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Wednesday 5-24-23

Wednesday 5 - 24 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

Strength and honour are her clothing; And she shall rejoice in time to come. She openeth her mouth with wisdom; And in her tongue is the law of kindness.

Proverbs 31:25-26 KJV

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

John 14:1-3 KJV

Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

1 Corinthians 3:16 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:

"Jesus Loves You" BANISHED?

Sign Our Petition: Stop the Silent War on Christians in Court.

Biden and the radical Left are waging a quiet war on our Christian faith. We're filing a lawsuit TODAY.

Biden's FBI has planted spies in churches to monitor "radical traditionalist" Christians and "their ideology." The Deep State is treating you like criminals and terrorists.

Sign Our Petition Now

Biden's FBI, IRS, DOJ, and the whole alphabet soup of corrupt federal agencies are surreptitiously threatening your religious liberty. Need more proof?

Christian kids are kicked out of federal museums. Children are searched and have their Bibles confiscated at school as if the Word of God is contraband, with the Department of Education now undercutting religious liberty. The IRS is targeting Christian groups. Realtors are banned from including John 3:16 and "Jesus Loves You" in their emails. Biden's Secret Service even threatened to arrest a pastor for praying outside the Chinese Embassy. Nearly every Deep State rule change has some nefarious attack on your faith buried in it.

It's absolutely outrageous. I've never seen anything like it. Our rights are being eviscerated.

We MUST act now, or we could lose it all. At the ACLJ, we are directly involved in EVERY ONE of these cases. And TODAY, we are filing a federal lawsuit against the FBI over its unconstitutional attack on Christians and churches.

We're your last line of defense in court. We must defeat Biden's relentless attacks on our faith.

Sign Our Petition: Stop the Silent War on Christians in Court.

[Jay Sekulow] ACLJ Chief Counsel

Defeat Biden's War on Our Christian Faith:

President Biden is waging a quiet war on our Christian faith.

Biden's FBI has been CAUGHT spying on Christians, planting undercover agents inside churches, and claiming we are likely to be "violent extremists." We won't let him. But the FBI isn't the only one involved.

Biden's Secret Service threatened to arrest a pastor for praying in front of the Chinese Embassy. Federal security officials kicked out Christians for wearing pro-life attire in at least 3 locations. His Deep State agencies are demanding the Supreme Court overturn your right to go to church on Sunday.

Every rule that comes out of Biden's Deep State agencies seems to have some kind of nefarious attack on Christians buried in it.

At the ACLJ, we're engaged in each one of these cases. And we're about to file a massive lawsuit against Biden's FBI over the targeting of Christians.

As we battle in court to defend your Christian faith from these endless assaults, take urgent action with us.

Petition To Defeat Biden's War on Faith and Defend Christians


We've received 50,000 signatures. Let's push for 100,000! May 5, 2023 [Religious Liberty]

Do you know the REAL BILL GATES?

PLANDEMIC on Twitter: "Have you seen "The Real Bill" yet? It's very important to know who Bill Gates is..." / Twitter

“You belong to your father the devil and you willingly carry out your father’s desires.

He was a murderer from the beginning and does not stand in truth, because there is no truth in him.

When he tells a lie, he speaks in character, because he is a liar and the father of lies.”

John 8:44

Fil Beorchia

Good News!


Good News!

Professor Sucharit Bhakdi cleared of ridiculous criminal charges.

Here is some rare and welcome good news.

[The Trozzi Team]

David YEO:

J0HN: H!@TaL H3rN!a (2 Min)

Th3Y D!CTAT3 Wh@T $$ !s (4 Min)

H0LLyW00D: F0rm3r AcT0R $p3@K$ 0uT (6 Min)

Th3 B!G C0v3r Up: VXXn3 V!cT!M$ P@RT #17 (13 Min)



