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What to do with the Variants!

2-18-21 Thursday -


The following information is found on the internet and is usually not referenced by the Main-Stream Media [MSM]. It is my intention to present this information so that one has a better knowledgebase from which to make judgements. These are not necessarily my views; however, they need to be considered if one is not to become biased as only one side of a discussion is presented. Much of the content of this BLOG is re-printed Material from the “Restored Republic” report issued by Judy Byington. Consider, do your own research, and make up your own mind.

Isaiah 64:1 NASB

O that you would rend (rip open) the heavens and come down, That the mountains might quake at Your presence

Proverbs 16:33

We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall… [the outcome]!


"We are all going to pay for it (60,000,000 murdered babies). You know Israel was destroyed for this very sin... [the killing of its children] ... Our only hope is Revival... Repentance.... to walk and live in His Spirit... as we have never done before...."

Jonathan Cahn


For your ease in getting to Information that you are interested in… I have divided the following Material into three Groups:



#2. COVID-19


Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness:

Here's a great organization to help the poor and homeless. Tell anyone who is talking about ACORN Canada to forget aboutit and join this organization. Just look at all their partners! Many Christian organizations are included.

Here's the home page…

Patrick Bestall sort of checked out the backgrounds of their board members and staff and could not see any political bias. I now subscribe to their newsletter. [Patrick Bestall]


Biden Fires 56 Trump-Appointed U.S. Attorneys...

Top Dem FLIPS on Biden and His DESTRUCTIVE Plans for America


CNN Hack Threatens Republicans on Live TV with NO Remorse!

VP Harris Making Biden Presidential Calls

What we think we know as of Wed. 17 Feb. 2021: All signs were that the next two weeks would be epic. An Interim Military US Government was in control of Washington DC and was running our country.

The two US governments:

(1) a legitimate Interim Military US Government empowered by the Constitution and the Department of Defense under Military Code 11.3, and

(2) an illegal, fraudulent foreign paid-for, Chinese Communist Party controlled on the foreign ground of the District of Columbia B*iden Administration.

On Fri. 19 Feb. the Supreme Court was expected to rule on several state cases of 2020 Election Fraud that have worked their way through the lower courts. This week a report from the Director of National Intelligence on foreign intervention in the 2020 Election, results of the Obama-gate Investigation, along with some high-profile arrests, were set to be released by the US Interim Military Government. The global and political elites named, along with Intel in the reports was so explosive that False Flag events have been planned. People were urged to stay off the streets and away from cities that housed State Capitols. We could expect some action that could result in a national lockdown around Fri.-Sat. 19, 20 Feb. FEMA was setting up emergency stations all over the country in preparation for the two-week lockdown. Charlie Ward, Mel K and Simon Parkes have been invited to meetings with Juan O Savin in Las Vegas the weekend of Fri.-Sat. 19, 20 Feb.

Right handed Biden was locked out of the White House, Air Force One, Marine One and the Pentagon and behind a mask, signing blank Executive Orders with his left hand on a studio TV set at the Castle Rock Studios in Culver City California. The 2020 Biden Inauguration ceremony was done at Castle Rock Studios two weeks prior to 20 Jan. The Mass Media participated in faking the Inauguration ceremony, the cover up of global elite arrests and tribunals, real reasons for impeachment hearings on Trump, the 6 Jan. Antifa breach of the US Capitol blamed on Trump, plus were involved in the cover up of the rescue of children from tunnels buried deep beneath Capitol Hill. On Mon. 19 Jan. Trump turned his presidential authority over to the Military, the day before the fake Biden Inauguration. This was because of the China Communist Party’s and other foreign force’s interference in the 2020 Election and trying to take over the US. To protect the Constitution there were still around 25,000 National Guardsmen and eight-foot-high-fence with barbed wire surrounding Capitol Hill and Washington DC. They would remain until a restored Republic was in force. The National Guard were also there to keep Congress people inside(who were being arrested on charges of treason and pedophilia) while rescuing over 100,000 children, babies and some adults who were kept in cages in a sophisticated tunnel system beneath Capitol Hill. The tunnel system ran for at least 200 miles to other major cities – part of the CIA mind control experiments. China’s President Xi was working with Trump, Putin and India to overthrow the Chinese Communist Party and make China a democracy so as to qualify for the GCR and GESARA.

