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Tuesday 5-9-23

Tuesday 5 - 9 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: For thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.

Psalm 4:8 KJV

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1:9 KJV

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.

John 1:14 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

CHINA is already using [A-I] in their School System:

This is SCARY:

Be sure to view this VIDEO!

[Dan Brooks]

Demand to End Drag Queen Summer Camp:

I wanted to update you on how our campaign is going in stopping the Carousel Theatre for Young People’s Drag Queen Summer Camp.

So far, we have over 11,596 people sign our petition! This is excellent news.

With your help, I know we can make it reach 20,000.

1. If you still need to sign the petition, please do so!

2. Also, please share this petition with your family and friends.

Thank you for all you do,

Gregory Tomchyshyn and the entire CitizenGO Team


Here's the email we sent you earlier on this:

Dear: ________ ___________

The LGBT mob will not stop going after children! If you think to drag queens doing story time at the library is wrong, I have to report that there is something much worse. Imagine kids having that same experience over a whole summer!

This is precisely what the Carousel Theatre for Young People is doing.

They will hold a Drag Queen summer camp for children aged 7-17 this coming July!

Children should attend summer camp to make new friends, have fun doing arts and crafts, science experiments, code cool robots or video games, try a new sport, or develop their love for the great outdoors. Finally, it should also be a place where kids can at least escape the constant onslaught of political ideologies taught in their schools.

Demand the Carousel Theatre cancels their Drag Queen Summer Camp for children.

Unfortunately, this particular summer will not teach kids anything valuable except further advancing the normalization of the sexualization of children.

According to the theatre’s website, parents can expect their children to learn at camp how to access their inner confidence, show their true colors, and maybe even let out their inner diva. Furthermore, the program promises parents and kids that attendees will receive a Drag Makeup Starter Kit.

Remember that this is not just any ordinary drag queen makeup kit; IT IS A STARTER KIT! THIS CAMP AIMS TO NORMALIZE AND CONTINUALLY ENCOURAGE KIDS TO CONTINUE DOING DRAG!

Let the Carousel Theatre STOP GROOMING CHILDREN in the LGBT lifestyle.

But concerned parents do not need to worry; the Carousel Theatre wants to inform concerned parents and the public that drag is standard. The theatre has even defined cross-dressing in the other gender’s clothing as usual as wearing different clothing at home than what one wears to work.

Finally, this summer camp received funding through Canadian tax dollars. As reported in the Epoch Times, the Carousel Theatre received over $41,000 in federal funding last year, most of it granted from the Ministry of Heritage.

Let’s protect children from this latest attempt to assimilate them into the self-destructive LGBT lifestyle.

Demand that Drag Queen Summer Camps for children will not become a part of Canada’s historical heritage.

Best wishes,

Gregory Tomchyshyn and the entire CitizenGO Team

P.S. This is the most disturbing summer camp I have ever seen. If you think children should spend their summers doing anything other than becoming future drag queens, please sign our petition today.

More information:

The Carousel Theatre for Young People’s Drag Queen Summer Camp Homepage

Epoch Times: Drag Queen Summer Camp for Kids 7–11 Hosted by Government-Funded Vancouver Theatre

[Gregory Tomchyshyn],


Former MMA champ challenges 10 trans men in row to fight 'since trans men are real men' 1 accepts, reportedly boasts 'I’m specifically going to f*** you up':

Former MMA champion Jake Shields — an outspoken opponent of transgender culture — recently issued a challenge: He'll fight 10 transgender men (i.e., biological females who identify as male) in row with no breaks "since trans men are real men."

Well, one trans man accepted — and reportedly told Shields, "I’m specifically going to f*** you up."

Readers of TheBlaze may recall the challenger in question: In 2017, Mack Beggs — then 17 years old — made national news by taking a Texas girls' 110-pound wrestling championship.Beggs, a biological female, had been taking testosterone and reportedly wanted to wrestle boys instead of girls, but Texas athletic rules wouldn't allow it. Beggs repeated as Texas girls' champion in 2018.

What are the details?