IN DEPTH: 1. U.S. Housing Market in Ongoing Monthly Decline 14 seconds ago 2. Corporate Bankruptcies Are Soaring; 2023 Filings Highest Since 2010 New 3. AG Garland Pays The Price After Trump Attorneys Demand Meeting New 4. Republicans Abruptly End Meeting — Threaten FBI Chief With Major Charges New 5. MTG Comes Out Swinging — Unveils Plan Requiring Death Penalty for Anyone Caught New 6. TUCKER BRINGING DOWN FOX NEWS BY LEAKING ‘DAMAGING SECRETS’ AMID CONTRACT STALEMATE 1 hour ago 7. Black Lives Matter Is Heading for Insolvency After Improving Exactly Zero Black Lives 1 hour ago 8. Shocking Turn of Events In Marine Vet Daniel Penny Case After New Arrest Made 2 hours ago 9. Biden Just Imposed a Stricter Form of Key Trump Policy 2 hours ago 10. WH Suddenly Realizes Invoking 14th Isn’t a Great Idea 2 hours ago 11. Trump Mar-a-Lago Probe Nearing End 2 hours ago 12. Daily Wire to Stream All Shows on Twitter 2 hours ago 13. Pasta Inflation Crisis Hits Italy 2 hours ago 14. Bud Light to Buy Back Expired Beer From Wholesalers Amid Dylan Mulvaney Trainwreck 2 hours ago 15. FBI Whistleblower Says Agency’s Upper Echelon Must Go 2 hours ago 16. Black Lives Matter Hemorrhaged Cash in 2022 3 hours ago 17. Durham Facing Pressure to Testify After Release of Report 3 hours ago 18. How Repubs Could Block Senate Dems’ Efforts To Thwart IRS Whistleblower 3 hours ago 19. WV Gov. Slapped With Lawsuit From DSCC, Dems Are Panicking 3 hours ago 20. Romney Picks Up First Primary Challenger 3 hours ago 21. Far Left Warns Backlash in the Streets If Biden Negotiates Budget Cuts 3 hours ago 22. Gaetz Shoots Down Removing McCarthy Over Debt Negotiations 3 hours ago 23. Gaetz to Austin & Milley: Why are Drag Shows Still Happening on Mil Bases? 4 hours ago 24. Why Russia, Ukraine & America Have Different Drone Strategies 4 hours ago 25. Overflowing Chicago Police Precincts Being Turned Into Migrant Shelters 4 hours ago 26. Following Pronoun Fiasco, State Dept Official Speaks Out: “America Looks Weak” 4 hours ago 27. Chinese Citizens Sue FL Over Ban On Buying Land Near Mil Bases 4 hours ago 28. Fighting Breaks Out in Russian Belgorod Region 4 hours ago 29. Pills flowed for years as DEA dragged feet on disciplining opioid distributor 5 hours ago 30. Joy Behar: Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas don’t understand Black America 5 hours ago 31. Target swallows its ‘Pride,’ pulls LGBTQ merch after backlash 5 hours ago 32. Actress Ellen Barkin declares hatred for all Republicans in rant 5 hours ago 33. Caruana turns back time — literally — in Superbet chess win 5 hours ago 34. Miller Lite joins Bud Light in right’s doghouse after apologizing 5 hours ago 35. Levin Takes Apart Biden’s 14th Amendment Debt Increase Plan 5 hours ago 36. Tulsi Gabbard Defends Marine Corps Vet Daniel Penny 7 hours ago 37. Franklin Graham: ‘Every Demon in Hell Turned Loose,’ Time for Action 10 hours ago 38. Bud Light Gets Desperate for Memorial Day Weekend 10 hours ago 39. Over 100 Ex-Trump Officials to Endorse Rival for 2024 Run 11 hours ago 40. Mom of Female Athlete Speaks Out After Daughter Loses to Male 11 hours ago 41. Exclusive Video: We Build The Wall 4th Anniversary — Conception To Border Wall Construction 12 hours ago 42. Rick Scott Issues Warning to ‘Socialists’ Looking to Visit Florida 13 hours ago 43. Forcing Electric Vehicles on Americans Won’t Keep the Lights On 14 hours ago 44. Video of ‘The View’ Co-Host from Her Time in Trump Admin Released 15 hours ago 45. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE AT KARI LAKE’S BIG LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT 17 hours ago 46. DeSantis To Announce Presidential Bid Tomorrow in Unusual Way 17 hours ago 47. Tucker Carlson’s Legal Battles Just Took A Bizarre Turn 20 hours ago 48. Target Partners With Designer Who Insists “Satan Loves You” on New Pride Line 20 hours ago 49. Marianne Williamson Loses Two Top Campaign Officials Within Days 20 hours ago 50. Despite Fox News Settlement, Dominion CEO Has Bad News for Voting Company 20 hours ago 51. Ukraine Set to Receive U.S.-Made Counter-drone Trucks 20 hours ago 52. Russia Is on the Verge of a Financial Crisis 20 hours ago 53. Mark Lewis: 2028 or 1984? Which Will Come First? 20 hours ago 54. Texas Moves to Ban Diversity Programs in Higher Education 21 hours ago 55. Russian Governor Blames Ukrainian “Saboteurs” for Crossing Border 21 hours ago 56. Major Conservative Outlet Following Tucker’s Lead, Streaming All Shows to Twitter 21 hours ago 57. CDC’s Walensky Called to Testify on COVID Handling Before Departure 21 hours ago 58. RFK Jr: Weaponized FBI Tried to Destroy a Sitting President 21 hours ago 59. LA Dodgers Shredded for Caving to ‘Vile’ Blasphemous Group 21 hours ago 60. Jim Jordan Calls on Republicans to Limit FBI’s Power 22 hours ago

