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TUESDAY 12-12-23

Tuesday BLOG 12-12-23

Verse(s) for today:


Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, God dwelleth in him, and he in God.

1 John 4:15 KJV


Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?

Matthew 6:25 KJV


The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the LORD, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

Isaiah 40:3 KJV



The Fellowship of Christian Farmers Canada [CCFC]

2023 E-SOWER - Issue 59

Please see our 2023 E Sower Newsletter attached in PDF.

Be sure to download this PDF... it is a wonderful testimony of God at work in the Lives of His People!NEW! You can also view it in a flipbook format online with this link:

An important Prayer and Financial update from our Executive Director

Amazing Stories and Testimonies from our volunteers

Saying goodbye to a talented leader

Thank you again for subscribing to our mailing list and supporting our charity.With only a few weeks left in 2023, there is still enough time to make a difference.Your generosity helps to change lives! Online: Christmas and a Blessed New Year, 

[Richard & Melissa]

FCFC National Office Canada - Administration



The Vigilant Fox

[This is ‘FANTASTIC’]

Media Blackout: Ten News Stories They Chose NOT to Tell You This WEEK:

Plus, an exclusive interview with Liz Gunn discussing Barry Young’s arrest and the damning New Zealand COVID-19 vaccine data.

Special thanks to Maria Zeee (@zeee_media) for doing an incredible job hosting the first episode of Media Blackout!

Please repost and follow (Vigilant FoxMaria Zeee, and Vigilant News) to support our work — and stay tuned for episode 2 next Sunday!

[Patrick Bestall]

[The Vigilant FOX News]


Pro-Vaccine Doctor Comes to a Chilling Realization, Says “I Can’t Continue to Vaccinate Here”

“We must have had 300-400 people who have come to us with the feeling that they have had problems since the vaccination.”

Dr. Cornelia Tschanett has come to grips with an uncomfortable reality that she can no longer deny — that the so-called COVID-19 vaccinations are not as “safe and effective” as the government touted.

In a recently-released documentary titled “UN-SICHTBAR: Der Film Teil 1,” which translates to “INVISIBLE: The Film Part 1,” the Austrian doctor disclosed that 10 percent of the 3,000 to 4,000 patients in her practice have come forward with “problems since the vaccination.”


The following video and translation were previously shared by Ex-Big Pharma Executive Aussie17:

"We have carried out around 3,000 to 4,000 vaccinations in my practice. And as few side effects, as we saw at the beginning, This slowly became more the case over the course of the year

“You may not notice the first cases that much or dismiss it as an isolated case. Possibly also as a psychological overreaction. Towards the end of the year, this increased. Then, more and more people came with supposed complaints after the vaccination. And then you question your own perception a bit. And it was also difficult to discuss it. We will then have it in the course of autumn 2021.


“There are also groups founded by doctors who also vaccinate. And then you realize they perceive the same thing in their patient clientele. People report the same complaints, such as cardiac arrhythmias, insane fatigue, persistent muscle pain, and nerve inflammation. This then slowly became reproducible

“And then, of course, you also try to look for scientific discourse. And that was shocking to me that that wasn't possible. That was dismissed. It was actually an absolutely dogmatic and certain and rock-solid statement, this is not from the vaccination. And the more patients came, the greater the inner conflict became for me — and for many doctors who actually want the best for their patients. 


“[Extraordinarily], the first case was a 16-year-old boy who arrived at us 48 hours after the second dose with nausea and chest pressure. I took an EKG, and the EKG was impressively changed — so not normal for a 16-year-old. We then sent him to the hospital. A massive myocarditis of the heart was diagnosed there. Thank God he got well again. But that was the moment when I really stopped. 

“Because people come at the same time, Mothers with their children, young people, and they have literally said the sentence very often, ‘I don't know what's right, I put my life in her hands.’ And this power of trust induces an enormous responsibility for me personally to be honest. It makes no difference whether you have seen this case once or ten times. The risk exists; the connection is vacant. 


“Until proven otherwise, we actually have to educate people about what we see and what experiences we have. A person has this right if he or she decides to undergo physical intervention ... 

“That was an inner conflict for me because the social pressure to vaccinate as many people as possible and to vaccinate all age groups was very great. And on the other hand, personal experience as a doctor has increased — that this is not possible without side effects. 

“That was the moment when I thought to myself, I can't continue to vaccinate here. I have to stick to the truth; I have to live up to this trust. 


“We must have had 300-400 people who have come to us with the feeling that they have had problems since the vaccination.”