Shields issued the challenge last month:

"Since trans men are real men, I would like to challenge the 10 toughest trans men in the world to a fight," Shields tweeted, adding that there would be "no rest between each fight."

They don’t want you to see this …Big Tech does its best to limit what news you see. Make sure you see our stories daily — directly to your inbox.

Later that day he added,"A million views and not a single trans man has stepped up to accept my challenge. I’m starting to think they don’t have the balls to fight me."

Challenge accepted:

According to OutSports, Beggs soon accepted Shields' challenge. The outlet linked to Beggs' Instagram page quoting Beggs' reply, but that page is "no longer available."

OutSports quoted Beggs as saying, "Where’s the contract[?] But we ain’t doing no 10 on 1. Be a f***ing man and run it up 1v1. Or is beating up on 10 men will make you feel better about your manhood [sic]."

OutSports also quoted Beggs as saying “I’m about to beat this m-fers ass if it comes down to it." The outlet noted that a follow-up Instagram video (which strangely also is "no longer available") from Beggs taunted Shields’ offer as a joke, saying it was “disrespectful” to MMA fighters.

“If you call yourself a fighter, do it f***ing right,” Beggs said, according to OutSports.

OutSports also quoted Beggs as saying, “I’m specifically going to f*** you up Jake Shields personally."

Shields — who's quite a bit older (44) and heavier than Beggs — hasn't appeared the least bit impressed by Beggs' challenge acceptance: [The BLAZE Media]


Biden Admin Using Cartel Terror Attacks to Disarm Americans as Southern Border Collapses –


Shocking Videos Show Scale of Border Crisis Ahead of End of Title 42

Check-out these VIDEO’s…

Copy and Paste into Your BROWSER: [The BLAZE Media]

Here’s our four-point plan to STOP Trudeau’s C-11 censorship law:

Will you please join with me in our four-point plan to stop C-11?

Last week, Trudeau rammed his C-11censorship law through the Senate. That's fitting, isn't it? He cut off debate about a law that cuts off debate.

C-11nationalizes the Internet, making it subject to Trudeau's political control. It's the first of Trudeau's four proposed censorship laws, each one more punitive than the one before. C-11is the most important one, because it declares that companies like Facebook and YouTube are legally the same as your local TV and radio stations, so Trudeau's CRTC regulator can tell them what to do.

Click here to learn more about it:

C-11 gives Trudeau the power to decide many things about the Internet. To me, the scariest part is section 9.1(1)e, which forces Internet companies to promote the content that Trudeau's regulator tells them to promote. Right now, when YouTube or Facebook suggests a video to you, that's based on their algorithm, which is usually based on your own viewing habits. No more: C-11 says Trudeau can now regulate "the presentation of programs and programming services for selection by the public".

So now Trudeau can tell Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Rumble, Netflix, Spotify, whoever, which videos to promote and which ones to demote. Which ones to boost and which ones to hide.

Could you imagine putting Trudeau in charge of what you can see or hear on the Internet? Especially when it comes to news and political commentary.

And Trudeau has three more laws lined up after this one, including a law that would allow the government to literally ban a website it doesn't like. The Liberals have publicly called this the "nuclear option". Trudeau has also proposed fines of $20,000 if you publish something offensive online — even if you were just a teenager when you did it.

Here, watch my video where I go through his scheme:

All of Trudeau's censorship plans depend on the first law, C-11. Because none of this works if he doesn't give himself the power to regulate the Internet.

A lot of people are worried about this law. But who is actually going to do something about it?

Who can stop C-11?

Well, that's the kind of thing Rebel News does, isn't it? Every once in a while we don't just report on the world's problems — we stop, and try and fix the problems. And this is a big problem.

So I've put together a four-point plan to fight back against C-11.

It might be audacious to think that a small company like ours can stop this censorship tidal wave.

But we've gone to court to fight against Trudeau's censorship before — and we've beat him, twice in a row, in 2019 and 2021. Those were election years when Trudeau banned Rebel News (and other independent media) from attending the election debates. It was a David versus Goliath fight, but we won both times.

So here are the four things I propose to do to stop C-11.