Breaking News from Newsmax:

1. Texas Sues Biden Administration Over Asylum Phone App Rule

2. Special: Are You Prepared if Gold Soars Again?

3. Hillary Clinton Defends Sen. Feinstein, 89

4. Target Says It's Pulling Back Some Pride Merchandise [News Max Media]

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!

General Summary:

  • · A New World is Coming for We the People: The Quantum Financial System Incoming: 98% Watch the Water. 24 Hours. . . Panic. President Trump is The Key TRUST THE PLAN! …Exposed Secrets from Area 51, Telegram 6:41 am Tues. 23 May


  • · They Spied on my campaign, rigged the 2020 Presidential Election, weaponized the DOJ & FBI, and yet continue to go after me instead of the criminals that did all of these things because I am fighting for you, and leading Biden, and everyone else, in the polls. It’s called Election Interference and it is totally ILLEGAL. Where We Go One We Go All…WWG1WGA! …President Donald J. Trump

Restored Republic:

The Plan to Save the World – Global Military Sting Operation Taking out Deep State: Q – THE PLAN TO SAVE THE WORLD – ‘THE EVENT’ – GLOBAL MILITARY STING OPERATION TAKING OUT THE DEEP STATE CABAL (

  • · For the last two years what we have been seeing is all optics in the Global Military Sting Operation that is taking out the Deep State Cabal, liberating humanity and removing a hidden crime syndicate that has been enslaving Humanity for hundreds of years.

  • · Covid was a theater that set the stage to remove, reset and awaken humanity from the illusion of Freedom.

  • · All political, financial, pharmaceutical scenarios were part of the same Military Operation behind the Covid stage.

  • · This is not about countries and leaders, but about good fighting evil – cleaning up an evil matrix of corruption, human trafficking and toxic mind body pollution that has hijacked our planet.

  • · All good leaders have complied to the worldwide Alliance where war scenarios are set up to clear the stage for the Big Shift: The Event where all scenarios that come together to play out will collapse the evil Matrix that has been imploding from the inside for years.

  • · The world as you know it will all come crushing down: the Financial, Political, Law Enforcement, Social Media, Mainstream Media and Pharmaceutical Drug Systems.

  • · It is only when we flip the switch that things will shift and we can start anew.

  • · We go from SWIFT to QFS Quantum Financial System; from Maritime to Military to Natural Law; from MSM/Mossad to Project Odin; from legacy Internet to Quantum Starlink Internet; from toxic Big Pharma Drugs to Med Beds; from Federal Energy to Free Tesla Energy; from Bitcoin unregulated Cryptos backed by nothing to XRP backed by ISO metals.

Illuminati Cabal Deep State:

  • · "The Windsor family were originally from the German Aristocratic family of Saxe Coburg Gotha, that borrowed money from the House of Rothschild and provided a safe haven for the founder of the Illuminati — Adam Weishaupt after he fled from Bavaria. Soon thereafter with Rothschild funding the Illuminati infiltrated European Freemasonry at the Wilhelmsbad Convention in 1789 transforming them from Christian values to a Luciferian ideology where they planned and instigated the French Revolution. This combination of money, secrecy and royalty has gradually been evolving and about to reach it’s culmination as the long planned New World Order ruled from behind a curtain by the House of Rothschild with the House of Windsor as their front puppet and the Lodges of Freemasonry as their secret agencies carrying out the totalitarian will of their “Unknown Superior” the House of Rothschild! Fact is … the Money Rules!" - Dugan King

  • · When you fold two 50 Euro banknotes, you get a perfect picture of Baal. When you fold a US dollar in a certain way you get a perfect picture of the 9/11 Twin Towers explosion.

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