The Communist Chinese Party in cooperation with democrats and other political elite was behind the 2020 Election Fraud in an attempt to take over the US. Trump and the Alliance had evidence from Hunter Biden’s, Weiner’s and Pelosi’s laptops to prove 2020 Election Fraud, the preplanned Hollywood Stunt Antifa and BLM breach of Capitol Hill and political elite’s participation in an international child exploitation ring. There were millions of child victims tortured, killed in and rescued from a sophisticated network of Deep Underground Military Base tunnels beneath Capitol Hill and other locations across the nation and globe.

A huge number of arrests went on in Washington DC last week. Notice that Schiff and Pelosi were not present during the Trump Impeachment trial. There have been some arrests on a local and state level. We will see exposure of who was arrested this month. Some names have been released to the Mainstream Media, but they have refused to publish them. The UK Corp was closed down, and the UK government was illegal. The COVID-19 restrictions will go away with the change in the financial system. The media takeover will come soon. Once they have blown up the tunnels below Capitol Hill. Charlie suspects they will bulldoze Washington DC when this is over. Location of the new capitol of the US has been selected. There have been 2 ½ million arrests of global and political elites so far. The Senators against Trump have been blackmailed. Their families were at risk if they didn’t do what the Cabal wanted. Yesterday Tues. 16 Feb. there was a massive crack in the Three Gorges Dam in China. When it goes in the next few days it’s going to kill a lot of people, but it’s also going to wipe out the Bitcoin machinery beneath it, as well as the Wuhan Lab. NESARA will likely come out in March. GESARA will go as Flynn and his team go around the world and help to implement it. The Mainstream Media will be the last to come down. Hydroxychloroquine is listed as a vaccine. Trump used the rollout of the vaccine to roll out the Military. He would let the Military check the vaccine knowing it would fail. Once the QFS is up and going everything else will follow – no more COVID-19 or vaccines. Tues. 16 Feb. Lots Happening We’re not Seeing, Lin Wood: Wed. 17 Feb. Hollywood Stunt Capitol Building Riot on Jan. 6, Killed Veteran Is Alive:

Simon Parkes: Trump Says? Today's News Update | Prophecy | Before It's News Offered job in US where he will facilitate healing centers. The depth and width of the Cabal was so enormous that they had to analyze the effect of what would happen if they did a certain acts – and that was why we had yet to see a takeover of the media, certain arrests, ect. Right now the President was laying out the stealing of the 2020 Election. Two weeks ago attempts were made on Trump and Melania’s lives. That was a turning point. We could expect some action around Fri.-Sat. 19, 20 Feb. We could have some days of disruption of communication including the Internet. It would be a good idea to stock up on food for a short period of time in case the food supply chain was closed down. Trump would likely take action at the very last min. because that would give him some time to do what needs to be done. Expect some electricity outing in the UK as well. The Cabal was still attempting to murder Trump. Some of the people closest to Trump were either Satanists or blackmailed by Satanists and turned against him. Wed. 17 Feb. Texas Power Shutdown Not Caused by Weather:

Biden was locked out of the White House and filming at the Castle Rock Studios in Culver City California. Wed. 17 Feb. Know Truth, End Your Debt Slavery:

Knowing the Truth Ends your Debt Slavery || Final Wakeup Call | Operation Disclosure The fact is that each euro/dollar can only be spent once. But the trick is that the same euro/dollar is used again by the government as collateral to the Central Bank for the creation of the next new euro/dollar debt money. The debt is paid with debt money created out of thin air by the Central Bank. I.e., the so-called “national debt”, which originally served for the creation of debt money. This is fraud, as the defrauded citizens are obliged, without knowing it, to pay taxes on their earned money to pay interest over the debt money and pay off the “fake national debt” to the Central Bank! Consequently, it is perpetual debt as result of the government’s obligation to pay the Central Bank the interest and principal on the debt money they have received. Which in essence is debt money. The crux of the scam is, government debt is needed to create debt money, while the people are told that their tax money is needed to “pay off the debt”. This is clearly nonsense, because debt is needed to create money out of nothing in the first place! When all the debt is paid off, there is no more money in circulation.

5:00 Charlie Ward: Well I’ve known for a very long time that the arrests took place some time ago… they took place last year [2020]… and they were taken down to Guantanamo Bay for the English, GITMO for the Americans… and dealt with last year… 5:12 But it was not in the public domain… when I asked them when it would be in the public domain they said oh next year around March-time… well, it’s already starting to come out… 5:20 People like James Clapper arrested and taken down to Guantanamo Bay… there’s so many… I mean Biden was taken down to Gitmo last year… whether it is a clone? … whether it is a body double? … I don’t know what it is… it is not him that’s being portrayed at the moment…

Tues. 17 Feb. The Japanese, US and patriotic Chinese have declared war on the Chinese Communist Party. Japan Prime Minister Yoshihiro Mori was removed from power on February 11. The U.S. and Japanese military recently attacked near Mt. Fuji where the U.S. Navy destroyed the world’s largest Adrenochrome factory:

Fri. 12 Feb. 2021: Nicholas Veniamin & Charlie Ward Discuss Disinformation, GITMO, Impeachments & COVID, Kate:

Wed. 17 Feb. Charlie Ward:

Ric Grenell to Newsmax TV: Biden Needs to Call Netanyahu, Dial Back Mario Kart

Millions Struggle Without Power as Deadly Cold Snap Grips USSo much for “Green Energy” Policies!