1. Visit the website

Rebel News has set up a special website with all of our reporting on C-11. You can see videos where we go through the law line by line. You can see our reporting on how the law was rammed through Parliament. You can see what critics are saying this law will do to Internet freedom.

It's our one-stop shop for people to learn about the law. That's — check it out, and share it with your friends.

2. Sign the petition

At you'll see, on the right-hand side of the page, a petition to the Heritage Minister to repeal the law.

Obviously, the current Heritage Minister isn't going to listen to us. He's a Trudeau puppet and does whatever his master says. But maybe the next Heritage Minister will, especially if the Liberals lose the next election. But the point is, if we can get a huge number — 100,000 or more signatures — we can show the entire country that Canadians do not support Trudeau running the Internet. Please click here to sign the petition now.

3. Go to the public hearings

After they rammed through the law, the government announced that they will have public hearings about it across the country. (That's absurd — public hearings should have come first!) Of course, Trudeau will ignore those hearings. But maybe the rest of the world will pay attention.

My hope is that every Canadian who rejects Trudeau controlling the Internet will show up to speak at those consultations — by the thousand. Imagine if normal people speak truth to power and let the government know, and let the rest of Canada know, that we don't accept this China-style censorship!

The schedule of public hearings hasn't been announced yet, but when it is, we'll let you know — and we'll encourage you to attend in your area. We'll even put together fact sheets about C-11 to help you speak with confidence and knowledge at these hearings.

The only people who support C-11 are Trudeau insiders or reporters getting subsidies from him. No normal person would support this sort of censorship. We have to prove that, in massive numbers. So, when those public hearings are scheduled, we'll post them on, along with helpful fact sheets to assist you in your remarks.

4. Constitutional litigation

This is the big one. And it's the most expensive one. We need to go to court and ask a judge to block this law on the basis of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If our Charter means anything, it must stop Trudeau from commandeering the Internet.

But constitutional lawsuits need to be done right — by experienced lawyers who are used to high-stakes litigation.

The lawsuit has to be smart, because Trudeau will throw everything, he has at it. When we challenged him in 2021 in the Federal Court, we had one lawyer, and Trudeau threw seven lawyers at us. He'll do anything to win. So, we have to be good.

Which is why we need to move first. I don't want someone else to challenge the law with a weak lawyer or a weak argument — I don't want a wobbly case to be the test case. I want the best foot forward, with the best plaintiffs and the best lawyers and the best arguments.

Obviously Rebel News is a plaintiff — C-11 is clearly designed to censor us. But other independent journalists and content creators should be a part of the lawsuit, too.

And there's no other way to say it: we're going to need up to $500,000 to fight this battle. And it's probably going to take two years to see this through. That's just how costly and slow these battles are.

But we've fought fights like this before. And we've won.

I think we have to do it now. I mean, if we don't do this, who will?

I think it has to be us. Who else is going to do it — the CBC? Journalists who take a subsidy from Trudeau? Of course not.

It has to be us. Rebel News — and you.

Will you please join with me in our four-point plan to stop C-11?

Justin Trudeau is obsessed with controlling what Canadians can read or see. We have to be just as obsessed with fighting for freedom.

The Internet is the last, free place. Which is why Trudeau seeks to rule over it. But the Internet is meant to be free.

Please join me in our four-point plan.

Go to

Sign the petition.

Go to a public hearing in your area, to speak truth to power.

And help us challenge this law in court — by chipping in to help cover our legal fees.

The fight to stop C-11 is bigger than all other fights — because if we lose control of the Internet to Trudeau, well, good luck in ever fighting anything again.

Go to And together, let's fight for freedom.

Ezra Levant Rebel News

P.S.Signing the petition is the easy part. Getting together the funds to fight C-11 in court is the hard part. That's where we really need help. Can you please help us hire excellent lawyers to fight for our rights? (Please click here.)

P.P.S. There's a reason why 99% of journalists are silent about C-11 — they're on Trudeau's side. They either work for the CBC, or they're with the sell-out media who take his bailouts. If this lawsuit is going to happen, independent journalists like us have to lead the charge. Please click here to help us. (Thank you.)

