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Tuesday 6-20-23

Tuesday 6 – 20 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up,

1 Corinthians 13:4 KJV

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9 KJV

Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful.

Luke 6:36 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

A Re-Look:

The Beginning and the END!

This is REALLY Well DONE!

This is a worthwhile watch in light of what is going on....and in light of God's purposes...

Watch as CJ Lovik unlocks an end-times mystery with a prophetic key revealed by Moses 3,500 years ago!

[Brian Plumb]


2023-06-20 Hope - Andrew Bridgen MP + Hearing News Something Has "Seriously Gone Wrong With Our Democracy", plus encouragement for Canadians from June 2, 2023 at the Better Way Conference with Dr Trozzi First we have an update regarding the CPSO vs Trozzi "hearings" ruled over by the CPSO: the spectacle is on hold until July 11th and 12th, when we will have two of the most qualified scientists in the world: Dr Paul Alexander and Dr Peter McCullough deliver true science about covid in spades. As Canadians complete this current 2023 process, of either fixing the criminal abuse of medical regulation, or finding the system pulse-less, ending the resuscitation effort, and declare it dead; I had the pleasure of meeting with Andrew Bridgen, receiving this message for us West of the Atlantic, and take in the profound words he shared from the stage of the World Council for Health Better Way Conference 2023 in Bath UK. [Dr Mark Trozzi]

It just might be JOHN Kennedy Jr..... Now that would be 'FANTASTIC'!

Putin's Speech:

I have listened to so many Western commentators who all downplay Putin at every stage in this insane game. Putin is well aware that this is NOT a war between Russia and Ukraine, this is a war between the USA and NATO using Ukraine and Europe as its cannon fodder. The United States has been seized by a Neocon Coup. Blinken is a horrible guy and his #1 is Victoria Nuland whose family is not just biased against Russia, they have Ukrainian roots and are carrying out a conflict of interests.

The Western Press is just horrible. Either they are absolutely STUPID, or they are deliberately always claiming Russia is losing and they are weak, and we can therefore smack them down like an annoying fly. The problem with this scenario is that would be precisely the scenario when Russia would use the big nukes – not the small tactical nuclear weapons. If their country is to be terminated, then why not push all the buttons?

NOWHERE in the Western Press will they ever report the truth about anything. The press is leading us into World War III and there does not seem to be anyone in mainstream media willing to honestly report on the Neocons. All we hear is PUTIN – PUTIN – PUTIN. Funny, they did the same with SADDAM – SADDAM – SADDAM, ASSAD – ASSAD – ASSAD, andof course, they did the same domestically – TRUMP – TRUMP – TRUMP.

[Scott Card]


