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Updates for October 17th 2020

Status Report 10/17/2020

Canadian city [London] will now be able to predict who might become homeless using AI technology:

HEIKO SCHÖNING introduces the WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE in Berlin, Germany Legal action on pandemic:

Fri. morning 16 Oct. Fleming Update:

Fleming would post the Secure Link Website on:

He confirmed that the NBC article on Cuba resetting its monetary system to be at 1:1 parity with the US Dollar (paragraph 6 "one (Cuban) Peso to the Dollar") during this month of October:

All these people, Hillary, Bill, Obama, Bidens, Bushes, Cheney, etc. have all been removed:

They were arrested, GitMo’d and their trials and confessions filmed and filed.

The Alliance has accomplished everything legally and with Military precision. POTUS has had the Hillary Emails for years thanks to Julian Assange:

From Day 1 of the official revealing of the Hillary Clinton Emails… you have to understand that Trump has had them for many years now… from Julian Assange… but it was important to have I come through the front door rather than the back door…Then the next day Julian Assange was cleared by the U.S. courts… Then the following day Benghazi… Trump knew all of this…

Charlie Ward: Yeah… it’s never been dealt with… there are so many people in power right now… I don’t think I had any idea, any concept when he referred to ‘draining the swamp’… I figured he’d get rid of a few politicians, namely the Clintons, the Obamas and the Bushes… which now that we’ve got all the evidence from the Emails it’s absolutely dam*ning…

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