P.P.P.S. Let me put it this way: if Trudeau had C-11 in place last year, no-one would have learned the truth about the trucker convoy — every Canadian would have been force-fed only anti-trucker, pro-Trudeau propaganda, because Trudeau controls the algorithm. That's why we simply can't let Trudeau take over the Internet. Please click here to help.

[The REBEL Media]

David YEO:

R3@L M@R$ (1 Min)

Th3 W@R !n H3@ven (1 Min)

T3X@$: Tw!TT3r C0mm3nT3r$ (4 Min)

Au$$!3 DJ Pr0moT3S J@B** D!3$ $udd3NLY @ 41 (1 Min)

Wh@T @bouT JWs? (1 Min)

Huggg000: Th3 Ph@rmaK!a P00P3 (25 Min)

MAGA !s Th3 H!gh3$T D3Gr33 !n S@Tan!$M (27 Min)

C0N-$p!ru@LitY: Th3 N3W Ag3 P!3D P!P3R$ 0f D3ce!T (36 Min)

J0hn 0n C@nC3r (3 Min)

D0C L!: C@n F00D R3acT!vaTe $T3M C3LL$ ? (7 Min)

N@Tur0PaTh $p3@K$ 0uT 0n Th3 M@G!C P0T!0N (5 Min)

D0C T0M: DNA**!s !+ R3@LLy Wh@T W3 Th0ughT? (62 Min)

$h@K!nG: A K!nG, A P0P3 & a Pr3$!d3nT**K!NG M3 D0cum3nT@ry (81 Min)

The Royal Crowning of King Charles III and the WEF’s Great Reset:

Here is an [A-I] Summary:

The Coronation of King Charles III was marked by the Archbishop of Canterbury's call for people watching on television and on the streets to pay homage to the new King by shouting their pledge of support at the moment the King makes his Coronation Oath. The Archbishop's recommendation, as published in the mainstream press, states: "All who so desire, in the Abbey, and elsewhere, say together: 'I swear that I will pay true allegiance to Your Majesty, and to your heirs and successors according to law. So help me God.'" The extraordinary irony of this call is based on the fact that the Coronation Oath is the moment when the King is supposed to pledge his unstinting commitment to protecting the liberties and traditions of his people and nation. The Archbishop thus deftly reversed the roles. By placing the emphasis on the people pledging their support to the monarch, rather than the monarch pledging his support to the people, he gave Charles's highly controversial leadership role with the World Economic Forum.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's call for people to shout their pledge of support to King Charles III at his coronation is seen as an attempt to boost the monarch's credibility, though critics see it as introducing a treasonous element into a ceremony that celebrates the protection of civil liberties. The piece also highlights how royalties' apparent respectability allows them to endorse what are described as crimes against humanity such Klaus Schwab, Pascal Soriot and former President George W Bush.

READ the details here:

The Coronation of King Charles III will be remembered, if indeed it is remembered, for the pronouncement by the Archbishop of Canterbury a few days before the event, that people watching on television and on the streets should pay homage to the new King by shouting their pledge of support at the moment the King makes his Coronation Oath.

The Archbishop’s recommendation, as published in the mainstream press, states:

‘All who so desire, in the Abbey, and elsewhere, say together: ‘I swear that I will pay true allegiance to Your Majesty, and to your heirs and successors according to law. So help me God.’

The extraordinary irony of this call is based on the fact that the Coronation Oath is the moment when the King is supposed to pledge his unstinting commitment to protecting the liberties and traditions of his people and nation. Particular relevant under the current vicious attacks on civil liberties.

The Archbishop thus deftly reversed the roles. By placing the emphasis on the people pledging their support to the monarch, rather than the monarch pledging his support to the people, he gave Charles’s highly controversial leadership role with the World Economic Forum, a significant boost.

The WEF’s ‘Great Reset’, as we well know by now, is not about supporting human liberties and national values, but about totally destroying them and dismantling the Nation State in favour of a technocratic and robotic New World Order.