IN DEPTH: 1. Democrat Lets It Slip — Watch What She Says Instead of ‘Stopped,’ Forced to Correct Herself New 2. Disastrous News Just Released Impacting Every Single American New 3. ATF & IRS Agents Hit Small Shop With ‘Soviet-Style Intimidation Raid’ For A List New 4. Biden’s Reelection Campaign In Serious Trouble After Odd Comment He Made In Speech New 5. John Durham to Testify on Russiagate Investigation This Week 1 hour ago 6. Elon Musk Challenges Biden to Write His Own Tweets 1 hour ago 7. Alleged FTX Fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried May Face Two Criminal Trials 1 hour ago 8. Ex-Fox Producer Who Called Biden ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Breaks Silence 1 hour ago 9. Biden’s Own Justice Flips on Him — Supreme Court Drops Major 9–0 Ruling 1 hour ago 10. U.S. Provides 100 Aircraft for NATO’s Biggest Air Exercise Ever 1 hour ago 11. U.S. Army Set to Triple Munitions Production 1 hour ago 12. SM‑3: The U.S. Military Has a Missile That Kills Missiles 1 hour ago 13. UK: Both Sides Suffer Heavy Casualties as Ukraine Strikes Back Against Russia 1 hour ago 14. New Footage Shows “Alligator” Ka-52 Helicopter in Ukraine Killing Tanks 1 hour ago 15. Dershowitz: Trump’s Prosecutors Shouldn’t Get To Use the Word “Espionage” 1 hour ago 16. Fetterman Struggles Through Short Speech on Collapsed Bridge, Fails with Simple Words 2 hours ago 17. World’s Central Banks Making Divergent Policy Decisions 2 hours ago 18. Sen. Paul: Fauci Orchestrated Cover-Up in First Days of COVID Pandemic 2 hours ago 19. Republicans Demand to Know How $10 Million Appeared in Biden’s Bank Account 2 hours ago 20. Hunter and Burisma-Linked Execs Attended Then-VP Biden’s Holiday Party 2 hours ago 21. Docs Link Potential COVID Patient Zero to U.S.-Funded Research in Wuhan 2 hours ago 22. Finland’s Millennial Party Girl PM Being Replaced As Populists Enter Government 2 hours ago 23. Jonathan Turley: Lib Media’s Love Affair With Michael Cohen Can’t Cover His Thug Ways 2 hours ago 24. Prince Harry and Meghan Mocked as ‘Grifters’ by Executive Under Spotify 2 hours ago 25. Comer Plans to Bring in Key Witnesses to Biden’s Family Influence Scheme in Probe 2 hours ago 26. Report: Even Biden’s Aides Are Confused by His Constant Incoherent Comments 2 hours ago 27. Biden Repeats Several Lies During First 2024 Campaign Rally 2 hours ago 28. Sen. Blumenthal Says PGA/LIV Merger Has “Real Risks” 2 hours ago 29. Barr Says He’d Testify Against Trump in Documents Case if Asked 2 hours ago 30. San Francisco Stores Now Locking Up Candy Due to Theft 2 hours ago 31. Former NYPD Commissioner Slams NYC’s Drug Vending Machine 2 hours ago 32. At Least 21 Shot at Juneteenth Celebration in Illinois 3 hours ago 33. Chris Christie Sides With Wackjobs, Argues Against Banning Trans Surgeries for Kids 3 hours ago 34. Juneteenth Celebration Turns Into Mass Shooting in Strict Gun Control Illinois 3 hours ago 35. Comer Shares Next Steps in ‘Biden Family Influence-Peddling’ Probe 3 hours ago 36. Biden’s Armed IRS Agents are Already Making Raids, GOP Congressman Demands Answers 4 hours ago 37. James Woods Re-Writes Fox News’ Headline for Network — And It’s a Lot Better Now 6 hours ago 38. Netanyahu Speaks Out in Damning Way Against US-Iran Nuclear Agreements 9 hours ago 39. Sarah Palin Says Fox News ‘Canceled’ Her After She Spoke Her Mind About Network on Newsmax 12 hours ago 40. President Biden Put On Notice After Damaging Wave Of New Evidence Comes In 17 hours ago 41. Trump Beats Biden by Whopping Number in Post-Arrest Poll 19 hours ago 42. Biden Rocked by Damning New Poll as Americans Reveal How They Really Feel 21 hours ago 43. Leftist Media Claims Trump Stuck Miami Supporters with the Bill, Here’s What Really Happened 21 hours ago 44. Christians, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask the Tough Question — Eternity Is at Stake 22 hours ago 45. Biographer Claims an Exodus Is Underway: Tucker Carlson’s Team Is Growing Bigger 22 hours ago 46. Judge Cannon Issues New Order In Trump Documents Case 23 hours ago 47. $10 Million Mystery Dollars Found in Biden’s 2017 Tax Returns — Republicans Demand Answers Amid Bribery Allegations 23 hours ago 48. Hunter Biden Blindsided With Unexpected Surprise In Court 1 day ago 49. Things Quickly Go Off The Rails When Biden and Fetterman Meet Up in Philadelphia 1 day ago 50. Shakespearean Orators Biden and Fetterman Meet up in Philadelphia 1 day ago 51. New Report Raises Question of Who Is Really in Charge of the Biden Admin 1 day ago 52. Bud Light CEO Finally Responds to Brand’s Epic Collapse 1 day ago 53. U.S. Needs to Lend More to IMF, Other Global Institutions to Bolster Influence: Yellen 1 day ago 54. Democrats Warn That Congress Is Still Heading Toward a Shutdown Despite Agreement on Budget 1 day ago 55. Cumulative Impacts From California Exodus Costs State Nearly $500 Billion, Will Get Worse: Economist 1 day ago 56. Biden Has Added Twice as Much Debt Compared to Trump in His First Term 1 day ago 57. Obama Official Claims to Have the Goods on Biden Kickback Scheme 1 day ago 58. IRS Used Fake Name to Get Entry Into Taxpayer’s Home to Obtain Payment 1 day ago 59. Trump: Any Republican Who Voted Against Adam Schiff Censure Should Be Primaried 1 day ago 60. Chinese Intel Arm Operates So-Called Service Centers In Seven U.S. Cities 1 day ago

