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wednesday 2-15-23

Wednesday 2-15-23

Verse(s) for today:

Be kindly affectioned one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;

Romans 12:10 KJV

But ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost, keep yourselves in the love of God, looking for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life.

Jude 1:20-21 KJV

Commit thy works unto the LORD, And thy thoughts shall be established.

Proverbs 16:3 KJV


20-Million Covid “Vaccine” Deaths Globally So Far:

2023-02-14 Medical Colleges Are Out Of Control, and other profound insights - Dr. Roger Hodkinson and Michael Alexander with Bright Light News Thanks Glen Jung and Bright Light News for this powerful and important interview. “Be worried. Be very worried,” comes the stern warning from Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MD, pathologist, on the state of medicine in Canada. As medical colleges across the country continue to investigate and suspend ethical doctors that did not turn their backs on patients and their right to informed consent and requests (e.g., for vaccine and mask exemptions, effective early treatment, like Ivermectin, and submission of adverse events reports), Michael Alexander, counsel for several affected Canadian doctors, continues to challenge the overreach of the medical colleges, based on policy recommendations and suggestions not grounded in the rule of law, to protect both physicians and patients. “When [governments] start telling your doctor what you can do in that private consulting room, that’s a radical change in medicine,” warns Dr. Hodkinson. A change that has consequences for every Canadian. -By Glen / February 9, 2023 Here is a one-minute trailer and the full interview. Friends from around the world, please take this quick action. Today is Valentine's Day. Last year in Canada, Valentine’s Day was no day of love. On February 14th, 2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act which he used a few days later to violently crack down on peaceful protesters and the Canadian Truckers Freedom Convoy. Please send this WEF agent and authoritarian dictator a message for Valentines day here: [Dr Mark Trozzi]

Dr Paul Alexander's Message:

I cannot say more today; I had to move from the red restricted zone this morning as was under threat; this is very fluid, tense, very serious, the police are doing their best, but have been asked to violate people.

You cannot blame the police; they are living in the very communities and they were working so well with the truckers. My role has been a scientific, one supporting Peckford/truckers.

The truckers have won, for the government, Trudeau never negotiated with them and had to resort to brute force to move them and get them out… No negotiation, just brute force, so in effect, the government has lost fully; you have to look at the big picture here…

It is hard what the police are doing; clearly it is illegal; they should stand back; they need to think about all the unvaccinated” truckers who took a stand and are at risk of losing everything… Their livelihoods… The police must take a stand and band together and say “this is wrong!” I do think this…and if they lost their jobs, well, we deal with that after as lots have lost their jobs…

The ones doing the arresting, I am very troubled by and outraged by. Trampling with horses etc. This is devastating. I am shocked by this, they are supposed to uphold and enforce the law, not illegal acts dictated by a wrongful deranged government. I am hoping, praying they see the light fast, and immediately.

I love the blue, I support police, I start there, and I am fully disclosing. But I know when they are wrong and here, they are. They must be willing to band together now and say ‘NO’ to the Trudeau government.

If the police united in the numbers like the truckers, that would be transformational, and will help fix this. There is nothing illegal or wrong with what the truckers are doing, I know because I am here.

Everyone must choose their line of integrity, but at some level, the police must chose. Keeping your job is not all we fight for in life, but at the same time, it is difficult for them and ravaging them, I have spoken to many.

The government, Trudeau did this; this is psychopathy. The liberal MPs must think now about the long-term survival of its party under him, and the coming elections. Yes, at the box we solve lots and also in the courts. We have to keep trying at the courts too, as corrupted as it appears to be.

Today was one of the darkest days in Canadian history; I am being silenced now by Trudeau. I am a threat with my words and understanding of the science and all of COVID failures, from lockdowns to “vaccines.” You sit back, all the health officials are twisting as contortionists trying to tell you “ok, we should be moving forward now and it seems to be getting safe now.” They are running for the hills for we have punished them openly and will continue to, they are failures and corrupted health officials, the federal ones, the provincial ones, and the city ones; corrupted inept unscientific, reckless and dangerous dolts. Untermensch. It is those policies that have harmed thousands of Canadians, including killed thousands. This trucker protest is bigger than the protest, this is about the very heart and soul of Canada and what it will look like in the future. But make no mistake, the trucker rules the world!

As a scientist, I am outraged and angered by what the government has done today in Ottawa, for they have no science on their side and the reality is that the fight is over a policy for which the truckers have the science on their side, and the government does not, but the government will not even move to negotiate a reasonable peaceful solution; why?

It is fluid, dangerous, very serious and tense as you see on the media. It is real.

Corporal Danny Bulford whom I came to know personally, and who was a sniper who protected Trudeau (he refused the “vaccine” and suffered the ramifications), was arrested this morning after a briefing we were having; I was informed if I entered any further to the restricted red zone around parliament, I would be arrested. I was told by informed persons to NOT enter the zone from today, LEAVE. I was told by those enforcing that they know me, have followed me and McCullough and Malone etc. and support our thinking and are in a difficult position in their jobs; that they were doing their jobs; that when I talk on the stage they are moved by the data and science and message, and they nor family have heard it this way before and thanked me, thanked me deeply, that they love and support the truckers and know that the “vaccine” does not work and is even harmful and fear for their own safety now as they have read lots now about the harms after taking the “vaccine”, forced to, mandated to, but then said to me candidly, “Dr. Alexander, if you move one more inch into the zone, you will be arrested”;

I realized immediately it was to silence me and Roger, that I was being silenced by threat of arrest, immediate; and that I should stop, that is what the government was trying to do, that they lost the narrative and I had to be silenced as one skeptic and contrarian and I became a problem with the message I was delivering on the stage outside parliament; I was shocked but do not hate the police and persons at the check points and perimeters, I love them same still, truly, beautiful people, I understood and moved back; I moved out of the zone and did not enter; I followed what I was told especially from connected persons who knew what was happening behind the scenes; I was informed across the day that my message and writing and interviews have hurt the government in that it is getting through to the population, mines, McCullough, Risch, Trozzi, Hodkinson, Malone, Urso etc. that the message is having an effect and many MPs are listening and moving positions, but that I was in danger now if I moved near parliament, not even to the hotel I was staying at. I was barred from movement.

I cannot say more at this time, I will as I can; I want this to resolve and want a win for the government and truckers; both, peace; the government is wrong, devastatingly wrong here for what it has done. It has violated people in terrible ways, and I hurt for the police placed in an untenable position as they must return to the very community of the people they are going after. Truckers whose protests have been peaceful. I know, I have been here. Trudeau has done terrible things here; he should be ashamed, and history will not judge him kindly.

These “vaccines” have placed our police and military in a very harmful situation and I will write it knowing the implications as a global scientist heavily worked and knowledgeable in COVID; it is my opinion that many of our police and soldiers will have medium and long term consequences of the “vaccines” and up to death; many have died from these already and the “vaccine” makers, nor CDC or NIH have ensured the proper studies to rule out the harms and risks. I fear for our police and military, and they were misled and lied to by the public health officials at Health Canada and PHAC, as well as the provincial public health people under Premier Doug Ford.

Great sources of constant updates from the front line in Ottawa for Instagram users


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Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!

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