32 million Small Businesses are about to get Blindsided:

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. small business sentiment edged down in November to the lowest level in six months, stoked by continued difficulties in hiring skilled labor and concerns about inflation.

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) said its small business optimism index fell to 90.6 last month from 90.7 in October. The index remained below its 50-year average of 98 for a 23rd straight month.

Optimism has fallen since peaking this year in July as businesses report difficulties finding labor and battling inflation. A net negative 32% of businesses reported higher profits in November, unchanged from October.

While difficulties filling open positions persist, the percentage of businesses describing few or no qualified job applicants fell to 50%, the lowest since January 2021. The fall brings it below the average of about 52 in the two years before the coronavirus pandemic.

Fewer owners also reported difficulty filling open positions, with the figure falling three points from October to 40%, though the current pace of hiring remains weak.

View/Read more DETAILS at the above LINK...   [The BLAZE Media]



PUSH-Back on W.H.O.:

The World Health Organization (WHO) is not getting the cooperation it was looking for when it first pushed global regulation measures for a hypothetical pandemic.

There have now been five countries to deny the WHO's efforts.

The "pandemic prevention, preparedness and response accord" is a "legal" and "binding" agreement between countries in case there is another global pandemic, according to the WHO website.

New Zealand, Mexico, Estonia, Slovakia and the Philippines have all declined to enter into a global treaty with the WHO.

View/Read more DETAILS at the above LINK...          [Patrick Bestall] 

[Western Standard News]    


 SEVEN CHURCHES... [mentioned in Revelation]:

What Are the Seven Churches of Revelation?

What do they signify  for us TODAY?

The seven churches of Revelation were real, physical congregations when the Apostle John wrote this bewildering last book of the Bible around 95 AD, but many scholars believe the passages have a second, hidden meaning.

[Don & Patrick]



Elon Musk’s foe, Jeff Bezos, is humiliated after he was forced to make this devastating revelation:

Jeff Bezos is a distant third on the list of the world’s richest men, behind current title holder Elon Musk and the second-place Arnault family.

Now Bezos is reeling after admitting the grimm news about one of his most prized possessions.

And Musk’s foe, Jeff Bezos, is humiliated after he was forced to make this devastating revelation.

Numerous major media outlets are in deep financial trouble and have been for years.


They’ve pushed blatant woke propaganda at the expense of accurate reporting to the point in which working-class Americans are finally tuning them out.

And now this major media outlet is on its last leg after it asked hundreds of employees to voluntarily fire themselves.

Amid media industry’s tailspin, Bezos’ trophy outlet is on its last leg after he asked hundreds of employees to voluntarily fire themselves

Plenty of major corporations have experienced layoffs in recent years, whether as a result of the ruling class’s COVID lockdowns and restrictions that shut down the American economy or President Joe Biden’s recession-inducing economic policies.


So, it’s no surprise to see major media corporations follow suit, as corporate America attempts to recalibrate amidst the shifting economic landscape.

Just the past week, Vox Media – the parent company of VoxEater, SB Nationthe Verge, and other outlets – and Condé Nast – the parent company of VogueThe New YorkerGQVanity Fair, and others – both announced what were described by other media outlets as “sweeping” layoffs.

In fact, things are so bad over at Vox Media that the company’s employees’ union has started a GoFundMe to provide “relief” for those who lost their jobs.


Of course, those outlets aren’t alone, though, as major media players like Vice Media Group, G/O Media, Fox News, CNN, and others have also instituted layoffs that have resulted in more than 20,000 lost jobs across the media industry through early November – six-times more lost jobs than the media industry experienced in 2022 – according to a report from The Guardian.

And now, the failing, Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post is following suit.

In a memo to staffers last week, Washington Post CEO Patty Stonesifer announced that 120 of the outlet’s employees had been terminated from their positions with the company.

Any volunteers?

However, Stonesifer also told Post staffers that the company needed to cut a total of 240 jobs “to help restore The Post’s financial health.”

But rather than simply fire another 120 low-performing employees – there are certainly more than that at The Washington Post – Bezos, Stonesifer, and the rest of the “democracy dies in darkness” brain trust are asking for 120 employees to fire themselves.


“We have made the decision that if we fall short of this goal, to implement involuntary layoffs,” Stonesifer added.

And to make matters even worse, she also was sure to point out that if the company was forced to engage in such “involuntary layoffs,” those employees who are forced out the door would receive “significantly less generous benefits than the voluntary package.”


The New York Times previously reported that The Washington Post was on track to lose $100 million this year alone, primarily due to a collapse in the number of people willing to pay for a digital subscription to The Post.