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!



Restored Republic:

From CBK News on Telegram: What is “SOFT” Martial Law?

• Military RIGHT NOW on the streets in 27+ States

• Rumors of “Soft Martial Law” SOON

• Martial Law = Rule by Military Jurisdiction

• In Time of War or When Civilian Govt Breaks Down

• Will They Go After the TRAITORS — or Come After US?

• Many Now Understand Military MUST Remove Traitors

• ALL Military Pledge to Uphold CONSTITUTION

• If They Try to Take Our Guns, Our Rights: CIVIL WAR!

• “SOFT” Martial Law: PROTECT, NOT Oppress Us

  • · There is a timeline where Trump returns in 2023.Devolution is moving into 3rd quarter. Game Theory Military Ops — Project Looking Glass. The MUSIC STOPPING Event is very near. The Gut Punch or Near Death Experience.

  • · Economy freezes & collapses. Trump has been patiently waiting to make his move publicly. They are waiting to reveal all the ‘behind the scene’ operations. This will happen once everything is STOPPED. He’s been promoting ‘all problems can be fixed very easily’. First step is getting the country back to be Energy Self-Sufficient.

  • · We will experience a heavy toll in the Great Collapse— into 2024 & 2025. All declas & reveals will be flooding. The Storm. Arrests. Tribunals. The full dismantle of government agencies.

  • · The Jubilee begins. Nesara Gesara Energy. It may or may not roll out under those labels. U.S. will join BRICS by the end of 2025 or early 2026. QFS — Gold/Asset-Backed Currency. We will have our own Energy Production in full motion. The Golden Age — Releasing all hidden & suppressed Technologies. Free Energy is coming.

Blinken Offers Control of US Political Theater to China, Fulford:

  • · US fake Secretary of State Anthony Blinken – in a desperate bid to keep his Rockefeller masters in business- offered China control of the political theater that has replaced US democracy, Asian secret society sources say. In particular, Blinken offered control of the Creative Artists Agency.

  • · The Chinese turned it down because they already control most of it.

  • · CAA controls political actors like "President" Joe Biden. "Biden" has been represented by several different CAA artists. "Biden" is just one of many such actors playing the role of politicians. "Congresswoman" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Cortez, for example, was a waitress before she won a CAA audition to become a Congress actor.

  • · Earlier this month the Chinese bought control of the US political theater from the Rockefellers when they agreed to keep funding the fake US Biden regime.

  • · As soon as they got the Chinese money "Biden" sent vast amounts of money to Ukraine to be laundered back to the US as bribes to the various political actors there. To help launder the money, they dropped charges against Sam Bankman-Fried of the FTX crypto-scam fame, Mossad sources say.

  • · We have received multiple reports of military movements all over the US this past weekend. Military movements have been detected in New York, Pennsylvania, Idaho, California, Kentucky, South Carolina, Michigan, Iowa, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington, Virginia, Colorado, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ontario and Quebec.

  • · A Japanese military general told us about a big US move to take down the Biden show on June 18th. He said that the whole thing would be over by the first 10 days of July both in Japan and the US.

  • · The same source says Donald Trump will be president and John F. Kennedy Jr. will be vice president.

  • · The White Hats have taken control of the Biden show and have been forcing him to say and do bizarre things in public to help wake up the remaining sheeple. That is why he grabs women's breasts in front of the TV cameras. The latest example was him saying "God save the Queen, man."

  • · We are asking the White Hats to confirm they control “Biden” by having him remove his jacket and shirt at his next public appearance.

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