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Wednesday 7-5-23

Wednesday 7 – 5 - 23

Verse(s) for today:

…but made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men: and being found in fashion as a man, he humbled himself, and became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross.

Philippians 2:7-8 KJV

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.

Joshua 1:9 KJV

The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world.

John 1:29 KJV

Thought(s) for the Day:


Morning Update:

Joly pledges to protect Indian diplomats as planned protests raise alarms:

Join a national community of curious and ambitious Canadians.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly is vowing to safeguard Indian diplomats in Canada, as posters circulating for secessionist Khalistan rallies at Delhi’s Vancouver and Toronto consulates feature the phrase “Kill India” and label its senior diplomats in this country as “killers.”

Posters for Saturday’s “Khalistan Freedom” rallies that are scheduled to end at India’s consulates in Toronto and Vancouver feature a pen piercing a rifle and photos of Sanjay Kumar Verma, India’s high commissioner to Canada, as well as its two consuls-general, with a caption identifying them as the “killers” of a Surrey, B.C., man who also advocated for Sikh independence.

Canada is home to about 770,000 people who reported Sikhism as their religion in the last census. Some of them support the Sikh independence movement as it seeks to create a sovereign homeland known as Khalistan, a proposal fiercely opposed by the Indian government.

Mr. Verma, in an interview, said the posters indicate a threat to the safety of Indian diplomats in Canada and he wants Canada to prevent the rallies from taking place. “They are not demonstrators,” he said. “They are thugs.”

He said India has raised its concerns about the July 8 rallies to various levels of the federal government. “I want them to stop the hate speech. I want them to stop the act of hate,” Mr. Verma said of the Canadian government.

Gurpatwant Pannun, the New York-based general counsel for Sikhs for Justice, a secessionist group, said in an interview that he made the posters and that “Kill India” is a reference to his group’s desire to see the Indian state of Punjab break off from India and form its own country. He said the phrase is not intended to incite violence.

His group has been conducting a referendum on Punjab independence, taking the ballot to multiple countries around the world where the Indian diaspora live, as part of a global campaign on the matter.

Mr. Pannun defended labelling the Indian diplomats as killers because he believes India is responsible for the June shooting death in Surrey, B.C., of Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

Police are still investigating the death of Mr. Nijjar, whom India’s National Investigation Agency had accused of being a terrorist.

The posters declare that the pictured Indian diplomats, the high commissioner to Canada and the consuls-general in Toronto and Vancouver, are “the faces” of Mr. “Nijjar’s killers.”

Ms. Joly, in a Twitter post that addressed the rally posters, said Canada would live up to its obligations to protect Indian diplomats.

“Canada remains in close contact with Indian officials in light of some of the promotional material circulating online regarding a protest planned for July 8,” she said, calling the material “unacceptable.”

“Canada takes its obligations under the Vienna Conventions regarding the safety of diplomats very seriously,” she wrote.

“We know that the actions of a few do not speak for an entire community, or Canada.”

Article 29 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 says the host state “shall take all appropriate steps to prevent any attack” on a diplomat’s “person, freedom or dignity.”

Ms. Joly made no commitment to stop the July 8 rallies.

Dan Stanton, a former executive manager of operations at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service who is now the director of the national-security program at the University of Ottawa’s Professional Development Institute, said Canada will have to boost security at the consulates for the rallies.

“Certainly we would need a ramping up of police presence,” he said.

He said these posters have to be condemned, saying he believes they could incite hate.

Mr. Stanton, whose CSIS work included Sikh extremism, questioned how many Sikhs support the Khalistan movement today.

“My understanding is the Khalistan movement in India is a bit of a fringe movement and not a lot of Sikhs in Punjab buy into it and the same for the Sikh community here,” he said. “It looks to me like you’ve got extremists trying to hijack the movement and take us back to years ago.”

Mr. Pannun, who said he has dual American and Canadian citizenship, plans to attend one of Saturday’s rallies. He accused the Indian government of overreacting.

“When did we call for that somebody should be killed? It’s a simple poster [saying] that we are going to kill the Indian system, not the Indian people,” he said of the promotional material and his referendum drive. Mr. Pannun has also been accused by India of being a terrorist.

Mr. Verma said “mindless threats” against his country have ended up curtailing his freedom as a diplomat in Canada.

“I get anguished when I look at those who are spreading hate being allowed to do whatever they want to.”

Last week, The Globe and Mail reported that India had made a formal complaint to the Department of Global Affairs about “the safety and security” of its diplomatic premises in Canada, citing in particular a protest by Sikhs in March outside its high commission in Ottawa.

The Ottawa Police Service said it was investigating the March incident, including the “possible use of smoke canisters during the protest.”

Mr. Verma told The Globe that staff at the high commission felt threatened by the March 23 demonstration at their diplomatic mission in Ottawa’s New Edinburgh neighbourhood. He said protesters adopted a “quite frightening” posture during their demonstration.

“They came just next to our fence and they put their posters on it and then they tried to shake the fence, et cetera. So it was very threatening,” he said.

