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12-10-20 Vote-Fraud: “A Storm is Coming.”

A Memo from a friend!

Don: I was sent this video by a servant of Christ. I had seen it previously, but I watched it through once again, and I am glad I did ......

More Truth REVEALED!

12-05-2020 HOW IT STARTED: [Thank You – Richard Phillips] Senate Hearing on FBI Investigation in President Trump and Russia...

The BIG Question!

Best I've read to date... Fred Campbell [Kitchener, ON] sent this to me… it is an excellent summary! IS IT WHAT BIDEN DID TO TRUMP IN THE...

The STING... has STUNG!

12-04-2020 Note: I have done some research on a Source that I have been using – “Before-Its-News” [BINews]… Their credibility is suspect...


12-02-2020 Kraken: Has captured all the “Activity” in six Key-States commencing at the Closing of Voting - 3rd Nov. This digital election...

Prayer for His Glory!

Holy YHWH, how good and righteous and just and true you are. Though we deserve your wrath because we can never meet your standard of...

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