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Voter-Fraud... The first of many COURT CASES Start today [Wednesday 11-25-2020]... Thank You Sydney!


This is really worth seeing

I really really REALLY like what I hear in the middle of this episode of TruNews! It fits perfectly with the dream I had on Sunday night, the novel I wrote in April, and the 6 Cycle Chart I laid out in the booklet Don and I published in 2015. God has everyone where He wants them. No one will be able to take credit for what is about to happen except the Lord Himself. We are so helpless we can only speculate about what God has in mind. And that's what Rick Wiles and his co-hosts are doing. If you want to really appreciate the cleverness of our Father, enjoy watching what's happening in this play-by-play description. It's more riveting than any movie thriller or sports play-off.

[Thank You – Patrick]

You can skip the first half hour and the last 15 minutes to focus on what I am talking about.

TruNews at:

Trump would still be confirmed to have won the election.

Trump still had multiple ways to victory over [B]iden-[H]arris, as constitutional scholars and notably Democrat law professor Alan Dershowitz have all repeatedly said. This was explained by GOP Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL).

*** This is really IMPORTANT! *** [Thank You – Richard]

What NO ONE is Saying About the Lockdowns

*** Giuliani explains Trump team split w/ Powell; The 'Great Reset' and its global impact | NTD Business ***


Sidney Powell Tells Lou Dobbs Her Lawsuit in Georgia May Be Filed As Soon As Tomorrow [today 11-25-2020]

For the last 10+ days Spec Op Forces of Green Berets, Rangers, Delta and Navy SEALs have been flying over urban areas on special missions to apprehend [D]eep State criminals such as Antifa, MS-13, BLM thugs, [D]eep State politicians, bureaucrats and other bad actors.

Arrested Deep State criminals who were US citizens were being taken to military prisons like Fort Worth Naval Air Base prison and Puerto Rico San Juan Guaynabo Federal Prison, where they have been detained, processed, tried and many executed.

Tues. 24 Nov. Subpoena in Georgia lawsuit seeks video footage from State Farm Arena:

Trump attorney the great Lin Wood filed a sworn testimony affidavit on Fri 20 Nov by a Venezuelan military officer who sat beside Chavez as the software was discussed and designed to throw elections through vote switching.

There was evidence from GA & other states (MI, PA etc) of poll workers shredding and trashing Trump voted mail-in-ballots and1000s of mail-in-ballots fraudulently filled in for Biden, etc

They would be arrested for sedition under Trump’s Executive Order dated 12 Sept 2018 for Executing Sanctions against Agents of Foreign Election Interference:

Wood had voter tabulation statistical evidence in sworn affidavits by experts like Yale and Princeton educated mathematician Dr. Steven Miller stating that almost 100,000 ballots were fraudulently added to Biden in PA:

If the Deep State Dem’s (& GOP swamp rats) want to play hardball, the patriots in Congress would play hardball too. The House of Representatives vote Wed 6 Jan 2021 would be 1 vote per state, House was 27 Republican, 20 Democratic, others tied. An absolute majority of 26, not a super-majority, was decisive, projected to confirm the election win of Trump over Biden.

Stealing the 2020 election was a mammoth undertaking, involving widespread lawlessness and illicit partnerships between private actors and public officials. They’ve been working to cover their tracks since Election Day, but they didn’t work fast enough.

Tues. 24 Nov. GESARA, Votes, Treason and Much More, Charlie Ward:

Dominion Voting Systems shared office is INCUBATOR for radical left-wing organizations 215 Spadina, TORONTO, ON



Deep State Targets Powell:

Powell’s Court Brief on 2020 Election Fraud, Black Conservative Patriot:

Trump Vows to Win Re-Election After GSA Makes Transition Resources Available to [B]iden Sat. 21 Nov. 2020 Election US Military, Scott McKay, Forbidden Knowledge TV:

Here is Even MORE Evidence of Voter Fraud from Election 2020

Underestimate Sidney Powell at Your Own Peril

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