The head of the Church of England thus publicly introduced a treasonous element into the royal ceremony which seemed to perfectly fit the actuality of the sinister power game in which royalty, the church, corporations and government are so deeply engrossed.

Disbelief as “Green King Charles” Gives Royal Assent to New Gene Breeding Technology

The ritualistic Coronation ceremony which took place on May 6th, exhibited all the usual well rehearsed promotional paraphernalia that one expects from this show piece of British military discipline.

As the entourage of royal celebrities and foreign dignitaries made its way down The Mall, the crowds lining the route celebrated their slavery to the globalist agenda via mindless, almost hysterical adoration of many of its chief proponents. Coupled with an unhealthy and perhaps sub conscious homage to the British class system.

Royalty’s wealth is built on the exploitation of ‘the working people’. Yet, Charles is held to be a ‘people’s king’ because, in carefully choreographed publicity exercises he can go to the pub and enjoy a pint with the locals.

‘The firm’ that manages royalty knows a great show is a welcome diversion from the ever increasing strictures of the surveillance state; the sliding economy; the crumbling National Health Service; the political sleaze and endless rhetoric of lies that come from Westminster – all of which are anaesthetized by a grand spectacle.

Not to mention the tragic increase in ‘sudden deaths’ amongst the 80% of the British population who decided to take the weaponised ‘vaccine’ and the overall sense that Britain is sinking into oblivion – and more literally – into the Atlantic Ocean.

A great ‘outer show’ nearly always disguises an equally great inner lack. A loss of direction and meaning and a beguiling deception perpetrated on those who actually see royal figureheads as ‘great people’ serving the nation and upholding its honourable traditions.

Oh dear, how much further from reality can things go?

British royalty has a way of richly endorsing crimes against humanity, provided they serve ‘the cause’. Charles’s mother, Queen Elizabeth, bestowed a knighthood on Klaus Schwab at Davos in 2006, via attendee Jack Straw, a British parliamentarian.

‘Arise Sir Klaus, and do thy deadly deeds with the blessings of Her Majesty.’

Just as was done earlier for George Bush, General Norman Schwarzkopf and most recently (by King Charles,) Pascal Soriot, director of AstraZeneca. All individuals at the very forefront of large scale adventures in mass murder.

There is a low vibrational, primitive and insidious darkness that underlies the fake regal demeanour of modern royals. They are all in service to the court of Mammon, while outwardly displaying the facade of ‘good Christians’.

It is this dark hypocrisy that was being celebrated at the Coronation ceremony on May 6th. Exactly the same ‘shape shifting’ artfulness which is being practised by all members of the ‘elite club’ which presently controls this planet.

The adoring crowds waving their plastic red, white and blue flags along the ceremonial route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Cathedral could only see the superficial splendour and not the deception.

How long will it be before the greater part of humanity learns to recognise the difference between the seductive play of the “Satanic” and the true expression of responsible statesmanship?


Note to readers: Please click the share button above. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter and subscribe to our Telegram Channel. Feel free to repost and share widely Global Research articles.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer and international activist. He is President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside and author of ‘Overcoming the Robotic Mind’ See

He is a regular contributor to Global Research.

Featured image source

The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Julian Rose, Global Research, 2023

Josh Alexander slams Conservative Party:

Josh Alexander endorses Maxime Bernier, slams Conservative Party silence on LGBT insanity

An interesting read… However: Tares look like wheat until it's harvest time.

(LifeSiteNews) –– Canadian Catholic high school student Josh Alexander has put his support behind the People’s Party of Canada (PCC) under its leader Maxime Bernier, praising the party for fighting back against transgender “madness,” while lambasting the Conservative Party for staying silent on the issue.

“Once again Maxime Bernier has demonstrated more leadership than the entire official pposition,” tweeted Alexander last Thursday.

“We’re growing up in a culture war that the [Conservative Party of Canada] will only fight behind closed doors. I will not be swayed by voting traditions. When my time comes, I will vote with conviction,” added the teenager.

On Wednesday of last week at a PPC event in Renfrew, Ontario, Bernier invited Alexander, a local Catholic high school student who was banned from attending classes last year for saying there are only two genders, to attend and speak a few words to the crowd.