[Globe & Mail Media]


Progressive bride who didn't want conservative uncle at wedding was still counting on the man to send a check:

A progressive woman said that she would feel unsafe if her uncle attended her wedding, according to the woman's parent, who detailed the situation when writing to an advice columnist.

But apparently the bride had still been counting on receiving a wedding gift from her conservative uncle.

"Dear Amy: Four months before my daughter's wedding, she told me that her uncle (my brother, 'Dave') would make her feel unsafe if he was a guest. She asked me not to invite him," the person wrote. "My daughter is very politically progressive, as are many of her friends, and although she and Dave have always had a good relationship (I thought), he is a conservative voter and has supported candidates we all abhor."

The parent of the bride claimed to have written "a very nice note" informing the man that they would not feel comfortable if he attended and that he was not being invited. The man did not reply. The sibling later sent him a card and photos after the wedding. "I have not heard from Dave since then," the person noted.

"Another problem is that Dave has not sent my daughter and son-in-law a wedding gift. In the past, Dave has given family members wedding checks in excess of $1,000. She says she was counting on receiving the same type of gift," the person wrote. "Dave’s behavior is upsetting and embarrassing to me. How can I get my brother to recognize and change his petty behavior?"

Advice columnist Amy Dickinson suggested that the money issue would "enter the Bridezilla Hall of Infamy."

"Brides who are too afraid of family members to invite them to a family wedding don't then get the pleasure of receiving their money," Dickinson wrote.

[The BLAZE Media]

David YEO:

L00K!nG B@CK (1 Min)

Wh@T !s NATT0?**BLD KL0T$**K2 (10 Min)

$h@K1ng: R00M 101**Th3 B!G P!cTur3 #4 (46 Min)

X-!LLum!n@T! M3mb3r**$v@L! & Th3 V@T!cAN (81 Min)

Ch!LL!nG W@rN!nG (1 Min)

N@TT0k!n@$e: D!$$0Lv3 ArT3r!@L PLaqu3 (9 Min)

M00N L@ND!NG: !NT3rview w!TH B@rT Sibr3L (27 Min)

3L0N: "U Kn0w !t's all R3@L 'c@us3 !t L00ks $o F@K3" (3 Min)

P0DC@$T: $H@WN BuCKL3Y**ATT@CK 0n N@TuR@L H3@LTH !ndu$TrY (78 Min)

Th!$ !ndu$Try D3$Tr0Y$ (1 Min)

Th3 DumB!nG D0Wn 0f Am3r!Ca (5 Min)

V3ry B@D N3W$ 4 Th3 $up3r VXXed (12 Min)

A$Tr0-N0T BuZZ T3LL$ TruTh @bout th3 M00N (2 Min)

$p@C3 !s N0T a R3@L PL@c3**!+'s @LL An!m@T!0N (3 Min)

DuTCH $T@T3 0f AFF@!R$: G0V'T B@N$ F@rm3r Pr0T3$T$ (27 Min)

Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors: Rumors:

This is just ‘Informational’ and YOU

must make up YOUR OWN MIND!


General Summary

David Wilcox:

Contingency planning was exactly what Q, the Alliance, White Hats, Trump, Putin, Xi Jingping, Modi, and Bin Salman have been doing. We are under (partial) martial law, NG is activated, as well as participation of the military of numerous nations fighting on behalf of the welfare of ALL mankind. I’ve seen the videos of miles of trains and vehicles being deployed. I’ve heard the military planes overhead my apartment at 3 AM, even in downtown Bellevue, as well as the helicopters. YES…I BELIEVE!

Ben Fulford on Bioweapon Labs:

  • · Are You Surprised? Fauci, Gates, DOD & CDC Funded Sudanese Lab Taken Over By Militants

  • · An exclusive report by Natalie Winters of the War Room With Stephen Bannon highlights the American government’s involvement with a laboratory in Sudan that was recently overtaken by a group of rebel fighters who are at war with the nation’s military.

  • · The World Health Organization on Tuesday warned the globe of a “huge biological risk” now dangerous virus samples are in the hands of the rebels.

  • · Winters’ article, published Wednesday, detailed how the lab has received funding from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s NIH, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and even the Department of Defense.

  • · Winters uncovered a CDC pamphlet from 2022 revealing the agency “supported establishment of the first viral load monitoring facility at South Sudan’s National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL)” back in 2018.

  • · Additionally,a research paper from July 2022 shows the lab was funded by the CDC and thanks the DOD’s US Agency for International Development for providing the researchers with “support.”

  • · Regarding NIH funding of the lab, Winters listed NIAID grants during Fauci’s tenure totaling over $20 million.

o K08 AI100923: $685,800

o R01 AI130378: $1,805,616

o AI106878: $7,341,083

o AI099243: $7,877,483

o AI103055: $3,850,785

  • · One study funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) acknowledged The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as a financial contributor.

  • · During the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) “funded procurement of COVID-19 tests and provided equipment” to the Sudanese lab and “designated regional laboratories to rapidly scale up testing capabilities.”

  • · Winters also cited a 2018 WHO press release thanking several American agencies for working with the Sudanese labs.

