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We are now into NOVEMBER!

Status Report – Sunday 11-01-2020

The Big Guy” Joe Biden Started Covering His Tracks in November 2016

*** Another Hunter Biden Laptop is in Fed's Custody

Video: Minorities Speak Out about Why They refuse to Vote for JOE BIDEN – and Proclaim Why They Vote for TRUMP!


I Came Forward Because Schiff Accused Me of Being Part of Russian Disinformation

Giuliani Unleashes on [J]oe [B]iden:

The Strange Parallels Between Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton

France – A State of Emergency! [Thank You Richard]

Redeeming October 31st through Worship and Praise from Israel – Join us!

Fishers-of-Men[William Koenig]

Great Musical Video for these times [Thank You Sylvia]

Voter fraud scheme exposed in Florida’s Broward County

*** Pastor Jack & Heidi St. John: The Problem with Public Education:

Pastor Jack & Larry Elder: What Happened to Our American Values?

Pastor Jack… Until We Cross the Finish Line - Part 1 // Philippians 3:12-14

Pastor Jack… In Hot Pursuit - Part 1 // Philippians 3:10-11

Pastor Jack… Who Then Can Be Saved // Philippians 3:4-7

Currency Reset confirmed by IMF — A Redesign of the Currency System:

Most Dangerous Disease in the World [thank You Fred] Humour

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