth! Hillary and Bill Clinton, Obama, Biden, Bush, Brennan, Strzok , Holder to name a few! …Q++ on Telegram

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024: Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes & Charlie Ward: It's Happening NOW!! Buckle Up! (Video) | Alternative | Before It's News ( Charlie Ward: “The Supreme Court has heard the Brunson Case privately. We could see the banks collapse this next weekend. The Vatican has never been good; they’ve always had a weird relationship with young boys. There is going to be a change very soon from the old system to the new Starlink Quantum System. Certain members of the Royal Family and certain politicians are not here anymore. Of the 450,000 indictments and Tribunals we are in the last 5-10,000 to complete.”

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024: Joe Biden is not, nor ever has been, president of the US. He was executed in 2019 for pedophilia. Joe Biden is being played by Arthur Roberts behind a mask. Donald Trump is the legitimate US President who says, “I let them do their fraud to have enough proof to the World that the Alliance has all the evidence.” …Trump Explicit on Telegram Wed. 19 June 2024

  • ·       Biden has imported over 11 million illegals from the most dangerous & anti-American countries in the world. Completely unvetted. Today, Crooked Joe Biden is granting mass amnesty. It's absolute lunacy, and it ends on Day One of the Trump administration. …The Hidden Truth on Telegram Wed. 19 June 2024

  • Predicted Timing of Events:

  • ·       On Sun. 9 June 2024 Saudi Arabia refused to renew the US Inc. Petrodollar Contract and now the US Treasury in Washington DC has been boarded up and painted in Trump Orange.

  • ·       Early Mon. Morning 17 June 2024: Blackout, Arrests occurred at White House.

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024 Dinar Revaluation: Iraqi PM Sudani announced on Iraqi TV that by Wed. 19 June, Iraqi citizens would have their new exchange rate. The Dinar Revaluation was the Kingpin that would set off a Global Currency Reset to gold/asset-backed currencies for 209 Sovereign Nations.

  • ·       Thurs. 20 June 2024 A new fence surrounded the Supreme Court in preparation for a major SCOTUS announcement on Thursday 20 June 2024.

  • ·       On Sun. 23 June 2024 the US Dollar would devalue, paving the way for a Global Financial Crisis according to a Banker.

  • ·       Tues. 25 June 2024 “Blackout Necessary: In one week (from Tues. 18 June) everything will change. Devastating information that is kept secret from the public. A big scandal happened this week, so we have it all. Donald Trump promised.”

  • Wars and Rumors of Wars:

  • ·       Russian President Putin, who has 40 Military ships and 3 Nuclear Subs surrounding the US, has hinted at arming North Korea with long-range missiles, weapons, and technology in response to the United States and NATO arming Ukraine. Putin also said, “The whole world can see that Americans no longer have faith in the current corrupt Deep State political judicial system.”

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024 Russia Warship Off Miami, Norad on High Alert, Russia Sends Warship Towards Venezuela:

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024 Kremlin is preparing Nuclear Attacks on American Ships?:

  • Restored Republic:

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024 Dems Secret Plan To Take Out Biden, X22 Report:

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024: DISCLOSURE: Current Wartime President & CIC, Donald J. Trump Declared a Global Defence War – Executed Traitors, Clintons, Obama, VP Biden & Obliterated globalist Deep State - American Media Group ( the current wartime President and Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, has declared a global defense war. Operation STORM 2024 has begun, It all began on December 20, 2019, when the current Wartime President and Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump, declared a global Defense War.

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024: BOOM! DISCLOSURE (Declassified & Authorized): The Truth About Julian Assange and Wikileaks! - American Media Group (

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024: Space Force along with other military from around the world, have arrested over 8,000,000 Nazi Cabal Deep State Treasonous Traitors around the world. As of May 1 another 500,000 sealed indictments have been released to arrest Judges, attorney’s etc. We have been and are still arresting the leftover Nazi minions. We know where they live and all other information so they have NO WHERE to go.

  • Covid/Vax/Ebola/ Swine Flu/ Polio/ Small Pox/ BSE/ Zika/ Sars/ Monkey Pox/ AIDs/ Vax/ H1N1/ Graphene Oxide/ Chem trails/ Fluoride, Processed Foods, Human Clones Hoaxes:

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024: Dr. Peter Glidden, BS, ND Blows the Whistle on Chemotherapy: A 12 year study was conducted of adults with cancer from all over the world that were treated with chemotherapy. The results were published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Results: 97% of the time chemotherapy does not work!

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024: The state of Kansas is suing Pfizer, alleging that the company knew of the serious side effects, yet marketed the vaccine as “safe.”

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024 Federal appeals court confirms COVID jabs don’t “prevent the spread” of disease… which means they aren’t vaccines at all.

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024 Infant Formula: In a study published last month, researchers looked at samples from 20 formulas made by well-known American and international brands and found that six out of 20 formulas tested positive for five types of toxic heavy metals, including lead and aluminum. Even more alarming is that infant formula has tested positive for Cronobacter.  In May 2024, the FDA sounded the alarm on the Crecelac Infant Powdered Goat Milk Infant Formula, after tests revealed it was contaminated with Cronobacter, which can lead to life-threatening infections like sepsis and meningitis.

  • ·       Wed. 19 June 2024: Breaking News: Yes! Effective Cancer Treatments Exist, but the Government Is Keeping Them Hidden! - American Media Group (

  • Biden Crime Family:

  • ·       Biden Regime Sends FBI to Intimidate Nurse Who Blew the Whistle on Texas Children’s Hospital’s Child Sex-Change Program:

  • ·       Since Joe Biden was VP, his family and their shell companies have hauled in $18 million from foreign sources.

▪️ $7.3 million from China

▪️ $4 million from Ukraine

▪️ $3.5 million from Russia

▪️ $1 million from Romania

▪️ $1 million from Panama

▪️ $142,300 from Kazakhstan (for a Porsche!)

▪️ $1 million in other foreign payments

  • ·       Joe Biden met with nearly every foreign national funneling his family millions of dollars.

▪️ Chairman of CEFC Ye Jianming

▪️ Chinese Fund Executive Jonathan Li

▪️ Burisma Corporate Secretary Vadym Pozharsky

▪️ Russian Oligarch Yelena Baturina

▪️ Kazakhstani Oligarch Kenes Rakishev



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