At the event, Alexander told the crowd why he is supporting the PPC, and vowed he will continue his fight against his school board, the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board.

About the event, Bernier tweeted:

In recent weeks, Alexander has appeared on Bernier’s video blog posts more than once, and the PPC leader has not shied away from praising the teen’s work in exposing what he dubbed the “transgender madness” sweeping Canada.

“Across Canada, radical trans activists have been aggressively pushing their agenda to normalize transgenderism, particularly amongst children,” Bernier wrote.

“Not only have they not been opposed by governments, they are being actively protected by them!”

LifeSiteNews contacted Alexander to ask him about his public support for Bernier’s PPC, but as of press time has yet to receive a reply.

[Patrick Bestall]

NATO ‘s Great New Idea: ‘Let’s Start a War With China!’

NATO’s post-Cold War history is that of an organization far past its “sell-by” date. Desperate for a mission after the end of the Warsaw Pact, NATO in the late 1990s decided that it would become the muscle behind the militarization of “human rights” under the Clinton Administration.

Gone was the “threat of global communism” which was used to justify NATO’s 40-year run, so NATO re-imagined itself as a band of armed Atlanticist superheroes. Wherever there was an “injustice” (as defined by Washington’s neocons), NATO was ready with guns and bombs.

The US military-industrial complex could not have been happier. All the Beltway think tanks they lavishly fund finally hit on a sure winner to keep the money pipeline flowing. It was always about money, not security.

The test run for NATO as human rights superheroes was Yugoslavia in 1999. To everybody but NATO and its neocon handlers in DC and many European capitals, it was a horrific, unjustified disaster. Seventy-eight days of bombing a country that did not threaten NATO left many hundreds of civilians dead, the infrastructure destroyed, and a legacy of uranium-tipped ammunition to poison the landscape for generations to come.

Just last week tennis legend Novak Djokovic recalled what it felt like to flee his grandfather’s home in the middle of the night as NATO bombs fell and destroyed it. What a horror!

Then NATO got behind the overthrow of the Gaddafi government in Libya. The corporate press regurgitated the neocon lies that bombing the country, killing its people, and overthrowing its government would solve all of Libya’s human rights problems. As could be predicted, NATO bombs did not solve Libya’s problems but made everything worse. Chaos, civil war, terrorism, slave markets, crushing poverty – no wonder Hillary Clinton, Obama, and the neocons don’t want to talk about Libya these days.

After a series of failures longer than we have space for here, DC-controlled NATO in 2014 decided to go all-in and target Russia itself for “regime change.” First step was overthrowing the democratically elected Ukrainian government, which Victoria Nuland and the rest of the neocons took care of. Next was the eight years of massive NATO military assistance to Ukraine’s coup government with the intent of fighting Russia. Finally, it was the 2022 rejection of Russia’s request to negotiate a European security agreement that would prevent NATO armies circling its border.

We can only hope that America will elect a president in 2024 who will finally end NATO’s deadly world tour.

The Best of Ron Paul, MD

Dr. Ron Paul is a former member of Congress and Distinguished Counselor to the Mises Institute.

Copyright © 2023 by RonPaul Institute. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given.

Previous article by Ron Paul, MD: Congress Ignores Real Debt Ceiling Drama

[Lew Rockwell]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!

General Summary:

Global Currency Reset:

  • · Mon. 8 May MarkZ: The window is open wide according to all of my sources. We don’t know what that means timing wise yet. Zimbabwe launched today. There is a 2 day window to buy their digital gold tokens backed by physical gold.

  • · The Emergency Broadcast System will go off, the Markets will shut down, we will have two to ten days of Disclosure, after which Tier4b (Us, the Internet Group) will receive Notification to set exchange/redemption appointments.” …David XRP on the Charlie Ward Show (Dr. Ward, who was head of the Global Currency Reset Redemption Committee and under several NDAs, agreed with what David XRP had to say).

  • · The following nations are insolvent and cannot continue on without the reset: United States, Canada, Europe, UK, Israel, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and Japan

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