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Voter-Fraud... Great Content!



*** Vaccine Petition Canada

Petition e-2961 - Petitions [Thank You – David Yeo]

***Important to UNDERSTAND:


The Mark of the Beast (J.D. Farag 3rd Sunday in July, Prophecy Update)...(was my first "clue")... So, those who take the Mark will be in hell forever - Salvation is for humans, not transhuman{s}... hmmmmm.

*** Media Found Doctoring Numbers to Boost COVID-19 Numbers

Biden picks health team, including Becerra for HHS secretary, Fauci as top coronavirus adviser


2% of duplicate ballots inspected by Arizona Republicans were ‘changed,’ ‘taken away from Trump’

*** Face Masks [most used as handouts] – Are Cancer Causing:

[Thank You – Anne McLaughlin] [Check this out!]


“The Case Has Been Made”:

Trump Sounds the Alarm, Says Big Things Are Coming in the Next Couple of Days

Trump: ‘Big Things Happening Over the Next Couple of Days’


Sun 12/6 from DNI (Director of Natl Intel) Ratcliffe…

that counters other Deep State claims that "there is no evidence of election fraud" by Ratcliffe stating that THERE IS SIGNIFICANT EVIDENCE of WIDESPREAD FRAUD IN MULTIPLE STATES that NEEDS TO BE INVESTIGATED . . . wait for it . . . BEFORE THE WINNER OF THE ELECTION CAN BE DETERMINED!!!! and

Written descriptions of DNI Ratcliffe statement Sun 12/6 on election fraud needing to be RESOLVED BEFORE the ELECTION WINNER CAN BE DECLARED: and

DNI Ratcliffe is required by law to report to POTUS on Fri 18 Dec a report that will detail the election fraud and CCP Chinese Bribe Money and other Deep State Bribe Money [Rothschild, Soros, Wall Street bankster] that caused politicians, governors, and state bureaucrats to COMMIT the OBVIOUS ELECTION FRAUD IN FAVOR OF BIDEN: and.

Mike Adams Situation Update, Mon Dec. 7th - DNI John Ratcliffe holds the future of the republic in his hands

Mon. 7 Dec. Operation Disclosure Intel Alert: Arizona Supreme Court Agrees to Hear GOP Election Challenge Lawsuit Mark Levin on how left-wing Pennsylvania leaders CHEATED and FIXED the system to help Democrats: Agents Raid Home in Maricopa County in Voter-Data Theft Investigation — Confiscate 8 Hard Drives, 3 Computers and a Bag of USB sticks: BREAKING EXCLUSIVE:

Third Suspect from State Farm Center ‘Suitcase Scandal’ Identified as Ralph Jones, Sr. – Who Was in the News for Shady Deal with ATL Mayor Keisha Bottoms: $400 Million SEC Filing Links Dominion, UBS, and China: Special Segment:

General Michael Flynn: The People's General: Director of National Intelligence: Election 'Issues' Need to Be Resolved Before Winner Declared Law Enforcement Seize Devices as Part of Probe Into Voter Data Theft Dershowitz Says Supreme Court May Rule to Let Legislators Pick Alternate Electors Georgia Elections Supply Web Store Hosted on Canadian Platform Alito Moves Up Supreme Court Deadline in Key Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Case Voter Rights Group Notifies DOJ of Pakistani Link With Nevada Election Email System


*** A broken-down bus in Arizona was found to be FULL of voting machines. Election fraud evidence piling up.

Yesterday we learned a forensics examination of a Ware County, GA #DominionVotingSystems machine found votes were switched from @realDonaldTrump to @JoeBiden

The [DS]/MSM entire house of cards is beginning to come crashing down. The [e] fraud that is being presented is unprecedented. The states are now ordering signature verifications, Trump and team are analyzing the Dominion voting systems and video has been coming out documenting the fraud. The world is watching and the [DS] system is now being exposed to everyone.


Michigan House Committee Threatens Dominion CEO with Subpoena

So Much Fraud That Even 'FoxNews' Starts Paying Attention


Election Data DELETED – Nation in Shock


Huge Georgia Election Update – New Numbers Stun Democrats


Donald Trump holds first post-election rally to get out the vote for Georgia runoff


Secret Video Reveals Election Bombshell – Gov. DEMANDS Answers

Project Veritas releases recordings of CNN’s Zucker setting agenda on Trump, among others

Justice Department Clears the Way for Execution by Firing Squad

Biden Just Suggested Resigning in Recent CNN Interview

NO RETREAT! America Is About to #StopTheSteal

Sidney Powell’s Michigan ‘Kraken’ Suit Slammed by Federal Judge

Trump Team Files New Suit in Georgia,

Even More Questions Raised About Georgia's Response to 'Smoking Gun' Video

Alex Azar:

Biden’s attack on Trump administration’s vaccine strategy is ‘nonsense’

DNI John Ratcliffe

Urges Durham to release an interim report


Electoral College BOMBSHELL – White House Cheering


Election CONSPIRACY Revealed – We Have the Proof

Former adviser to California Gov. Newsom arrested on suspicion of assaulting wife, young daughter



*** Reports:

Trump admin imposes new travel restrictions on Chinese Communist Party members:

*** Trump butts’ heads with Congress over defense spending bill: ‘I will VETO!’

*** There is MAJOR breaking news at the Supreme Court on the integrity of the election.

Justice Alito just ordered Pennsylvania to respond to a critical election irregularity lawsuit by 9 a.m. tomorrow [Tuesday]. This order must be complied with BEFORE the state seats its electors

===> SIGN the PETITION<=== [Thank You – David Yeo]

*** Reports:

SCOTUS shoots down California restrictions on indoor worship, sends case back to lower court:

*** Listen Carefully… This is good Insight:

This young girl understands what is going on Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Masks Quarantine Pandemic [Thank You – David Yeo]

Georgia Governor Won’t Call Special Session to Overturn Biden Certification

Kristi Noem ‘channels’ Ronald Reagan after Biden vows ‘help is on the way’

Trump blasts Durham

Over apparent lack of progress: ‘We’re still waiting for a report’

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