  • · Thanks to Global Fund, ECHO, CDC and USAID, South Sudan has made progress in building and strengthening the laboratory capacity to test and report results in a safe, secure, timely and reliable manner for outbreaks and emergencies, the challenging circumstances notwithstanding said Evans Liyosi, WHO Representative for South Sudan. He noted that this development is in line with the expectations of the WHO Laboratory Improvement for Emergencies (LIFE) initiative and the International Health regulations, for vulnerable WHO member States including South Sudan"

  • · Several American-funded laboratories across the world have been at the center of massive news stories such as COVID-19 being leaked from the U.S.-funded Wuhan lab or Russia invading Ukraine to rid the European nation of its U.S.-funded biolabs.

  • · As the Sudan military made agreements with Russian last week, the CIA forced a FALSE FLAG colour revolution attack in Sudan.....

  • · Last week I WARNED the Deep State was going to pull a MAJOR ATTACK before the April 28 with massive deaths... Now you see their agenda unfold

Fulford on winning the War against the U.S. Globalist CABAL regime:

  • · Over 100,000,000 million people tuned into Tucker Carlson, that's more than 200X more than most Mainstream media networks that reach around 500,000 thousand .... Tucker red pilled the U.S. people with Corruption of the FBI CIA.. Pentagon hiding UFO technology ( the current Pentagon whistleblower that MSM didn't cover) and the media being weaponized against the people.... Tucker covered several issues that hit a 100 million people in one evening alone!!!!....

  • · Blackrock, Vanguard, JP Morgan, Chase shares, earnings, investments falling and collapsing the past 3 years (though fake financial report try to created FAKE REPORTS). The COLLAPSE is IMMINENT with BLACKROCK INSIDE BANKRUPTCY

  • · The BIGGEST beer corporation in the U.S. COLLAPSE'Safter pushing WOKE. LGBTQ AND TRANS AGENDA ( this should tell you the FAKE MAINSTREAM MEDIA >CIA MOCKINGBIRD MEDIA that is telling U.S. citizens that democrats, WOKE mob. LGBTQ.ttans MOVEMENT is much much much much much smaller than the FAKE NUMBERS MSM is projecting ...... The WOKE/LGBTQ/ trans/democrats/ ANTIFA/ ELITES dont have the Power nor the people to keep corporations in power that are pushing their movement.

  • · Even Starbucks has started to collapse and recalled all their rainbow colored signs on their products and closing Stores in the U.S. and world and they fear they are inside a collapse.

  • · The UK has banned all Puberty blockers across their country. This is very important because this transgender ideology movement was created by the MI6 dating back to 60s and their department heads have all been inside the bohemian Grove. This is big news as white HATS have infiltrated the MI6 heavily since 2008 and sleepers are waking up.... We EXPECT MI6 whistleblowers to come forward in the next months and EXPOSE UK corruption to the highest levels//)

  • · TRUMP is leading the Presidential race!!!!! This s Fire.. No matter what the CIA mockingbird Media or OBAMA CIA Biden government regimen is doing to destroy TRUMP the last 8 years TRUMP BECOMES MORE POWERFUL AND WITH MORE FOLLOWERS WAKING to the CORRUPTION OF THE FBI CIA DOJ ...THE U.S. GOVERNMENT... And now even major democrats are turning on Biden and seeing the next indictments as a weaponization of the U.S. system against Trump . Patriots and Republicans.

  • · Recently STEW PETERSON said Q was FED psyop. Then why did Kash PATEL say last year that Q will be retweek to make better and why does Patel who once held one of the biggest classified clearance?

  • · In U.S. government go on the Q channels and networks and podcast shows that openly support Q.

  • · Why did TRUMP never refute Q or But instead embraced Q reposted an image of himself wearing a Q lapel pin overlaid with the words “The Storm is Coming.

  • · He’s published dozens of recent Q-related posts, in contrast to 2020, when he claimed that while he didn’t know much about QAnon, he wouldn’t disprove its conspiracy theory. In one now-deleted post from late August, he reposted a “q drop,” one of the cryptic message board postings that QAnon supporters claim come from an anonymous government worker with top secret clearance.

  • · 75 accounts Trump has reposted on his Truth Social profilein the past month, more than a third of them have promoted QAnon by sharing the movement’s slogans, videos or imagery. About 1 in 10 include QAnon language or links in their profile bios.

  • · Trump chose a QAnon song to close out a rally in Pennsylvania. The same song appears in one of his recent campaign videos and is titled

  • · Why did TRUMP pick acting Secretary of U.S. Defense Kash Pateland why did Patel go to MAJOR Q channels and podcast shows that openly support Q?

  • · STEW PETERSON said Q was FED psyop....WELL he is a little right., because WHITE HATS INFILTRATED INTO THE FBI AND CIA DOJ NSA are part of Q operations to bring down the DEEP STATE CIA.FBI REGIME.



FL@T E@rTH !s M@k!nG AThe!3$Ts B3L!3ve !n Th3 Cr3@Tor (16 Min)

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