Of course, as Breitbart’s John Nolte pointed out, there’s a laundry list of reasons for The Post digital subscriber collapse, including the “Russian collusion” hoax, the “hands up, don’t shoot” hoax, the “policeman killed on January 6” hoax, the “border agents whipping illegals” hoax, the “Georgia Jim Crow 2.0” hoax, the “COVID lab leak theory is racist” hoax, the “Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation” hoax, the “if re-elected, Trump will execute people” hoax, and so many more.

They refuse to look in the mirror

Nevertheless, rather than looking in the mirror one time and realizing the role they’ve played in destroying what was left of The Post’s credibility, the Washington Post Guild – read: the outlet’s self-proclaimed “journalists’” little union – blasted the layoffs of what they claimed would be 10% of the outlet’s total workforce.

To the surprise of no one, the woke union demanded to know why Bezos, one of the world’s richest men, was laying off employees from the media outlet he owns, rather than simply personally writing a check for the $100 million shortfall to keep all the failing “journalists” employed.


“Hard-working Post employees are going to lose their jobs because of a litany of poor business decisions at the top of our company,” the Washington Post Guild wrote in a statement. “We cannot comprehend how The Post, owned by one of the richest people in the world, has decided to foist the consequences of its incoherent business plan and irresponsibly rapid expansion onto the hardworking people who make this company run.”

While it’s no surprise that self-proclaimed “journalists” find it hard to “comprehend” the reality working-class Americans face on a daily basis, they admittedly have a point.


Sure, The Washington Post’s downward spiral is a direct result of the woke extremist propaganda the outlets self-proclaimed “journalists” have peddled, but at the same time, that does all start at the top.

Like any other corporation, it’s the executives who made the decisions that sent the company off a fiscal cliff who continue to be let off the hook and face zero accountability for their actions.

And until those elites at the top start paying the price for their actions, things will only continue to get worse.

[24/7 Politic]


Pro-Palestine protesters yell at, heckle Hillary Clinton at Columbia University

Democrats from all corners are taking heat from Pro-Palestine protesters.

The latest to experience the wrath of their own supporters was failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who was heckled and yelled at as she walked out of teaching a class at Columbia University on Wednesday.

Yahoo News noted:

This footage released by Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine (CSJP) shows protesters chanting at Clinton and her teaching partner as they walk by on Wednesday afternoon.


Footage shows Clinton and her teaching aide being heckled and yelled at by protesters.

The protesters yelled a number of demands and statements to Clinton.

"Can't you see, can't you see," they shouted, adding, "You're supporting genocide!"

"Take our demands. Take our demands. Take our demands. Take our demands. Take our demands. Take our demands. Take our demands. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on-- shame on you. Shame on you," they yelled.


The pro-Palestine protesters turned to shaming the former secretary of state.

"Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you. Shame on you!" they shouted as she exited the class.

Social media users had a field day watching footage of Clinton being yelled at by the very same people who likely voted for her.

"Democrats can't see beyond the first dynamic. When Democrats said confront them in restaurants and gas stations and people DID, in some cases very violently, they expected that would never happen to them. Reap, sow or something," one X user wrote.

Another X user wrote, "Why do schools have Hillary Clinton as a speaker!? Like, she’s an evil human! No one should be listening to what Hillary Clinton has to say or looking up to her!"

[American Digest]



David YEO:


$0nG: Th3 BL3$$!nG (4 Min)


E@T 3GG$ 4 30 D@Y$**G00D 4 U? (10 Min)


H0LLYW00D: D03$ Th!$ M@K3 $3N$3? (13 Min)


K!W!: D3@TH J@B WH!$L3BL0W3R R3L3@$3D (4 Min)


"GL0B3$ are N0T M3@NT 4 EduC@T!0N@L PUrP0$3S" (21 Min)


AppL3 Ann0uNC3$ 6G**Th3 !nT3rN3T C0nn3CT!0N W/ B0D!3$ (21 Min)


!s M!CH@3L J@CK$0N AL!V3? (7 Min)


BLU3T00TH MAC ADDR3$$3$ Fr0m VXXD (2 Min)


An !nT3R3$T!NG XMA$ Tr3ND: As Ab0V3 $o B3L0W (12 Min)


"You N3V3R $33N M3T30R$ C0M!nG Up Fr0M Th3 H0R!Z0N"(18 Min)


'F' !s For F@K3**R3@D B3TW33N Th3 L!N3$**M0cKuM3NT@RY (40 Min)

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:



This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND  





The Real News for Mon. 11 Dec. 2023:


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