We have a right to travel:

Acorn Canada:

New Website worth visiting: This is the New World Order on display! How is it working for you?

Canadians are no longer free to express their personal views on sensitive topics without fear of retribution. While mobs on social media are still a bigger problem than government, Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons are policing the speech of doctors and Law Societies are beginning to police the speech of lawyers. Universities pander to Antifa violence rather than supporting debate on campus. The federal government plans to restrict Canadians' speech on the internet, using the vague and subjective concept of "hate" as a pretext to silence discussion on controversial topics.

Freedom of assembly now barely exists; it's limited to Canadians who have enough money or courage (or both) to face the prospect of $1,000 fines simply for exercising their Charter freedoms of association and peaceful assembly (unless it's an anti-racism protest, in which case no fines are issued).

Due process has gone out the window for honest, law-abiding citizens who exercise their Charter freedom to leave and re-enter Canada. A person accused of murder has the right to call a lawyer upon arrest, and the right to have his forced confinement reviewed promptly by a judge with the power to release him. Further, the accused murderer is not taken to a secret location; his friends and family and legal counsel know where he is being detained. None of the foregoing safeguards apply to returning travelers. [Patrick Bestall]

BLM pushes hard here in London:

I read that Black Lives Matters [BLM] is a Marxist organization, although they have changed the story.

Personally, I think it is now a racist organization demanding we pay attention to people's skin color instead of their abilities and personalities.

House Republicans Demand Answers from Pelosi On Security Decisions Leading Up to Capitol Riot

Protesting Illegal in Canada? (9 Min)

Lawsuit to Restore Charter Rights (2 Min)

Liverpool Gym Owner has Leg Busted by Police (1 Min)

Trump Thanks Unexpected Group in Acquittal Speech:

Do not say 'aliens':

Biden admin instructs officials to use 'inclusive language' to describe people in the country illegally:

Power ‘BACK to the People:

Same applies to Canada's Provincial and Federal legislatures.

#2. COVID-19

Court in The Hague states national curfew must be lifted immediately:

Cuomo’s Done:

New York Gov’s Aid Makes Career-Ending Admission About What Cuomo Covered up About COVID-19 Management:

Canada lowers threshold for immigrants to get permanent residency:

Guns - Trudeau ignores police chiefs’ advice:

Farce Masks (6 Min)

COVID-19 To Be Tested on Children as Young as Six:

[VIDEO] COVID Test Has Silver Nanoparticles That Might Cause Neurological Damage! 46 Nursing Home Residents Die After COVID-19 Vaccine:

More Deaths after VXX Jab (7 Min)

Morning Update:

As Canada’s overdose deaths soar, the safe-supply debate enters a new and urgent phase:

Billy is a Hero, Philanthropist & Profit for what's best for You and Earth (18 Min)

PORN… as it affects the deteriorating Moral Values in Canada

Because of the anomalous year that was 2020, we also saw some relatively new searches boom. According to Google Trends, the search term "Among Us porn" increased by over 2,000 percent over the last year due to the rise of the multiplayer game, which itself saw the likes of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other big names streaming the game on Twitch.

Searches for "TikTok porn" grew tenfold following the exponential rise of the short-form video platform, and the phrase "Addison Rae porn" emerged out of obscurity — referring to the 20-year-old TikToker who accrued over 70 million followers since she joined the platform in July of 2019 (to be clear, Addison herself does not make porn).

As our governments rush to buy tons of personal protective equipment to deal with the coronavirus, is Canada turning a blind eye to these humanrights abuses? Are all the necessary checks being done with suppliers and supply chains regardless of the country?

We would like to believe so, but this is probably not the case as Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC) doesn’t yet have binding rules in this area. While there’s a new national strategy to combat human trafficking in public procurement, analyses are still being done. (May 25, 2020)

Unhealthy foreign work factories contribute to the spread of disease, and girls have no protection in the sex-trafficking business. All our political attention is focused on controlling legal activities.

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